Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 137: Choose What to Believe

Chapter 137 Choose What to Believe

When Rachel heard what he said, she couldn’t help but snort and laugh. “Explain? Victor, I can still distinctly remember how much you harped on about not trusting me. You even told me that you were never going to believe a word that would come out of my mouth. You’ve already made your point. Why then should I waste my time explaining to you? Or…” Rachel paused for two seconds and narrowed her eyes at Victor before she spoke again. “Or… do you think you can just toy with everyone? You probably even enjoy the feeling of trampling on their dignity like it’s nothing. Well then, if you find that more fun, then I will play your game. I’ll gladly explain everything and tell you whatever you want to hear. What do you think?” 1 She had been suppressing her anger the entire night. At this moment, however, she finally snapped. After all, this conversation only made her see how ironic it was. Back then, this man had already made up his mind that he would no longer give credence to her words. Now, all of a sudden, he was asking her to explain. It felt like a tactic. In this way, he could turn it around and blame her instead for what he had said and done. He could make it appear that what happened was all her fault because she never explained herself to him, which caused her to injure her wrist and end up getting threatened repeatedly. At the end of the day, she basically asked for it. After everything she said, Victor remained silent. He simply frowned after hearing her blatant sarcasm. All this time, Rachel thought that he would be ****** off so much that he would just leave. However, a deep, serious voice suddenly came out of his mouth. “I guess it won’t hurt to believe some of the things you say from now on.”

Just some?

Rachel had been through so much her entire life, yet not once did she meet anyone who deliberately chose what they wanted to believe. She smiled, but there was no emotion in her eyes. “Wow, Mr. Sullivan. That’s so gracious of you. I really appreciate that you’re willing to acknowledge my voice even just a little bit.” The next afternoon, all the baby stuff that Victor shopped for yesterday got delivered to the Sue Garden Rachel stayed under the last surveillance camera for half an hour. When she came back to the house, she stumbled upon several bags and boxes that were piled up in the living room. There were so many that the boxes stood about twice her height. When Lukas caught sight of Rachel, he quickly walked over to greet her. “Welcome back,

Miss Bennet. I was about to send someone to look for you.” “Oh? Did something happen?” Victor had been working in the study all morning. Following their unpleasant conversation the night before, Rachel opted to give up her initial plan and change it to the afternoon. With a gentle smile, Lükas nodded at her. “These boxes hold the gear and other baby essentials, but there are too many to be put in the baby’s room right away. I wanted to ask you about the first things you want to put in there before we move the other stuff in the storage room.” Only then did Rachel remember that she went shopping with Victor yesterday for all these baby things. Looking at the boxes towering over them, she felt a little overwhelmed. They grabbed everything they thought they liked and needed, but they had no idea that they ended up buying so much. Meanwhile, a servant who had started unpacking one of the boxes found a tiny onesie. As soon as she held it up, she couldn’t help exclaiming, “This is so cute!” Both Rachel and Lukas turned to look in her direction and saw the adorable babywear. It was a yellow one-piece pajama with Pikachu’s face on the hood. Unlike any other onesies, it had the character’s ears drooping from the head and a lightning bolt-shaped tail hanging on the back. Rachel stared at the onesie that the servant held in her hands. She recalled that it was one of her impulse purchases from the store. Rachel looked at it once and quickly pictured how her baby would look in it, then bought it without thinking twice. When she felt her eyes glimmering at the sight of the adorable jumpsuit, Rachel immediately breathed in deep and centered herself. She then walked over to the servant and asked for the Pikachu onesie. After holding on to it, she turned to Lukas and informed Lukas, “I’ll keep this. You can go ahead and decide what to put in the baby’s room.” “But Miss Bennet, it’s the baby’s room. Don’t you want to decorate it yourself?” When Rachel returned to Sue Garden, Lukas arranged for contractors to remodel the nursery. Thankfully, they already finished it a few days ago. Looking down at the onesie in her hand, Rachel wanted to refuse deep in her mind. However, after some rethinking, she reckoned that decisively declining him now would make her appear uninterested. Of course, that could arouse unwanted suspicion in Lukas. Lukas noticed the slightest change in her expression, so he tried to alleviate her hesitation by reassuring and encouraging her. “Miss Bennet, I’m sure you’re worried that you cannot be around the baby later on. But when he grows up, I know that the baby will be happy to learn that you personally decorated this room for him.” As though a reflex, Rachel’s lips twitched when she heard his advice. “Okay.” A smile appeared on Lukas’s wrinkled face. Without further ado, he instructed the servants to move the baby stuff to the nursery upstairs. Rachel went ahead and checked the baby’s room while they unpacked the boxes. Apparently, this was the first time she saw the nursery after it was remodeled. She stood by the door and looked around the room. The walls looked so warm yet really cozy, and it was spacious and bright. It even had its own bathroom and a cloakroom. Since the room had just been fixed, it was still completely empty. After a short while, the servant brought in several boxes, opened them one by one, and started decorating the room with Rachel. Once they touched it up with organization, the nursery began to look a lot less empty. “I see you’ve made swift progress here. Why don’t you take a rest, Miss Bennet?” Lukas appeared at the door and suggested. In fact, it had been more than an hour but they were not halfway done. For a prettspacious room, Lukas supposed that it would definitely take a while before they finished decorating and organizing the nursery, so they weren’t in a rush. Plus, Rachel was pregnant. She would probably feel exhausted after all the work. “It’s okay. I’m not tired.” Rachel was choosing which items to display and line up on the shelves. Back at the store, she grabbed every piece and bought them without actually considering where it would go. Now, with the help of the servants, she could take a closer look at the stuff with fresh eyes. Seeing the sparkle in her eyes and a subtle smile on her face, Lukas felt glad to see her so interested in something for the first time. “Alright. I’ll ask the kitchen to prepare some refreshments for you.” Of course, he didn’t want to interrupt her, so he didn’t say anything more. Lukas then turned around and told a servant to fix Rachel up some snacks. Then he went back inside the nursery and continued to help her open the last box, only to find wooden boards with different lengths and thicknesses scattering all over the floor. After the last piece of wood fell to the floor, a pamphlet dropped at Rachel’s feet. It was an instruction manual. Apparently, the last box contained the wooden frames for assembling a crib. Rachel looked at the picture of the finished crib in the pamphlet and discovered that there was a cartoon character on each strip of wood. When the crib was completed, the figures would show different expressions. Rachel was too enthralled to see it finished that she wanted to try and assemble the crib herself. When Lukas checked the pamphlet in her hand, his eyes widened. “Miss Bennet, is this going to be the baby’s crib?” “Yeah.” Rachel nodded and hurriedly handed the manual to Lukas. “Let’s assemble this one first.”

Stunned by her request, Lukas skimmed the manual and recognized how complicated the assembling process was. It would even require the use of a hammer, so he felt a bit worried. “Miss Bennet, how about letting one of our helpers do it? You might get hurt.” “Lukas, didn’t you just say that the baby would be happy if I fixed this room for him myself? Don’t worry. I’m not frail. Besides, this shouldn’t be too difficult. I’ll be okay. It’s just a crib.” Although Rachel tried to reassure him, Lukas could only frown and look at her injury with utter concern. “But your wrist hasn’t fully recovered.” “It’s fine. I can use my left hand.”

It seemed that he couldn’t do anything to stop her, so Lukas had no choice but to acquiesce. “Very well, then. I’ll go get the tools.” Since Rachel insisted, he simply nodded and left. When he walked to the door, he suddenly remembered something. With furrowed brows, he wondered how Rachel could work with her left hand when she was right-handed. Nonetheless, he thought nothing of it and brushed it off. He briskly left the nursery and went downstairs to fetch the tools needed for assembling the crib. In her excitement, Rachel studied the manual and organized the planks that went together. She was deeply immersed in the thought of putting the crib together that she didn’t notice the sound of a car pulling up downstairs.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 137 Choose What to Believe

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