Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 129: Worse Than A Monster

 Chapter 129 Worse Than A Monster

Rachel waited for the pain, but it never came. She frowned in confusion, but she didn’t dare open her eyes just yet. Was the seat in front of her so well cushioned that she felt nothing? The only thing she felt was a cool weight on her forehead. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to brake so sharply,” the driver hurriedly apologized. He twisted around in his seat to look back at them. “Mr. Sullivan, Miss Bennet, are you two alright?” Rachel reached out and pressed her hand against the back of the chair. Then she slowly opened her eyes. Before her she didn’t see the seat, but a hand.

She was frozen in surprise, and before she could react, the hand was pulled away“We’re fine,” Victor said from beside her.

Then it all made sense.

The realization of what had happened suddenly hit her. She finally understood. She hadn’t bumped into the chair… But into Victor’s hand. Had he prevented her from hitting her head? Rachel lowered her gaze and half-hooded her eyes with her lashes. It looked like she was staring down at her feet, but in reality she was looking at Victor out the corner of her eyes. The traffic light turned green and the driver eased the car forward again. Victor had already settled into his usual stance, and was facing forward with his normal cold expression. Rachel took the opportunity to study his sculptured face, defined jaw and tall nose. She couldn’t help but feel that if she were to poke his cheek that her finger would turn to ice. There was absolutely no emotion shown on his face, making it that much more difficult for Rachel to connect with the man who had just saved her. “Stop the car,” Victor suddenly said. Rachel gave a small shake of her head and broke out the slight daze she’d gone into. She looked out the window to see where they were, and was rather surprised to find they were nearly at Sue Garden. She hadn’t even noticed how the time had gone. The driver pulled over as soon as Victor told him to. “Get out the car,” Victor said. “Yes, Mr. Sullivan,” the driver said and obediently began to unfasten his seat belt. He reached for the door handle and tugged it open. Clearly, he thought Victor was talking to him. 2 He’d only opened the door a crack before Victor spoke again. “I said get out the car.” But this time, Victor was quite obviously looking at Rachel. Rachel stared at him. She must be hearing wrong.

To say the least, both Rachel and the driver were rather shocked. But Rachel quickly calmed herself and kept her expression as neutral as possible. She knew what kind of scum Victor was; she should have expected something like this from him. She didn’t argue or complain though. She remained as obedient and as passive as she’d been the entire day. Without hesitation, she opened the door and got out. But for some reason, this only irritated Victor more. He narrowed his eyes and his naturally cold aura became icy. He couldn’t believe Rachel hadn’t even asked him why. Did she really not want to know why he had asked her to leave the car? Why was she in such a hurry to leave in the first place? Was he really that much of a monster? It was quite a coincidence that he thought that, because Ráchel didn’t see him as a monster; she saw him as something much worse. “Turn around and drive on,” Victor coldly ordered the driver.

The driver said nothing. A chill suddenly wracked his body, almost like a warning. He didn’t dare ask questions or try and argue. He just did as he was told, turned the car around and drove in the other direction. As they sped down the road, Victor kept glancing in the rearview mirror with a dull expression. They were already quite a distance away, but he could still vaguely see Rachel’s figure reflected there. He could see enough to know that she’d taken off the coat, hung it over her arm, and was now casually strolling down the road towards Sue Garden. “Mr. Sullivan, are we going back to the company?” the driver asked as they approached a fork in the road. “Go to Crown Club.” : Victor lowered his eyes and looked down at his left hand. It wasn’t only Rachel who couldn’t understand why he’d saved her, Victor himself was having trouble figuring out why he’d done it. It had been reflex. He had seen her jolt forward and had just stretched out his hand to stop her. He had only realized what he had done when he felt the warmth of her forehead in his hand. His fingers were curled towards his palm as if he could still feel her delicate skin there. He didn’t know what he was feeling. The sensation was indescribable. But he knew he wanted time to freeze right here, in this moment. Suddenly, the sky growled violently above them, Thunder rumbled through the grey clouds in an almost threatening manner. The driver leaned forward to peer up at the sky. It was already dark, close to night. With the addition of the clouds drifting in, it made it look like it was near midnight. “Mr. Sullivan, it looks like it’s going to rain,” the driver said. Victor had immediately looked into the rearview mirror when he had heard the thunder. But Rachel was gone. He couldn’t see her anymore. The driver hunkered down in his seat in an almost sulky manner. He muttered quietly to himself, “I don’t know if Miss Bennet has reached Sue Garden yet. With this rain coming in, I don’t think it’s safe for her to be out there alone.” The moment the words left his mouth, he instantly regretted it. There was a chance Victor would think he was scolding him. Victor hated Rachel so much that he had driven her out the car and made her walk back to Sue Garden… It was probably a stupid thing for the driver to say what he had. Never before in his life had the driver wanted to slap himself in the face as badly as he did now. Why hadn’t he thought before he had spoken? The car was eerily silent for a little while. Victor frowned and stared out the window at the darkening sky. Finally he said, “Call home. Tell them I’m not coming back tonight.” The driver nearly wanted to pass out from relief. He’d been expecting Victor to scold him, but he hadn’t.

“Yes, sir,” the driver said, then phoned through to Sue Garden. He didn’t have to wait long until someone answered. “Hello, this is Sue Garden. Who’s speaking?” “Lukas, it’s Issac speaking. I just called to tell you that Mr. Sullivan won’t be returning tonight.” “Alright,” Lukas said. Before he asked his next question, the driver looked up into the rearview mirror to try and gauge Victor’s mood from his expression. In a casual tone he said, “Has Miss Bennet returned yet? She isn’t with Mr. Sullivan.” Lukas’ eyebrows furrowed in confusion. He had thought that Mr. Sullivan would surely drive Miss Bennet home since he was the one brought her out. If Miss Bennet was coming back alone tonight, did that mean… Had something happened between the two of them during the day? Lukas glanced at the steadily worsening weather. The thunder was booming all around the building now, and he could feel the temperature starting to drop. Miss Bennet was not safe out there on her own. He couldn’t help but feel worried. “Miss Bennet…” he muttered to himself, as if saying her name would help to keep her safe. Suddenly, the doorbell outside Sue Garden rang. Lukas turned to one of the servants and sent her to check who it was. A few moments later, the servant returned. “It’s Miss Bennet,” she said, her eyes wide.

“Go get an umbrella and pick her up.” Lukas completely forget he was still on the line. He wasn’t thinking properly at the moment. The servant nodded, grabbed an umbrella and trotted out to meet Rachel. Lukas was still on call when he’d spoken to the servant. The driver had heard every word. The cold, brooding atmosphere in the car immediately lifted. The driver breathed a heavy sigh of relief when he finally heard Lukas say, “Issac, Miss Bennet just got back.” “That’s good,” the driver answered then hung up the call. Issac lowered his eyes from the rearview mirror and concentrated on the road ahead of him. Mr. Sullivan was such a tough man to read, and he kept his emotions so well hidden that it was nearly impossible to know what he was thinking. But it was obvious from his actions that he cared for Rachel. And the driver knew Victor well enough to know that he hadn’t called the Sue Garden just to tell Lukas that he wouldn’t be returning; it had been to check if Rachel had got back safely.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 129 Worse Than A Monster

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