Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 120: Alicia Fell Into The Water

Chapter 120 Alicia Fell Into The Water

“Miss Bennet?” Lukas called out to Rachel in confusion, seeing she had yet to respond after a long time. Rachel’s eyes narrowed for a moment. Then, the corners of her lips curled up into a faint smile. “Nothing. I was just asking,” she casually said, after which she yawned. It had been a long day, and she was exhausted. After saying goodbye to Lukas, she headed upstairs to her bedroom. Rachel fell asleep the instant her body hit the bed. However, the welcome serenity didn’t last for long, she was soon jolted awake by a loud knock on her bedroom door. “Miss Schultz is here to see you,” Lukas said from the other side of the door. Rachel stared blankly at the door, trying to get her head together. After thinking for a while, she recalled who Miss Schultz was and frowned. Although she was still sleepy, she got out of bed and waddled to the door. “Lukas, did you say Alicia Schultz is here to see me?” She asked the moment she opened the door. Lukas nodded politely and replied, “Yes, Miss Bennet. That’s what she said.” Lukas also found the sudden visit strange. He knew Alicia quite well, as he had been working there for a long time. Back when the old Mrs. Sullivan was still alive, she appreciated Alicia. If Rachel hadn’t been in the picture, she might have married Victor. It was the first time Alicia had been to the Sue Garden after Victor got married. ‘Why did she come here so all of a sudden? Why would she ask to see Miss Bennet?’ Lukas pondered silently. He considered the matter a serious one, though, and was thinking of calling Victor right away to fill him in on what was happening. Rachel was pregnant, after all, and he couldn’t be completely certain that nothing untoward would happen. “Is she in the living room now?” Rachel asked, raising her eyebrows. Her voice was a little slow and inadvertently languid, perhaps because she had just woken up. “No,” Lukas quickly said, pushing aside his thoughts. “She is in the garden now.” Rachel nodded and walked away. When she walked into the garden, she saw Alicia sitting on a chair at the corridor.

Atop the garden was a grape rack covered in lush, intertwining vines. The healthy vines cut through the sunlight permeating the garden, forming thin light spots on the ground. As a cool breeze blew through the surrounding, the surface of a small artificial lake nearly rippled. Many would consider this beautiful garden a paradise. When Alicia heard approaching footsteps, she looked straight at the archway. She stood up, folded her arms across her chest, and arrogantly looked at Rachel, who had just walked in. Rachel didn’t care, though. She just sat down on a garden chair nearby and stared silently, waiting for Alicia to speak. As far as she was concerned, she had said all she needed to say to Alicia at the restaurant a week ago. However, judging by Alicia’s sudden visit and haughty attitude, it seemed she hadn’t heeded her warning, after all. “I heard you had a car accident that day,” Alicia said in a contemptuous tone. “I see you’re perfectly fine, though. I couldn’t help wondering, Rachel, if you plan to frame me for this. Don’t even think about it!” she sneered.

The confidence with which Alicia had uttered the accusation left Rachel speechless. She couldn’t help but wonder how Alicia had jumped to that conclusion. Then, Rachel remembered that Victor said she had stood in the middle of the road on purpose. They were quite identical. In fact, she could even say they were well-matched. In their eyes, Rachel was a vicious woman who would risk anything—even things as important as her life and her baby’s life—to win sympathy To them, she was too cheap. Then… A thought suddenly crossed Rachel’s mind, and she narrowed her beautiful eyes at Alicia. “I just know you were up to no good, but unfortunately for you, your plan failed; Victor wouldn’t believe you,” Alicia said, snorting haughtily. It was as though she hadn’t noticed the coldness in Rachel’s eyes. “Who told you I was in a car accident?” Rachel asked, her voice suddenly turning cold as she stared down Alicia with hostility.

Alicia was taken aback.

Rachel stood up and walked menacingly toward her. “And who told you I was pregnant before?”

Rachel had been in the hospital for a week. She couldn’t go out and had nothing much to do, so she had spent a considerable amount of time thinking about what happened that day. She had initially believed the accident to be just that—an accident. However, the longer she thought about it, the stronger she felt that something was wrong. Back then, she barely got a moment to react before she was pushed to the middle of the road. The push didn’t seem accidental by some hasty passer-by. Instead, it seemed someone already behind her had pushed her into traffic at the right time. “I-I just heard about it,” Alicia stuttered, cowering a bit under the intense stare. She felt a little guilty and subconsciously took a step back to keep her distance. “You just heard about it?” Rachel slowly asked in a scary voice. From who?” “My friend, of course!” Alicia answered defensively. Then, she suddenly wondered why she was answering Rachel’s questions. “Rachel, are you trying to dig another hole for me?” she demanded hotly. “I don’t have to tell you where I heard that from. It’s none of your business! Why do I have to tell you anything?”

Rachel’s eyes narrowed. It was apparent Alicia was hiding something. This feeling wasn’t new to her. Back then, at the restaurant, she also had a faint feeling that something wasn’t right, but she didn’t pay the ominous feeling much attention. It was now clear that whoever was behind all this wanted to kill her. “Alicia, do you think I won’t find out if you don’t tell me?” Rachel said with a faint smile. “I can tell you clearly that someone pushed me onto the road on purpose.” “Are you insinuating that I pushed you?” Alicia’s eyes widened. You had better watch your words!” she bellowed in outrage, reacting quickly. “Rachel! Don’t try to frame me!” she yelled, pointing at herself. “Why would I push you?” Rachel’s eyes turned colder. When she raised her head, the surface of her icy pupils reflected Alicia’s angry face. “I saw you before the accident.” “So what?!” “Alicia, don’t you remember what you did?” Rachel asked with a cold smile. “…” Alicia’s facial expression instantly changed. “Everyone knows we don’t get along. That day, you ordered a table of food that was unhealthy for a pregnant woman. Do you think I didn’t notice? And in less than an hour later, after we had parted ways, I got into the car accident,” Rachel slowly said, drawing out her words on purpose. Alicia clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. “I didn’t push you,” she stiffly replied, ditching her earlier arrogance. “I would never do that, no matter how jealous I am of you. If I was really that shameless, why did I stop you from eating those dishes at the restaurant in the first place?” Alicia quickly said. She wasn’t sure if Rachel would buy her claim, though. It was apparent to her that those words weren’t enough to prove her innocence. After all, Rachel already knew she couldn’t eat the food, so it wouldn’t have mattered if she hadn’t stopped her. Her words meant nothing. This thought made Alicia panic. “I-I really didn’t push you. I—” “I know it’s not you,” Rachel said, interrupting her. “But do you think others will believe it?” “…” Alicia trembled for a moment. “What do you want,” she asked, biting her lip. “Who told you about my pregnancy and the car accident?” Rachel asked in a calm and cold voice, staring straight into her eyes. Alicia struggled to contain her emotions. Her lips trembled, and Maria’s face and warning appeared in her mind. She couldn’t tell anyone. She had promised Aunt Maria she would never tell anyone. “I…” Alicia hesitated for a moment and then said, “Rachel, just know it’s my friend who told me, and she won’t hurt you. Y-You’re just overthinking this.”

“Oh?” Rachel sneered. “How are you sure she won’t?” Alicia was shocked. Her heart sank, and she was momentarily at a loss for what to say in response. “Well? You can’t guarantee that she won’t hurt me, right?” Rachel coldly said as she slowly walked forward. Alicia’s face turned whiter, and she continued cowering backward subconsciously, unaware of the steps behind her. Sensing that something was wrong, Rachel suddenly stopped. Narrowing her eyes, she looked behind Alicia and quickly stretched her hand to grab her. Alicia, who thought Rachel wanted to hurt her, jerked away and took another step backward. “Ah!” She cried out as she missed her step and tumbled into the lake. Splash! The water’rose and splattered on Rachel’s pants.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 120: Alicia Fell Into The Water

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