Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 123: Throw The Handle After The Blade

Chapter 123 Throw The Handle After The Blade

Alicia’s voice became lower and lower with every word she uttered. But even so, everyone heard her clearly. All she said was that she didn’t remember, and she thought it was a good excuse. She neither admitted to anything, nor denied that Rachel pushed her into the lake. Rachel, on the other hand, just smiled. Alicia raised her head, and met Rachel’s gaze. Her heart jolted upon seeing the look in Rachel’s eyes, and she felt even guiltier. At once, she averted her gaze from Rachel, not daring to look at the woman again. “Oh, you don’t remember?” A playful grin was plastered on Carson’s lips when he reached the end of his sentence as he looked into her eyes. In a soft voice, Alicia replied, “It all happened so fast that I didn’t have the time to remember how it happened.” As she spoke, she turned to Victor with tearful eyes. “Victor, just… just let it go. I’m fine now anyway.” 1 Victor’s eyes dimmed, but he didn’t respond. Rachel withdrew her gaze from Alicia. She lowered her head, pondering for a moment. It was hard to figure out what she was thinking. Upon noticing her silence, Carson chimed in. “Miss Bennet, aren’t you going to defend yourself?” “Why should I?” Rachel stared back at him. Carson fell silent. Frankly, he had no idea how to answer that question. ‘This isn’t fun! No matter how hard I try to provoke Rachel, she just doesn’t care.’

As Victor watched them interact, a frown formed on his face. “Since Miss Schultz has decided to let this go, I’ll let this one slide for her sake, but you have to apologize to her right now,” he said. “Fine,” Rachel replied without hesitation. To everyone’s surprise, she agreed so readily! Alicia looked at Rachel in astonishment. Before she could utter a word, she was violently pulled towards the steps near the lake, leaving her no chance to struggle or resist. Her face quickly turned ghastly pale as she tried to steady herself. “Rachel, what the hell are you trying to do?” Alicia exerted every ounce of strength in her body, but Rachel was far stronger than she was. Not only could she not break free from Rachel’s grasp, her wrist also turned red. Victor’s eyes glinted as he strode forward and gritted his teeth. “Rachel!” “Victor, you’d best stay the hell away from me!” Rachel warned him. “I’m crazy, aren’t I? Not even I could tell what I’ll do next!”

Victor stopped dead in his tracks; his face turned grim. “Interesting…” Carson remarked. He crossed his arms and leaned against the pillar, enjoying the show. Alicia turned to the lake behind her and remembered how she almost drowned. She couldn’t help but shiver in fear. “Rachel, let me go! I said let me go this instant!” Rachel scoffed at her and said, “Alicia, do you know what I hate the most in the world?” Alicia fell silent for a moment before she asked, “What is it?” The two of them were standing on the edge of the stairs. If Rachel were to let go and push her with the slightest amount of strength, Alicia would fall into the lake. With that in mind, Alicia trembled in fear.

“I hate being used as a scapegoat.”

“I… I never did anything like that!” Alicia’s eyes were laden with guilt and terror. ‘There’s no way I can tell the truth now! I lied earlier because I wasn’t thinking straight. If I were to confess, what would Victor think of me? 1 Besides, once I tell the truth, he would begin to have doubts of how I found out about Rachel’s pregnancy, and the car accident. No matter what, I cannot tell him the truth!’ Alicia looked at the lake behind her. She was so agitated that her eyes welled up with tears. “Rachel, we can talk about this, okay? Please…” “You may not know me that well, but if I have to debase myself and apologize, it should be for something that I really did,” Rachel said with creased brows.


Before Alicia could even finish talking, Rachel suddenly let go of her, and gently pushed her shoulder.

Plop! Seconds later, Alicia fell into the lake again. The water splashed onto Rachel’s face, but she didn’t even blink. And once again, Alicia was struggling to get out of the water. “Help! Help me!” Lukas immediately shouted at the servants, “Why are you all still standing around? Go save her!”

The servants finally recovered from the shock and jumped into the lake one after the other to save Alicia. Not long after, she was dragged ashore. Her face was deathly pale. She covered her chest and continuously coughed. Her eyes were bloodshot, and there were even water plants entangled with her hair. Right now, she didn’t look like the elegant refined Schultz family’s daughter at all. Rachel stepped forward, crouched beside her, and reached her hand out. Terrified of Rachel, Alicia screamed, “Rachel, no! What else are you gonna do to me?” Rachel turned a deaf ear to her pleas. She took the water plants off her head, and threw them back into the lake. “Don’t be so nervous. Everyone should take responsibility for what they’ve done, right? And since I’ve done what I was accused of now, I should apologize.” Alicia gnashed her teeth as she trembled all over. She had no idea if it was because of anger or the fact that she was feeling cold. “Miss Schultz, I’m so sorry for pushing you into the lake by accident. I really am sorry,” Rachel apologized nonchalantly. Alicia’s face turned pale, but she had no idea how to vent her anger.


All of a sudden, they heard someone laughing. Rachel turned to look at the laughing man, and just as she had expected, it was Carson. He scratched his nose and chuckled. “Why have I never found you this interesting before, Miss Bennet?”

In the past, whenever Rachel was involved in something like this, she would either just suck it up or curse incessantly. But now, she was smarter. She knew how to reciprocate other people’s animosity towards her. It somehow seemed like her cunning nature was drilled into her bones. In short, she wouldn’t stand to be on the losing end of the stick. Even if she must suffer, she would take everyone down with her and make them suffer even worse. Carson truly found this new Rachel interesting. She then stared at him in silence before saying, “I guess birds of the same feather do flock together,” she remarked casually. It took Carson a while to understand what Rachel meant. ‘Birds of the same feather flock together, huh? Who’s the bird? Or should I say, who’s the person?’ Carson thought to himself. Naturally, she was referring to Victor. Just a few minutes ago, Rachel said that he was blind and stupid. Carson didn’t know what to say at this point. Rachel had become truly cunning. “Lukas!” Victor’s face turned grim. Everyone who saw the look on his face felt that a storm was coming “Mr. Sullivan…” Lukas was very familiar with that look. ‘Mr. Sullivan is probably furious now.’ Victor cast Rachel a cold glance and said, “From now on, never let this woman step out of her room! Anyone who dares to let her out will be exiled from this city. If she tries to escape, just break her legs!” Lukas was horrified by his words. ‘He’s asking us to break her legs?’ “I’d like to see how arrogant you can be with broken legs, Rachel!” Victor said as he strode forward to stare down at her.

“Oh, but don’t worry. We have professional doctors in the house. Even if your legs do get broken, the baby will be taken care of.” “Victor, you bastard!” Rachel glared back at him. Her eyes were brimming with anger, and she made no attempt to hide her hatred for Victor. When he looked into her eyes, he could see just how much she hated him. All of a sudden, it made him feel like his heart was being torn apart.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 123: Throw The Handle After The Blade

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