Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 135: Victor Kissed Her

Chapter 135 Victor Kissed Her

‘Victor just kissed me! Why did he do that? How dare he kiss me?’ Everything happened so fast that Rachel couldn’t react. She instinctively wanted to push him away, but it seemed that he felt she was struggling to break free, so he quickly grabbed her arms, and put them behind her back to prevent her from moving Rachel could not make him budge, so it infuriated her. Unable to do anything else, she bit him. Victor felt the searing pain from his lip, and groaned. His heart raced when he saw the way her eyes became bloodshot with anger. It was at that moment when he realized what he had done to her. Just now, he couldn’t resist the urge to kiss her. What surprised him even more was the fact that he couldn’t control himself around her. The moment he kissed her, his self-control, which he had always been proud of, was torn apart.

He knew that Rachel didn’t want him, and it displeased him to know that. Victor even did

everything he could to stop her from resisting. ‘What the **** has gotten into me? I should be angry, and staying as far away as I can from this woman as possible! Subconsciously, his eyes fell on her lips. She bit him so hard just now that his lips were now bleeding, and some of his blood had stained her own lips. But for some reason, it made her all the more attractive to him.

Her lips were supple, and had a faint taste of fruit. His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down, and he could feel himself being aroused. He knew exactly what this feeling was. Victor’s eyes dimmed as he tried to avert his gaze from her lips. Meanwhile, Rachel was heavily panting. ‘What the **** was he trying to do with me? Why the **** did he kiss me?’ “Let me go!” she said, struggling to break free, regardless of how painful her wrist was. Victor’s fingertips were still moist from the ointment he had applied on her wrist a while ago. The paste hadn’t completely been absorbed yet. Finally, he decided to let her go. The second that he did, Rachel immediately propped herself up and backed away from him. When he saw her reaction, his face turned grim. Although there was no noticeable emotion

on his face, the atmosphere became tense within the blink of an eye. ‘She’s disgusted of me? How dare she? If there’s someone who’s supposed to be disgusted, it should be me!’ Chaotic thoughts raised through his mind, and they further served to infuriate him. A sardonic smile appeared on his lips as he said, “Rachel, you once tried so hard to climb into my bed and have my child, but now you’re acting all innocent and chaste?” 1 ‘Nothing good ever comes out of a scumbag’s mouth!’ Rachel exclaimed in her head. ‘This ******* has no bottom line whatsoever! He always feels like he has the moral high ground! Rachel could smell the faint odor of blood on her lips. She used her finger to wipe it away, and said to him, “Sorry, but a stupid dog bit me earlier. I haven’t gotten vaccinated for rabies yet, so please stay away from me. Otherwise, I might go crazy and attack you.” 1 Victor was displeased to hear that. ‘Is she calling me a dog?’ A sarcastic smile formed on Rachel’s lips. When she thought of what she had suffered through tonight, she could no longer hold back her anger. “Getting laid for a divorced man is quite difficult nowadays, I see,” she said sarcastically. “I didn’t expect you’d be so thirsty for *** that you’d even kiss your ex-wife just to relieve your desire!” Victor fell silent. His eyes became fierce, and veins bulged on his temples. Moments later, the air in the room seem to have dropped several degrees. “Get out!” he growled. Without hesitation, Rachel turned around and left. Victor was left sitting there in silence with a complicated expression on his face. He didn’t even glance at his stomach medicine until he heard the door close. Right now, his stomach was aching horribly. What happened just now had distracted him from the pain. And now that he was focused on himself, the pain was magnified. Soon, beads of sweat formed on his forehead, and his face turned pale. While he was in pain, his phone began to ring. He glanced at the caller ID before answering it and putting the caller on speaker. “What?” Victor groaned. “Mr. Sullivan, will you and Miss Bennet be coming home tonight?” asked Lukas. He clenched the medicine bottle, and after a moment of silence, he answered, “I’ll come home later.” “Very well, sir. I’ll heat up the soup in the kitchen.” Having said that, Lukas added, “Miss Bennet told us to prepare the hangover soup before she went out, so that you can have some as soon as you come home.” ‘Hangover soup?’ From the corner of Victor’s eyes, he saw the glass on the ground. “Did you say that she told you to prepare it?” “Indeed, sir.” Lukas felt like something was amiss with Victor when he answered. After all. he had been there for him ever since Victor was a little boy. Even if Victor wasn’t in front of him, Lukas could tell from his voice that something was off.

Worried that something was bothering Victor, Lukas asked, “Mr. Sullivan, are you alright?” Victor got up and sat on the sofa. He leaned back, put one hand on his abdomen, and tried to alleviate his pain by pressing on it. In a casual voice, he replied, “It’s just a minor stomachache.” It was just as Lukas had expected. “Did you take any medicine with you, sir? There are some in Miss Bennet’s car. Before she went out, I told her to bring some along, but I don’t know if she forgot to do so.” ‘So… it really was Lukas who told her about my gastrointestinal problems, and mmedications,’ Victor said to himself.

“I have them with me right here,” he said to Lukas. There was no emotion in the way he spoke. “That’s good to know, sir.” Lukas breathed a sigh of relief. “Sir, you haven’t suffered through gastrointestinal problems in a long time. Should I call a doctor over to do a quick examination on you?” Victor fell silent for a second before he responded, “Let’s talk about that later.” After disconnecting from the call, Victor glanced down at the medicine bottle, took out two white flat pills and ingested them. The medicine wasn’t coated in any sugar, so the second it touched the tip of his tongue, he tasted the bitterness of the pills. Once he had adapted to the bitter taste, he swallowed the medicine. Then, he closed his eyes, and remembered Lukas’ and Dwayne’s words; their voices rang through his ears. In that moment, Victor felt as though the warmth of Rachel’s lips was still on his. Deep in his heart, it seemed like something was changing. Once more, his phone began to ring.

This time, without opening his eyes, he answered the phone. In the clear empty room, Carson’s voice resonated. “Hey, buddy! Are you still alive?” Victor was at a loss for words. Right now, Carson was lying in bed in his own home. His head was resting atop his arm, and he looked perfectly relaxed. “Well, you’re still able to answer your phone, so I’m assuming

you’re still okay.” “Cut the ****.” Victor had lost his patience, and his face displayed just how irritated he was. “You’re quite ungrateful, aren’t you? I just saved your life, man!” Almost as if Carson was courting death, he added, “Although I didn’t come to see you in person, I made sure to send someone very special in my stead.” Upon hearing that, Victor’s mouth twitched. After a long and eerie silence, he said in an obviously annoyed voice, “You told her that I was here.” The way he spoke was not a form of questioning, but a statement. Carson chuckled. “Hey, I was busy, okay? I couldn’t come, so I thought the only other person who could possibly help you would’ve been Rachel.” . But in reality, he just wanted to have some fun. Before Victor could respond, Carson asked, “Are you two okay?” Since he didn’t receive any response from Victor, he asked, “Hello?” It was then that Victor hung up on him. ‘I’ve misunderstood her yet again,’ he thought to himself. frown appeared on his face. He had already known that he had misunderstood her when he saw the medicine, but he was too proud to admit that he was wrong. In his mind, two halves of himself argued with each other.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 135 Victor Kissed Her

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