Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 133 Who Did You Bribe

Chapter 133 Who Did You Bribe

Within no time, Rachel and Dwayne arrived in front of the room Victor was in. Dwayne walked towards the door, and cautiously knocked on it a few times. “Mr. Sullivan, Miss Bennet is here to see you.” However, he received no response from inside. It had been a couple minutes since he spoke, but it was still eerily quiet inside. Dwayne frowned. He had a bad feeling about this. Then, he turned to Rachel, and pleaded, “Ma’am, I…” Before he could even complete his sentence, Rachel had already tried to open the door. However, when she turned the doorknob, she realized that the door was locked from inside. “Do you have the key?” Rachel asked Dwayne. He immediately nodded. “I’ll go to the security office to grab the key at once.” Having said that, he quickly went on his way. Soon, he returned with a bunch of keys. He fumbled for the key to this specific room, and quickly opened the door. As soon as Rachel opened the door, she saw that the lights weren’t on, and the room was engulfed in darkness. Only the projection of the screen and a faint fluorescent light allowed her to see a vague layout of the room. Rachel swept her eyes across the room, and shortly found a man lying on the sofa. He seemed to be asleep. His legs were bent above the armrest of the sofa, and the rest of his body lay flat. Perhaps due to flashing light of the screen, he had placed his left arm over his eyes to shield him from the dazzling light. Rachel strode forward and stood beside the sofa. She saw an empty bottle of liquor on the table, and the faint scent of alcohol wafted into her nose. She then lowered her head to stare at Victor’s face. When she leaned closer, she saw that his brows were tightly knitted, and his right arm was pressed against his stomach. Despite the faint light, she could see the slightly bulging veins on his temples clearly. All of a sudden, she remembered what Lukas told her before she came here. Rachel turned to Dwayne, and said, “Dwayne, go back to the car and tell the driver to find Victor’s stomach medicine for me, will you?” “Right away, ma’am!” Dwayne nodded firmly before he left the room. Rachel’s eyes dimmed. For a moment, she really wanted to leave this place, thinking that it would benefit her to just leave Victor here to die of pain. But she knew full well that this wouldn’t be enough to kill him. If she were to leave right now, and if he were to find out that she was here and left him to die, he was definitely going to make her suffer for it. ‘I’d rather not live to see that day,’ she thought to herself. And so, she decided against leaving him, and fetched him a glass of water. Moments later, she went back to the sofa with a glass of water in hand. She wondered if she should wake Victor up or wait for the manager to bring the medicine, and let him wake Victor up instead. While she was hesitating, she suddenly felt someone grab her wrist. 1 Rachel was stupefied. Before she could even react, she got pulled down and lost her balance, causing her to fall to the ground. And just before she could fall onto Victor’s body, he suddenly clasped her waist, turned over, and pressed her under his body. Everything happened within the blink of an eye. Crash! Having no time to react, Rachel accidentally dropped the glass of water and it fell to the ground. The contents of the glass spilled out, and some of it splashed onto their faces. The surge of pain she felt on her back made Rachel angry. “Victor, what the **** are you…” Only then did he realize who he had pinned down. Suddenly, Victor’s eyes flashed with hesitation and shock. He had always had gastrointestinal problems, and everyone around him knew about it. Back when Carolyn was still alive, she searched far and wide to find a doctor who could cure him. She would always urge him to eat on time, and take all sorts of medication. And as a result, his gastrointestinal problems did not plague him for a long time. 3 But sadly, those painful problems returned tonight. At first, it was just a slight, stinging pain, so he thought it wasn’t going to be a problem. Thus, he chose to stay here, hoping for the pain to dissipate. He didn’t allow anyone into the room, because he would never let anyone see him being so vulnerable. Later on, the pain still didn’t subside. Instead, it became more and more severe. At the same time, he started to feel dizzy. All this time, he was in a state of being half-asleep and half awake. When he heard someone enter the room, he instinctively became vigilant. Victor believed that it was some fool who wanted to take advantage of his weakness to attack him, so he took the initiative to strike first. But little did he realize that it was actually just Rachel. ‘Why did she come here? Who told her that I’m here?’ a After a quick assessment of the situation, he made an assumption. His face suddenly turned cold. “Rachel, you’re really something. You’ve even managed to bribe my people to get information on me, I see.” ‘**** it! I was so stupid to consider dropping my prejudice against her. She hasn’t changed at all! She’s still the same despicable woman she had always been.

I even thought of letting her stay in the Sue Garden after giving birth to my child. That was the dumbest idea I’ve ever had,’ Victor thought as he tightened his grip on her wrist. Rachel groaned in pain as her face turned pale while she was struggling to break free. “I have no idea what you’re talking about! I bribed your people? That’s insane! Let me go!” ‘Argh! How could I be so crazy to think that I could ever strike a bargain with this maniacal *******! I even asked the manager to get some medicine, and poured him a glass of water. I should’ve just walked away at once-no! I should’ve just killed this scumbag!” “Oh, you have no idea, huh? Is that true?” Victor asked in a cold voice. “Tell me! Who did you bribe?” “What?” Seeing that she was still dodging his question, his face turned grim. “Who told you that I’m here? Don’t even think of telling me that you just happened to drop by and found me here! Rachel, I told you that if you ever play tricks again, I’ll break your legs!” Rachel gritted her teeth and glared at him. “I said tell me who you bribed!” Victor shouted; louder this time. Suddenly, Rachel stopped struggling. The anger in her eyes disappeared as she calmly replied, “Carson.”

Her mood changed so fast that no trace of her anger could be seen anymore. It was as if she was never angry in the first place.

In reality, it wasn’t because she wasn’t angry. It was just that after everything that had happened, she knew full well that her explanation meant nothing to him. He would never believe her anyway. Upon hearing her answer, Victor refused to believe it. Not because he was certain Carson would betray him, but because he was sure that Rachel could never bribe that man. “Rachel, you know that my patience is thin. I suggest you tell me the truth now! Do you think I wouldn’t be able to find out if you don’t tell me?” The sound of his voice was so frigid that it sent shivers throughout her veins. “Go ahead and have me investigated then. I don’t care.” Rachel just stared at him passively. This time, the pain coming from her wrist became more severe. Victor was clenching her wrist even harder. It was so tight that she felt like her wrist was about to get dislocated.

This man’s strength was far beyond an ordinary man. Rachel’s face turned pale as she stared into his vicious eyes. She displayed no intention of backing down. While they were in a stalemate, the door of the room suddenly opened.

“Miss Bennet, I’ve found Mr. Sullivan’s medicine…” The second Dwayne came in, he saw what was happening and stopped mid-sentence. Victor let go of Rachel, and stood up to look at Dwayne. Almost scared out of his wits, Dwayne glanced at Victor and said, “Mr. Sullivan, I…” “What did you just say? Did Rachel tell you to get my medicine?” Victor asked, unsure of what he had heard just now. Dwayne swallowed nervously, and stammered, “Yes, sir.”

Surprised by the answer, Victor stared at the medicine bottle in the man’s hand. Victor was quite familiar with that medicine. In the past, Carolyn would ask someone to keep one in every car, fearing that he would need it if he ever suffered from gastrointestinal pain. ‘Who told Rachel about my gastrointestinal problems, and this medicine? Did she come here because she knew I was in pain?’ For a long time, the room was engulfed in silence. Dwayne stood frozen as his heart raced at the sight of Victor’s silence. “Mr. Sullivan, is there anything wrong?” If there was really something wrong, he was as good as doomed. Dwayne trembled all over. Soon, beads of sweat rolled down his forehead.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 133 Who Did You Bribe

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