Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 127: Baby Products Store

Chapter 127 Baby Products Store

Baby Products Store Victor walked into the cloakroom, and Rachel followed suit. While he was looking at the clothes in display, Rachel sat on the small sofa, gently massaging her calves. Perhaps her legs had grown sore from coming up and down the stairs several times over. ‘I wonder if Quintin is done with the investigation,’ she thought to herself. Rachel’s head was downcast while she was pondering over something when a shadow fell over her.

Afterwards, she heard him say, “Put it on.” She instantly raised her head and saw the clothes in Victor’s hand. Rachel fell silent for a moment, frowning at the expressionless man, and wondering if she could refuse to wear those tacky clothes. Just as she was debating on whether to wear it or not, Victor tossed the clothes onto her and said, “Change into those clothes and meet me downstairs in five minutes.”

With that, he left the room, and closed the door behind him. Rachel stared at the clothes in her arms, clearly displeased. ‘Men’s taste in clothes are seriously weird sometimes. Or maybe he’s messing with me?’ Five minutes passed by in a blur. Rachel did not dare to dilly-dally, fearing that if she were to be a second later, he would get upset and she would have to suffer his wrath. Once she had changed into the clothes, she hurried out of the room, quickly passing by the mirror, and making sure not to look at herself. After leaving the cloakroom, she drew a deep breath before slowly making her way downstairs. At this time, Lukas had been waiting for her at the stairs. The moment he laid eyes on Rachel, he was stupefied. The sound of his voice was laden with surprise. “Miss Bennet!” “What?” she replied. “Are you okay, ma’am?” Lukas asked with concern as he examined her face. Rachel was silenced for a moment because of his question. “Not really,” she answered. “Umm…” Lukas was at a loss for words. He had no idea how to comment on Rachel’s attire. He had seen people donned in red and black clothing, or maybe red and greed. But this was the first time he had seen someone dressed in a black and green combination, and definitely not in a good way. Aside from that, it was a thick coat. If it weren’t for the dazzling sun outside, Lukas would’ve thought it was winter already. “Lukas, where’s Victor?” Obviously, Rachel preferred not to discuss her outfit with anyone. She glanced around the living room and noticed that only the servants were there, and Victor was nowhere to be found. “Oh, right! Mr. Sullivan is waiting for you in the car,” Lukas replied. ‘In the car?’ Rachel thought to herself. ‘Is he taking me out? Where is he taking me?’ Rachel turned to the door, and from that distance, she could see a dark brown Bentley driving into the front yard. The window of the car was half-opened and she could see the side of Victor’s face.

She decided not to waste another second, and said goodbye to Lukas before walking out. When the driver saw Rachel come out of the house, he got off the car, went around to the door of the back seat, and opened it for her. As Rachel went down the steps, she paused before going into the car. The very moment she sat next to Victor, she could feel his icy, intimidating aura. Instinctively, her nerves tensed up. Soon, the driver went back to his seat, started the engine, and drove out of the Sue Garden. Rachel had no way of knowing why she didn’t feel hot inside the car. She thought that maybe it was due to Victor’s cold shoulder, though there were still beads of sweat on her forehead. The bodily temperature of pregnant women was usually a bit higher than that of ordinary people. They were more susceptible to warmer weathers instead of the colder ones. From the corner of her eyes, she could see that Victor was still the same as always; stone cold and stoic. Seconds later, she adjusted her sitting position, and took off her coat. But the second she removed it, Victor glared at her. “Put it back on.” Rachel was speechless. ‘I thought he wasn’t paying attention to me.’ She then glanced at his face, hesitating whether she should endure the heat and avoid a conflict. All of a sudden, the driver spoke, interrupting her thoughts. “Miss Bennet, I highly recommend you put it on. The weather forecast this morning reported that the temperature will drop dramatically this afternoon.” While he was talking, he glanced at the rearview mirror, wary of Victor’s expression. Upon seeing that Victor showed no sign of displeasure, the driver continued, “Mr. Sullivan told you to wear it because he’s worried you might catch a cold.” 2 ‘It’s going to be cold this afternoon, huh?’ She took a look outside the car. Ever since she got in, the window was raised a bit higher, but there was still a small gap left for ventilation. The wind poured into the car, disheveling her bangs. The second the wind touched her skin, she felt how cold and damp it was. It would seem that the temperature was really going to drop soon. Rachel averted her gaze from the window, and stared at the coat. After a moment of silence, she decided that it was best to put it on. Throughout the rest of the journey, none of them spoke. Although it wasn’t that tense inside the car, it was still a bit awkward. The Bentley smoothly drove across the highway for a while. Just as Rachel was starting to feel drowsy, the car finally stopped. The driver opened the door of the backseat and said, “Miss Bennet, Mr. Sullivan, we’ve arrived.”

“Are we going shopping?” Rachel looked around as soon as she got out of the car. They were in the most famous shopping mall in Apliaria. And if she remembered correctly, this place was owned by the Sullivan Group. ‘Why did he take me to the mall?’ Rachel frowned, glancing at him subconsciously. She saw that he was already on his way to the mall entrance ‘without hesitation. ‘As always, he’s doing things out of a whim,’ she thought. ? Minutes later, they both got out of the elevator. At this point, Rachel could no longer suppress her curiosity. She kept looking around and saw all kinds of shops, and yet she still couldn’t figure out what they were doing here. “What exactly are we supposed to do here?” she asked. “To buy baby products,” Victor replied flatly. Rachel fell silent for a second before she replied inquisitively, “What?” She stopped because she thought she had misheard him. “What did you just say?” “Mr. Sullivan, Miss Bennet, welcome!” Suddenly, she heard a pleasant voice that drowned out her thoughts. That was the moment Rachel realized that she had been pondering about what Victor wanted to do throughout their entire journey. She was so anxious and confused about it that she failed to notice that they were already standing at the entrance of a store. On the wall beside the entrance, there was a huge LED neon sign. Judging by the logo of a pacifier, this store was obviously selling baby products. “Mr. Sullivan, all the new arrivals have been prepared. Do you want to go in and take a look at them?” the shop manager asked as he approached them.. About an hour ago, the senior managers of the shopping mall received a message that Victor was on his way to this mall. For a few minutes, the entire mall was on full alert. It appeared as though they were preparing for a war. The staff were all busy checking if they had done anything wrong. As soon as the store owners heard about the news, they began to guess which store Victor would visit, and made early preparations in case he would drop by their respective stores. The manager of this store was no exception. Victor nodded indifferently before walking in. Rachel, on the other hand, was still at a loss for words.

‘What the **** is going on? Has he gone crazy or something?’

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 127 Baby Products Store

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