Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 117: The Ultrasound

Chapter 117 The Ultrasound

“Hey!” the nurse said in surprise when she saw Victor drag Rachel away. She wanted to stop him, but wasn’t quick enough. Victor completely ignored her. He marched Rachel over to a quiet corner, regardless of the nurse’s protest. Rachel tried to fight against him, but she quickly gave up. Victor was a strong man, and he was even more so when he was angry. He tugged her to stand in front of him, staring down at her with an expressionless face. But even devoid of a visible emotion, his eyes and presence were still oppressive. Rachel diverted her gaze and looked down at her wrist. The pale, delicate skin was an angry, glaring red Victor really didn’t know how to treat a lady. “So… The baby’s father is dead?” He squeezed every word out from between clenched teeth. His head throbbed with the effort of trying to keep his temper under control while his eyes bored into Rachel.

Rachel turned her head away to look off to the side; that was when she saw his hand. Victor had very beautiful hands; long-fingered, fair and boney. When she’d still been part of the Red Hackers, everyone had said that Quintin’s hands were lovely. She’s spent hours staring at them, trying to figure out what they meant by that. To her, they just looked like ordinary men’s hands. Nothing special. Only when she had met Victor had she finally understood what they meant by men having beautiful hands. Because if there was ever a man who had beautiful hands, it was Victor. She believed that they’d be beautiful even when they were caked in mud. There was just something about his long, elegant fingers that held a note of beauty. But now she could see his delicate bones sharply through his skin, and his fingertips were curved ever so slightly inwards. Evidently, he was trying to hang onto his temper. As beautiful as those hands were, Rachel had a feeling that he wouldn’t hesitate to punch her in the face at any given second.

This thought was enough to break her silence. “I think you misheard me,” she said calmly. “Misheard?” Victor said in an eerily calm voice. “Rachel, have I been too nice to you recently? Don’t forget who you are.” “…” Rachel raised her head and looked directly into his ironic eyes. She smiled and said, “Are you going to threaten me again? Say that you would not go easy on me if it’s not for the child?” Victor frowned in displeasure. Rachel narrowed her eyes in an overly confident manner. “Just cut the ****. Even with this child, I know you won’t hold back if you lose your temper. If I had a choice, I wouldn’t bear  your child. Even if you were the last man alive on this earth.” If she had known what lengths Victor would go to; if she had known that he’d threaten her with Abby and Andy, and make her life into a living ****, she’d have aborted the child before she became attached to it.

Victor felt his heart squeeze painfully. It felt like someone had reached into his chest and was now gripping at his heart. If he thought he knew what heart ache was before, he’d been wrong. What he was feeling now as so much worse. The temperature around him suddenly plummeted. His already cold eyes turned icy. He reached forward, gripping her chin tightly, and said in a low voice, “So you’re regretting it now?” Rachel winced at the pain and gripped his wrist. She tried to pry his hand off her, but he was too strong. He barely even seemed to notice she was tugging on him. Victor looked straight into her eyes. And she really did have beautiful eyes. They were dark, and usually glittered with a faint light, like stars on a cloudless night. They were so deep and soulful that it felt like one was getting lost if one stared into them for too long. He knew from experience that the corners of her eyes curved when she smiled… But there was no light in them now. There was nothing but coldness and irritation. He tried his best not to meet her eyes. He just clenched his jaw and tightened his grip. Rachel took a deep breath, then gasped when a spike of pain shot through her jaw. Victor relaxed his grip when he saw he was hurting her. But she didn’t do or say anything more. She just gritted her teeth and stayed silent. Her face was pale, her eyes were tired and her expression was morbid. But still, she refused to give in. When had she become like this? He gave a small shake of his head to detach himself from his wild thoughts. Keeping his expression hard and aggressive he ordered, “Answer me!” He hated it when a situation wasn’t under his control. “Fine. What do you want to know?” Rachel sneered. Victor was slightly taken aback by this. He blinked momentarily as he stared down at her in confusion. He actually didn’t know what he wanted to hear. That she regretted everything? That she regretting having his baby? He gnashed his teeth together as the pain in his heart got worse. “Miss Rachel Bennet! Please come with me for the ultrasound!” said a nurse from behind them. Her voice broke through their quarrel and defused what might have become a volatile situation.

Just as Rachel was starting to think of ways to force him to let her go, Victor dropped his hand to his side and stepped away. With a cruel, cold look on his face, he turned around and left.

Rachel breathed a small sigh of relief. At least that was over. She turned to speak to the nurse, only to find the woman was already standing beside her. She glanced down at a photo pinned to her clipboard, then up at Rachel. “You are Miss Rachel Bennet, correct?” “Yes?” Rachel said in confusion. The nurse frowned as she said, “We’ve been calling you forever already. Hurry now. Go to the second room. There are other ladies waiting and you’re holding them up.” Rachel nodded and hurried towards the ultrasound room, taking measured breaths to calm herself as she went.

Just as Victor reached the elevator, someone grabbed him by his upper arm. “Hey! What on earth is wrong with you?” Victor stopped and glanced down at the hand on his arm. With a frown, he looked up at the woman.

It was the nurse who had sent Rachel to have her ultrasound. She looked displeased, and she was frowning in such a way that it creased her eyebrows. “You’re a really lousy husband, you know that? Didn’t you hear me just now when I said your wife was going in for the ultrasound? What kind of husband leaves his wife to have an ultrasound alone?” Victor narrowed his eyes and his frown deepened. “Why are you still standing here staring at me? Go!” the nurse urged when he didn’t move. The nurse had seen her fair share of irresponsible fathers before. Most of them sometimes left their wives alone, took phone calls or played games on their phones. But this was the first time she had ever seen someone so blatantly turn their back on a woman and leave. Not to mention it was just before an ultrasound. Victor frowned and said in a low voice, “Let go of me.” The nurse blinked in surprise. She nearly let him go. It was the natural effect his voice had on people; as if they weren’t allowed to refuse whatever command he gave them. It was at this exact moment that the elevator arrived. Victor raised his head and looked at the slowly opening elevator doors. He chomped on his back teeth, then narrowed his eyes. “Where is she now?” he asked in a low voice, just as the nurse thought he was going to be stubborn and refuse. “Excuse me?” The nurse was still so surprised from earlier that she barely comprehended what he was saying. “Where is she having the ultrasound?” Victor asked expressionlessly. The nurse blinked away her daze and said, “Come with me. I’ll show you.” She let go of him and turned to show him the way. Now that she was no longer looking at him, the intensity of his words came back to her, hitting her with the full force of their chill. She couldn’t help but shiver at the memory. This man was terrifying. Victor followed the nurse quietly all the way to Ultrasound Room 2. The nurse carefully pushed the door open to reveal the room beyond. With the curtain pulled around the bed, it was impossible to see anything more than just a vague silhouette sitting on the bed.

“At 12 weeks you can see the outline of the baby on the monitor. I know becoming a father is a scary thing, and I know you’re probably not ready for it, but once you see your baby, you’ll be ready,” the nurse said softly.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 117 The Ultrasound

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