Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 121: Are You Angry Or Jealous

Chapter 121 Are You Angry Or Jealous

“Help! Somebody help me! Help!” Alicia was thrashing and keeping herself above water as her face turned pale. At this point, Rachel regained her senses. She was about to reach for Alicia’s hand and pull her out of the water, but before she could move a muscle, someone shoved her away. That same person jumped into the water shortly after doing that. Rachel didn’t even have the time to recognize who that mysterious person was. The weight of her body caused her to stagger backwards until her back hit a wall. All of a sudden, she heard someone chuckling from behind her. Then, she realized something. ‘Why is there a wall here?’ Rachel quickly moved away from the wall, turned around, and saw a man standing behind her. He was a whole head taller than her, so she had to raise her head to see his face clearly. The sun was a bit too dazzling, and she had to squint her eyes to look at him. “Carson, is that you?” “It’s been a while since I last saw you. It seems that you’ve grown more beautiful than ever, I see,” Carson remarked casually, raising an eyebrow. 3 Rachel didn’t take his words to heart, for she knew that he loved dishing out banters. ‘Wait, if Carson is here, then who was that person who jumped into the lake?’ she thought to herself.

Something dawned on her. The second she thought of Victor, she heard the sound of someone coming ashore from behind her. Rachel turned around and saw Victor slowly walking towards land while carrying Alicia. His face was as stoic as ever, and it intimidated anyone who saw it. While Alicia was in his arms, her face was ghastly pale. Her arms were tightly wrapped around his neck, and her eyes were slammed shut. She must’ve been frightened to death, and she was still shivering from the fear. “Mr. Sullivan!” The moment Lukas heard about what happened from one of the servants, he immediately came to see the situation. Slowly, Alicia opened her eyes; the corners of her eyes were bloodshot. She loosened her arms on his neck, coughed several times, and asked, “Victor?” After casting Rachel a cold glance, Victor said to Lukas, “Call the doctor.” “Right away, sir!” Lukas answered at once. Then, he went back to the villa to call the family doctor.

Meanwhile, Carson was leaning against the wooden pillar and looking at Rachel. Oddly enough, she seemed relatively nonchalant about what happened. Upon noticing his gaze, she looked straight into his eyes. He didn’t seem embarrassed at all when he got caught staring. And instead, he stared deeper into her eyes. “Is there something you’d like to tell me?” Rachel asked. Carson rubbed his chin with his thumb and index finger. “I’m just wondering about something,” he answered. “Wondering about what?” Rachel asked tentatively. “I’m wondering if you’re really not angry or you’re just pretending to be calm on the surface, when in fact, you’re actually jealous,” Carson said with an impish grin. 1 Rachel was rendered speechless. If something this tragic hadn’t happened, she would’ve rolled her eyes at him. “So, tell me, Miss Bennet. Are you not angry or jealous at all?” Carson asked again. “Why should I be angry or jealous?” Rachel fired back. Right after she finished talking, Carson took advantage of her unpreparedness and took a step forward, leaning closer towards her. Their faces were so close that if Rachel moved even a centimeter forward, her forehead would touch the tip of his nose. She could smell the faint scent of cologne coming from his body. It was wildly different from Victor’s musky, minty scent. In fact, Carson somehow smelled wild and funny, much like his personality. “Because you have feelings for Victor,” he said with certainty. “Shouldn’t you get mad that there’s another woman in his arms right now?” Rachel could no longer stand the scent of Carson’s cologne and stepped back. “I’m not mad.” “And you’re not jealous either?”

“**** no!”

Carson examined Rachel’s face, hoping to find some sort of clue to her true feelings. However, he couldn’t find any sign that she was lying. ‘So, it’s true. She really isn’t angry or jealous.’ Frankly, he was surprised. He was about to say something, but he heard Alicia’s voice and it made him stop “Victor, I thought… I really thought I was a goner! I thought I’d never see you, my grandpa, and my mom ever again!” Once more, Alicia held onto Victor tightly as tears streamed down her cheeks. “The doctor will be here soon,” he replied flatly. Indifference was written all over his face when he was about to put her down. However, Alicia held onto him even tighter. “Please don’t leave me alone, Victor! I’m really scared.” Upon hearing her say that, Victor had no choice but to continue carrying her. While Carson watched this scene unfold, he glanced back and forth between Alicia and Rachel. “Miss Schultz, people tell me that my hugs have a comforting feeling. If you’re too scared to be alone right now, I wouldn’t mind having you in my arms.” Alicia was crying bitterly moments ago, but when she heard that, she stopped. Even Rachel fell silent. ‘I underestimated you, Carson. You really have a way with words,’ she thought. “No, thanks,” Alicia replied. Honestly, hearing Carson say that made her feel embarrassed, and her face started to blush. “I really don’t mind doing it. I’m more than strong enough to carry you. Besides, my friend, Victor, has never been good at comforting women. But me? I’m different. Frankly, I’m quite good at it. I promise you, Miss Schultz, one hug from me, and you’ll forget the traumatic experience you’ve had just now.” “I…” Alicia wasn’t sure how she was going to answer him. ‘I can’t tell him that I’m not really afraid, and that I just want to be in Victor’s arms! After all, I am the daughter of the Schultz family. Saying something like that will breed rumors, and it could ruin my name!’ Alicia thought to herself. At this point, her previously pale face had now turned red. “Carson,” Victor called out as if he was warning him. Before long, Lukas arrived along with the family doctor. It wasn’t until then that Alicia finally got off Victor’s arms, and sat on the bench, so that the doctor could examine her eyes. Lukas handed a bath towel to Victor, and served both of them some ginger soup. “Miss Bennet, are you alright?” Lukas noticed that Rachel’s trousers were also wet, so he asked with concern, “Do you need a change of clothes, ma’am? If you catch a cold…” “What’s gonna happen to her?” Victor interrupted in a cold, harsh voice. Rachel’s eyes dimmed. She knew that nothing good could ever happen with Victor around. “What do you have to say for yourself, Rachel? Are you really that eager to get rid of everyone who could threaten your position?” With a single stride, Victor was already standing before Rachel. He looked down at her with piercing dark eyes. “Last time, you got rid of Alice, and now you’re doing the same thing to Alicia. What’s gonna happen next time, huh? Who are you planning to get rid of next?” Rachel didn’t respond. “Mr. Sulllivan, there must have been some sort of misunderstanding…” Lukas couldn’t help but defend Rachel.

“Misunderstanding?” Victor sneered as if he heard a big joke. “Rachel, is there nothing too vile for you to do? I saw you push her down! I’m not blind! What do you have to say for!

yourself this time? You threw yourself into the traffic, effectively risking a baby’s life, and now you’ve pushed someone into the lake? Is your heart made of stone or something? How could anyone be as wicked as you?” Right after he finished speaking, he said to the servant next to him, “Hold her down.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 121 Are You Angry Or Jealous

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