Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 124: Clues Of Abby’s Whereabouts

Chapter 124 Clues Of Abby’s Whereabouts

For the next three days, Rachel did not leave her room. It seemed that this time, Victor really meant what he said. He even reassigned his personal bodyguards to the Sue Garden. And those men stood guard at Rachel’s door 24 hours a day. Knock! Knock! Knock! From outside her door, Lukas said, “Miss Bennet, I’ve brought you some food.” Rachel blinked to alleviate the soreness of her eyes, caused by staring at the ceiling for too long, and shouted, “I’m not hungry, Lukas!” “Ma’am, are you okay in there?” Lukas asked, feeling a bit worried. “Are you feeling any discomfort? Would you like me to call you a doctor?”. “No, it’s okay. I’m fine.” Having said that, she closed her eyes to relieve the dryness of her eyes. All sorts of thoughts raced through her mind. 3 Lukas said something to her from outside the door, but Rachel didn’t hear him clearly. She just gave him a vague answer, and then it became quiet again. All of a sudden, she heard her phone buzzing on the bedside table. Slowly, she opened her eyes and reached for her phone. On the screen, she saw a message from an unknown number. Nothing else was written on the message other than a dot. This dot was her secret communication method with Quintin. Rachel sat upright, unlocked her phone, and opened her browser. Afterwards, she quickly input a series of letters on the search bar, and the page soon changed. Q: Hey boss, why haven’t you been online lately? King of Hearts: Something happened. What’s up? Have you found any clues about the person I asked you to investigate? Q: Actually, I have a question. Is this person even real? Who on earth is she? Is she important or something? I’ve done everything I can, and hacked into all sources of information I can hack, but I still couldn’t find any clues about her. Quintin had promised Rachel that he would find Abby’s whereabouts, but after nearly a month of searching, he still hadn’t found the slightest clues. He wondered if Abby was just a figment of Rachel’s imagination. ‘Maybe this Abby doesn’t really exist?’ Quintin said to himself. After all, the boss did spend three years in prison. Perhaps she had developed some sort of mental problem in there? But I can’t ask her that! She’s going to kill me if she even finds out that I have such speculations about her!’

At this time, Rachel’s face turned grim. If she didn’t know that Abby was definitely in Victor’s hands, she might think along the same lines as Quintin. She had searched everpossible place Abby could’ve been locked up, but it led to no avail. Q: Boss, if this Abby really exists, she couldn’t just disappear. You need to think about this carefully. Is there any other place she might go? Somewhere that you would never think she could go? I mean, even if she’s dead, you’d still be able to find her body, right? ‘I’ve been to the Bennet family’s mansion, the Sullivan Group, the Sue Garden, the Sullivan family’s mansion, the Crown Club, and I’ve even ran a background check on Carson! But I still can’t find Abby anywhere,’ Rachel thought to herself. But there was one thing she was certain of, and that was the fact that Abby was still alive. ‘How could there be no trace of Abby left if she’s still alive?’ As Rachel stared at the message Quintin had sent her, something occurred to her. “Quintin, let me ask you a question. Where would you go if you want to erase any trace that you exist? To be precise, it should be somewhere that the detection system couldn’t track.” Quintin was stunned when he read her message. The detection system that she mentioned were created by them. It was based on the Skynet system, but much more improved. No matter where a certain person was, whether in the wilderness or at home, as long they show any sign of activity, the system would be able to track them somehow.

Thus, if someone wanted to avoid the detection of the system, there was only one way to do

  1. so.

Quintin’s eyes lit up when he figured out the answer. Using the keyboard, he typed, “There’s only one place that could avoid the detection system.” While he was typing those words, he could feel his arms trembling. He couldn’t tell whether it was because of excitement or fear. Q: It’s in prison. King of Hearts: It’s in prison. Both of them sent the same message at the same time. Quintin took a deep breath as he stared at those words on the screen. “Boss, who is this Abby? And who hid her? If she was really hidden inside a prison, whoever did so must’ve learnt it from you!”

‘Learnt it from me?’ Rachel couldn’t help but smile sardonically at herself when she read those words. She remembered the time when Andy was bragging in front of Abby about the legend of King of Hearts. He told her of how King of Hearts hid a living person to the point that nobody could find that person within an entire year. Rachel had indeed succeeded in doing that, but why was it a legend? It was because nobody ever figured out where King of Hearts had hidden that certain person.

But Quintin knew how she did it. Back then, King of Hearts hid the person within a faraway prison. Never did Rachel imagine that someone would emulate her methods. King of Hearts: Check all the prisons within Apliaria, and all the nearby cities as soon as possible. If she’s really hidden within a prison, we can definitely find her. Once Quintin received the order, he immediately replied, “Consider it done, boss!” Afterwards, the two of them continued to chat for a while. As usual, they complained about a certain shameless couple, and Quintin reported the couple’s recent situation to Rachel. About half an hour later, Rachel logged off the forum and touched her abdomen. Her previously gloomy mood had now dissipated when she felt connected to her baby. “Little one, we’ll be able to leave this wretched place soon.” 1 Now that she had a clue of Abby’s whereabouts, it was time for her to prepare for her next plan of action. Inside the CEO’s office of Sullivan Group. The window was covered with a thick curtain, shrouding the office in darkness. It was hard to tell whether it was night or day inside the office. Ivan had been knocking at the door for a few minutes, but there was no response. He glanced at his wristwatch and felt that something strange was going on. ‘He should still be in his office right now.’ Once more, he knocked on the door. “Mr. Sullivan, it’s me, Ivan,” he said. However, silence was the only response he got. Since it was almost time for Victor to have a meeting with a business partner, Ivan hesitantly opened the door. As soon as he entered, he was surprised to see that the room was shrouded in utter darkness, He stood in place for a moment until his eyes adjusted to the darkness. A few seconds later, he noticed someone lying on the sofa. The elegant black leather sofa wasn’t that small, but the man’s figure dwarfed the sofa’s size. He looked a bit uneasy lying on it. His suit jacket was still on the executive chair, and the white shirt he wore highlighted his muscular figure. The first two buttons were undone, revealing his **** collarbone. His right arm was covering his eyes, as if it was the only way he could sleep comfortably. As Ivan looked at the man, he was lost in thought. ‘It’s a rare sight to see Mr. Sullivan shut all his blinders and trap himself in such a dark environment. What’s going on with him?’ “What is it?” Victor asked abruptly, interrupting Ivan’s thoughts. Now that Victor had awakened, he sat upright and glanced at Ivan. “Sir, it’s almost twelve noon. There’s only half an hour left before your lunch meeting with

Mr. Flecher of the Foyal Group,” said Ivan. “Okay, get the car ready.” As soon as Victor finished speaking, the curtains slowly pulled up The dazzling sunshine peered through the windows, falling onto his shoulder, anc dispersing the coldness from his body.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 124: Clues Of Abby’s Whereabouts

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