Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 122: Rachel, Get Down On Your Knees

Chapter 122 Rachel, Get Down On Your Knees

Two servants immediately tried to control Rachel according to Victor’s command, but she managed to dodge them. After all, compared to the professional bodyguards with great fighting skills, they weren’t trained to do something like that. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t even lay a hand on her. “Rachel, don’t forget that I still have your precious maid,” Victor warned her. Rachel paused and said through gritted teeth, “Victor, you promised me! You told me that you’re not going to harm her as long as I sign your stupid agreement. You…” “All I promised you is that I wouldn’t send her to the Crown Club. I never promised you that I wouldn’t harm her,” he replied with a cold glare. Upon hearing him say that, Rachel clenched her fists and stopped running. The servants quickly held her down when she stopped. A murderous gaze was written all over Victor’s eyes when he said to her, “Rachel, get down on your knees.” As soon as he finished his words, everyone present was shocked. They never imagined that he would tell Rachel to kneel down in front of all these people. “Mr. Sullivan, this isn’t…” Lukas wanted to talk Victor out of it because Rachel was pregnant with Victor’s child. No matter how much he hated her, she was still the baby’s mother, and that could never change. ‘If she were to kneel in public at this very moment, word would quickly spread like wildfire. Once the people find out about this, both she and her baby would be humiliated. Even the Sullivan family’s name would be stained!’ Before Lukas could intercede for her, Victor cast a cold glance at him, “Anyone who dares to speak for this vile woman will be fired; effective immediately!” Silence befell them. Despite the cold autumn breeze sweeping across the lake and seeping into their skins, all the servants present were breaking into cold sweat; none dared to utter a word. However, Lukas still wanted to defend Rachel. He once promised old Mrs. Sullivan that he would take care of Victor, and he just couldn’t watch him make this gigantic mistake. ‘If word of this gets out, it would ruin Mr. Sullivan and the Sullivan family!’ he thought to himself.

“Lukas.” Rachel noticed that Lukas was about to defend her, so she smiled at him, just in time to stop him. He looked back at her and uttered, “Miss Bennet.” A faint smile appeared on Rachel’s face as the wind blew by. A few strands of her hair fluttered along with the wind, covering her forehead and her starry eyes.

She shook her head at Lukas. “Thank you,” she said from the bottom of her heart.

Lukas let out a sigh. He really didn’t believe that Rachel would push Alicia into the lake. After all the time he spent with her, he got to know her a lot better, and he was certain Rachel wasn’t that kind of person. ‘In the past, even though she had indeed done so many ridiculous things, she had never done anything that could harm anyone. Moreover, Miss Bennet had changed a lot after all these days,’ Lukas thought. 1 ‘But sadly, Mr. Sullivan’s prejudice against her is so deep that he couldn’t see that she had changed for the better.’ “Rachel, you’re really good at your devilish tricks. Up until now, you’re still trying to play the innocent one; that’ you’ve even won Lukas’ sympathy,” Victor remarked. “You’re so filled with lies that I sometimes wonder if you’ve fallen for your own lies as well. Right now, you must feel like I’m the one who’s wronged you, correct?” Rachel raised her head to look into his eyes. After a few moments, she suddenly burst into laughter. Victor was surprised by her reaction. “Why are you laughing?” “I used to think that I was blind to marry a man like you, but now that I think about it, I can see that we were actually quite a match,” Rachel replied. “You’re just as blind and as stupid as I once was!” All of a sudden, the air around them became much colder that it was during a wintry day in December. Perhaps due to fear, everyone present shivered when a breeze blew by once more. “What are you waiting for?” Victor ordered sternly. After hearing him say that, the two servants came back to their senses and exerted more strength to push Rachel’s shoulders down. Just when she was on the brink of kneeling down, someone grabbed her arm and held her up. Rachel looked at the hand in astonishment. He managed to pull her up with such great strength. She could see the bulging veins on the back of his arm. And when she saw the watch on his wrist, she realized who was helping her. That dark blue watch was from Harry Winston’s Midnight Collection, inlaid with thirty 64 brilliant-cut diamonds, showcasing the amazing artistry of gem-setting akin to dancing snowflakes.

Only Carson would like something that high-key and fancy. “What are you doing, Carson? Do you want to kneel in her place?” Although Victor was surprised to see Carson intervening in this matter, he didn’t display any change in his emotions. Upon hearing Victor speak, Carson loosened his grip at once. Rachel was caught-off guard, and the servants were still pressing her down, and it caused her to kneel down all of a sudden.

Only one of her knees hit the floor, but it was so quick and hard that it made a loud thud. Rachel put her hands on the floor and bit her lower lip. The pain from her knee quickly spread throughout her body, causing her to wail like a banshee. “Miss Bennet!” Lukas hurried to her side, worried about her well-being. Carson awkwardly touched his nose. “Sorry, I didn’t mean for that to happen. I forgot to warn you first.” Rachel was speechless. Victor’s eyes darkened like pits. When he saw her fall to her knees like that, he took a half step, instinctively reaching out to grab her arm. But the moment he moved, he felt a resistance.

Alicia was tugging on his sleeve, and attempting to stop him. It was only then that he was pulled back to reality. When he realized what he almost did, his eyes grew colder. Seeing that Rachel wasn’t saying a word, Carson helped her up and asked, “Do you need a doctor to have a look at your knee?” “No, it’s fine.” Rachel pulled her arm back from him and said calmly, “Thanks.” “Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t mean to help you, so you have no reason to thank me,” Carson replied bluntly. Rachel once again fell silent. Upon noticing Victor’s icy gaze, Carson cleared his throat and explained, “I just have a proposal. Since the perpetrator and the victim are both present, why don’t we listen to their stories first? I’m interested in what Alicia has to say.” Afterwards, an ambiguous smile appeared on his face as he looked at Alicia. He noticed that a worried look swept over her face the minute he made his suggestion. “Miss Schultz, could you please narrate how the ‘crime’ happened?”, Moments ago, he happened to see an unnatural expression flashing across her face when she heard Victor say that Rachel pushed her into the lake. Carson wasn’t sure why she had that look on her face, but he enjoyed watching the fun as long as he himself didn’t get involved. The more things escalated, the more exciting it was for him.

With knitted eyebrows, Victor decided not to object. Rachel frowned, glancing sideways at Carson. ‘What the **** is wrong with this guy? I really don’t understand what he’s trying to do.’ Noticing her gaze, he looked back at her and raised an eyebrow. “Miss Bennet, have you suddenly come to realize that I am much more handsome that Victor? If you keep staring at me like that, you’re going to make me blush.” Rachel really had no idea how to talk to this man.

‘The Scott family is known for its strictness and conformity to rules and tradition. How in the world did Carson end up like this?’ Rachel quickly looked away and directed her gaze towards Alicia. In fact, she also wanted to know how Alicia would fabricate this story. “I…” Suddenly, everyone’s eyes were all on Alicia. She averted her gaze from them, loosened her grip on Victor’s sleeve, and held the bath towel wrapped around her body. “I don’t remember.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 122: Rachel, Get Down On Your Knees

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