Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 136: Rachel’s Vigilance And Distrust

Chapter 136 Rachel’s Vigilance And Distrust

In the Sue Garden, Lukas heard a car pull over at the entrance, and he immediately walked out of the house. Rachel’s face was laden with agitation, and her eyes were still a bit red. When she got out of the car and saw Lukas, she just greeted him with a nod, and went on her way upstairs. Upon realizing that she came home alone, Lukas was confused. ‘Didn’t Mr. Sullivan come home with Miss Bennet?’ “Miss Bennet, did you come back alone?” Only when he finished talking did he realize how disheveled she looked, and her wrist was bruised. He was surprised to see her this way. ‘Did something happen between them?’ “Lukas, I’m going back to my room.” Rachel didn’t answer his question directly. Right now, she’d rather not mention or hear anything about Victor. Worry was written all over Lukas’ face when he saw the bruises on her wrist. “But, ma’am, your hand! I’ll call the doctor to have him check on it for you,” he said. “No, it’s okay.”

“But it looks serious, ma’am!”

The bruise was very noticeable. With one glance, anyone could tell that someone had gripped her wrist with great strength. Her wrist was quite slender, and if her assailant had applied more strength, her wrist could’ve been broken already. Shocked by the gravity of her injury, Lukas examined her face. Aside from her slightly red eyes and pale face, there was no noticeable sign that she was in pain.

Rachel lowered her head and stared at her bruises. On her way back, she used a lot of tissues to wipe her lips. Most of the ointment on her wrist had been rubbed off during the process.

Had she not applied any more ointment, those bruises could become worse in the morning. “Lukas, it’s already so late in the evening. You need not call a doctor. I’ll just apply some ointment on my bruises. It’s not a big deal, okay? Just bring me a first aid kid later, please. I can handle this myself,” she said. “Yes, ma’am.” Since Rachel was adamant on her decision, Lukas had to nod in agreement. Rachel entered the house, and went up the stairs at once. Meanwhile, he stood there, sighing to himself as he watched her walk away. Afterwards, he turned around and stared at the dark sky. “Mrs. Sullivan, if you were still alive right now, I’m afraid you’d feel sorry and regretful because of Miss Bennet and Mr. Sullivan’s relationship,” Lukas murmured.

At the break of dawn, Victor finally returned to the Sue Garden. All this time, Lukas had been keeping the kitchen staff on standby. The second he saw Victor, he immediately told the servant to bring the hangover soup. “Mr. Sullivan, how are you feeling?” Lukas asked with concern. “Better,” Victor responded concisely. At last, Lukas could breathe with relief. All night long, he had been worrying about Victor. He grabbed the bowl from the servant and said, “Sir, you should have some of this soup, and then go upstairs for some rest.” Throughout the night, Victor couldn’t sleep. His stomach pains prevented him from doing so. There were bags under his eyes, and he was visibly exhausted. Victor nodded in response, and went upstairs. Suddenly, he stopped in front of a closed door and locked his eyes on it. Instead of going back to his room to get some rest, he planned to go to his study. Obviously, he needed a day off and rest; yet still there was something he thought he needed to take care of first. Thus, his only option was to work from home today. But for some reason, his feet did not lead him to the study when he got to the third floor. Instead, he walked in the opposite direction. And by the time he got ahold of himself, he was standing in front of Rachel’s bedroom. During this time, Rachel woke up early. Since her scheduled appointment with Andy was tomorrow, and she wasn’t allowed to leave the Sue Garden’s premises, she decided to scope out her escape route for tomorrow. She glanced at her tablet; its screen was divided into twelve separate images. Each screen was a location being monitored by surveillance cameras all over Sue Garden. Rachel had hacked into the monitoring system of the mansion in secret, and copied the data code into her tablet. Next, she needed to make sure that the cameras could capture her today, so that she could use those footages of her and insert them into the monitoring system for tomorrow. Through this arduous method, even if she snuck out tomorrow, they wouldn’t even know that she had left since they could see her in the surveillance cameras of Sue Garden. Although she couldn’t guarantee that everything would go according to her plan, at the very least, it would be less likely for her to be caught while she was escaping. Rachel hid her tablet under the pillow, changed into a comfortable set of clothes she found in the cloakroom, and opened the door. The second she opened the door, she saw someone standing in her way. When she realized who it was, her face turned cold, and she immediately wanted to close the door. Victor didn’t expect her to wake up this early. ‘Didn’t they say that pregnant women are always sleepy?’ His heart ached when he noticed the hostility in her eyes. Upon noticing that she had gotten

dressed, he suppressed the strange emotion he was feeling. The sound of voice still remained cold when he said, “Rachel, if I remember correctly, I’ve already told you that you can’t leave the Sue Garden without my permission.” Once she heard him say that, she knew that he had misunderstood her once again. “Don’t worry, Mr. Sullivan, I remember every word you said,” she answered. For fear that he couldn’t hear her properly, she made sure to say every word clearly. Displeasure was written on his face when he heard her speak. “Do you really have to speak in that tone with me?” Rachel forced a smile. “Then how should I speak to you, sir? Perhaps you should teach me how to properly talk to you, so that I wouldn’t be scared every day, fearing that I would somehow annoy you again. Frankly, it terrifies me that you’ll really break my limbs, and that I might die if I do or say something that offends you without me even realizing it.” She spoke in a monotonous voice, but it was particularly harsh to hear. Victor did not respond. His eyes dimmed when he saw her pale face. He looked down, and subconsciously glanced at her right hand. It had been wrapped in a gauze. Yesterday, she had applied some ointment on it. She was afraid that the ointment would be rubbed off again, so she wrapped it up. After a long and winded silence, Victor looked at her and said, “I’m sorry.” Rachel was taken aback. ‘What did he say?’ Her eyes widened in shock to hear him say those words. It surprised her so much that she even thought her ears were deceiving her. “I misjudged you yesterday,” he said in a lowered voice. Upon hearing that, Rachel was now certain that she didn’t mishear him. ‘He really apologized to me!’ A slight frown appeared on her face. She should be happy to hear this condescending man apologize to her. Although it delighted her to know that Victor finally admitted to his mistakes, she didn’t trust that he would just apologize sincerely to her like that.

Rachel locked her eyes on his face. Her vigilance made her wonder if he had any ulterior motives behind this behavior, so she scanned his face, hoping to figure him out. But unfortunately, he didn’t seem to have any ulterior motives this time. When he saw the vigilance in her eyes, Victor felt a pang in his heart. “I’ll ask the doctor to treat your injury later,” he said. Rachel fell silent for a moment. “No, thanks. I can handle it myself,” she declined immediately Again and again, he got rejected, and she was always on guard with him. Even though he did feel guilty for misunderstanding her, it still didn’t stop him from being irritated. “Whatever.” Having said that, he was just about to leave. When Rachel noticed that he was about to leave, she felt relieved. But before she could close.

the door on him, Victor suddenly stopped and turned around. “Rachel.” It appeared as though he was pondering about something. Seconds later, he looked into her eyes, and said, “Next time, explain to me before I snap.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 136 Rachel’s Vigilance And Distrust

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