Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 134: He Is Dangerous

Chapter 134 He Is Dangerous

“Get out!” Victor commanded. Dwayne shivered and didn’t even dare to utter a word. He turned around, ready to leave the room. But just as he was about to leave the room, he heard Victor’s harsh voice. “Wait!” Dwayne almost tripped and fell when he heard him. “Do you need anything else from me, Mr. Sullivan?” Victor’s eyes fell on the medicine in the man’s hand, but he didn’t say anything. Dwayne quickly realized what Victor meant, and put down the bottle on the table. Then, he glanced at Rachel as she sat on the sofa before he left. Seconds later, the door was closed. Once more, the room was engulfed in eerie darkness. Rachel held her wrist, massaging it with her fingers. It hurt so much that she groaned in pain. Had Dwayne been a minute later, Victor would’ve broken her wrist. Victor’s face turned grim when he saw her massaging her wrist. “How did you find out about this medicine?” The sound of his voice was a little softer this time, but it still remained frigid. 2 Rachel glanced back at him and sneered, “Don’t you already know how I found out? How would I know that you’re here and not feeling well? And how would I have known about the medicine you need to take to alleviate your stomach pain? It was all because I bribed your man, right?” Displeasure flashed through Victor’s eyes, but he suppressed his anger, thinking that he might’ve misunderstood her. Rachel had been massaging her wrist for a while now, but the pain still hadn’t dissipated. At this moment, she didn’t care whether her words would vex Victor. He had already assumed the worst of her, sentenced, and punished her in his mind, so she didn’t care anymore. This wasn’t the first time that she had gotten on his nerves for no reason anywayVictor fell silent for a moment before he asked, “Did Lukas tell you about this?” That was one of the possibilities he considered. Rachel stared back at him and didn’t deny his inference. Under the light reflected by the screen, he could see Rachel’s pale face, and the red marks on her wrist.

He took out his phone, and dialed a number. Soon, the call connected, and he said, “Bring me a first aid kit.” Afterwards, he hung up at once. Within a minute, someone knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Slowly, the door opened from outside. Dwayne had returned with a medicine kit in hand. “Mr. Sullivan, I’ve brought what you asked for. Were you hur-” “Leave the medicine box and get the **** out,” Victor interrupted him. Upon hearing that, Dwayne put down the medicine kit and left the room at once. It almost looked like he scurried out of there. As soon as the door was closed, Victor picked up the medicine kit, glanced at Rachel while she was lost in thought, and walked over. 1 “Give me your hand,” he said. Victor put down the medicine kit beside her, opened it, and looked for something. Soon, he found what he was looking for. It was an ointment. Upon seeing the ointment, Rachel immediately figured out what he meant. She hid her hand behind her back and said, “No, thanks. I’ll take care of it myself.”

‘He wants to apply the ointment for me? I’d rather go back to the Sue Garden in pain! Who knows if he’s going to hurt me again if I said something that might irritate him again?

While those thoughts were on her mind, Rachel felt a sharp pain coming from her wrist. Victor frowned as he tightened his grip on the tube of ointment. He was visibly displeased by the fact that Rachel refused his help. “Give me your hand,” he said, trying to be patient. Rachel was about to refuse, but Victor seemed to have guessed what she would say. “Give me your hand or I’ll break it for you. It’ll save us both the trouble.” Once more, she fell silent, ‘What a blatant threat!’ Rachel looked into his eyes, and realized that Victor was really going to do it. ‘This ******* had threatened to break my legs. There’s no doubt that he’ll break my wrist!’ After a moment of hesitation, she gave him her right hand, Victor held her wrist. It was at this moment that he felt how slender, and soft her wrist was. As he clenched her wrist, he felt as if there was only a thin layer of skin wrapped around her bones. She was quite thin. In addition, her skin was fair, and the veins were visible under her skin. While he was holding her hand, he could feel her trembling. This was the human body’s instinctive reaction to danger. To Rachel, Victor was dangerous. Upon realizing this, he felt a surge of pain strike his heart. Rachel stared at her wrist, fearing that he would break her wrist all of a sudden. Perhaps due to how nervous she felt, her whole body was tense, and her left hand on the sofa was now clenched into a fist.

Right now, she was like a hedgehog in a defensive state. Victor dipped a cotton swab into the ointment and gently applied it onto her wrist. When the ointment touched her skin, the coldness of the paste slowly dissipated the burning pain. Without them realizing, the tense atmosphere between them had now disappeared. Aside from the sound of their breathing, the room was awfully quiet. As a matter of fact, it looked harmonious. Victor was sitting on the tea table. He was holding her wrist with one hand, and using his other hand to apply the ointment on her. The aisle between the table and the sofa was only one arm wide, so they were sitting very close to each other. Rachel could see his facial features clearly right now. His eyelashes were thick and long. This was the first time that she realized that a man’s eyelashes could be so beautiful. ‘They look great,’ she thought to herself. While she was lost in thought, Rachel didn’t notice that she was leaning towards Victor. Suddenly, she noticed that he was looking back at her. Rachel was stunned when she saw her own reflection in his deep eyes. As Victor stared into her eyes, he couldn’t help but think of the way Rachel looked at him with hatred. Subconsciously, his eyes fell on her pink, supple lips. She wasn’t wearing any lipstick, but her lips were pink. Their beauty rivaled that of a budding flower, and they looked softer than jelly. Are they as soft as they look?’ he wondered. All of a sudden, Rachel noticed the way he was looking at her. She quickly came to her senses and realized that they were too close right now. She sat upright, and distanced herself from him as much as possible. But as soon as she leaned back, he pulled her forward. A shadow loomed over her all of a sudden. “Hmpf!” Victor kissed her passionately. Rachel’s eyes widened, and her pupils dilated in shock. It felt like her brain was buzzing.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 134 He Is Dangerous

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