Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 116 He’s Dead

Chapter 116 He’s Dead

The elevator door slid open on the third floor of the Department of Gynecology building Victor and Clara stepped out. Clara glanced up at his profile, studying his strong jaw, pursed lips and cold eyes. He looked intimidating. And when he spoke, he was even more so. Looking at him now, Clara thought back to what Rachel had said to her on the balcony. Clara hadn’t known Rachel for very long, but she could already tell that Rachel was a woman who valued freedom. She wasn’t the type of person who coped well with being kept captive. But Victor was someone who enjoyed control. He wanted everything to be under his rule, and never allowed anything, or anyone, to operate outside his idea of a perfect plan. 1 Victor and Rachel were two different people from different worlds. They had nothing in common.

Yet somehow, they’d still gotten married. Rachel had never been part of Victor’s plan. Marrying her had certainly been very far out of bounds for him. Maybe that was why he hated her so much. Maybe that was why he was willing to risk his family’s reputation to humiliate her.

And now this…

Rachel was pregnant with his child. There were many woman in society who were better than she was. They were richer, came from good families, were well educated, and would no doubt bare a child for him. So why Rachel? The woman he hated so much… 1 Everyone in the upper-class society said that Victor was disgusted by Rachel. He always said that she was an insane, no good woman who wasn’t capable of doing anything. But now that Clara had met Rachel a few times and gotten to know her, and seen how Victor had reacted when he thought Rachel was getting an abortion, none of the rumors seemed to match up.

The corridor they were currently in was painted bright shades of pink and purple. Right in front of them was a huge sign that said ‘Department of Gynecology’ hanging above a glass door. Through the glass doors and panels they could see many pregnant women sitting waiting for their appointments. They were all there with either their husband or a family member. If was for that reason that the single woman sitting all by herself caught their eyes. It was Rachel.

She had a paper cup clutched in her hand, as if this was the only thing preventing her falling over. Her face was very pale, and it looked like she was trying her best not to vomit. The corners of her eyes were slightly red because of her recent throwing up. The bright color only made her pale complexion that much more striking.

They saw her swallow harshly, take a deep breath, and then take a small sip of whatever was in the cup. She immediately clapped her hand over her mouth, fearful that she’d spit it out she repeated this several more times until the contents of the cup was evidently finished. By now her face was ghastly white. Victor stared at her through the glass, fixing her with one of his most intense stares. He frowned when she didn’t seem to notice him. “I think she’s getting ready for the second last procedure,” Clara said gently from behind him. “That was a glucose solution she was drinking. She had to finish the cup within five minutes. It’s very, very sweet. Some pregnant woman can’t stand the taste, others find it makes them feel sick after they drink it.” 1 Clara watched Victor’s expression reflected in the glass. He said nothing. But his eyes did narrow, and his face did darken. As Clara was about to ask him if he wanted to go in, her phone rang. She checked the screen to see it was a call from one of her colleagues. She didn’t bother to answer. She just hung up. “Mr. Sullivan, I’m afraid I have to go now.” “Okay,” Victor replied in a low voice. Clara put her phone in her pocket and turned to leave. She hadn’t gone far when she suddenly stopped and turned around to look at Victor again. “I don’t think Miss Bennet has had breakfast yet. That solution she drank requires an empty stomach There’s a canteen on the first floor, Mr. Sullivan. If it’s okay for you, I suggest you go and get Miss Bennet something to eat for after her appointment.” Again, Victor remained silent. He just raised his head to look at her, displeasure clearly evident on his face.

Clara was immediately uncomfortable under his gaze. She clenched her fists in her pockets to maintain her cool and lowered her eyes to the ground. “I wasn’t telling you to do it. I was merely giving you a suggestion. I just remember how uncomfortable I felt when I was pregnant; that’s all. It’s hard for a pregnant woman to go through a prenatal check-up, especially if she’s alone.” The elevator made a soft dinging sound as it arrived on the floor. The doors slid open, and Clara walked in without another word.

Once the elevator doors had closed, Victor turned back to continue staring at Rachel. Only, she was no longer there. His brows furrowed as he was stepped into the hall and looked around for her. After a while, he caught sight of Rachel. She was now dressed in a purple hospital gown. It was a little too big for her thin body, and the color was vibrantly striking against her pale face. She looked so feeble, like a gust of wind could easily blow her over. That deep-seated ache panged in Victor’s heart again. He clenched his fists against the feeling Rachel held her hand out to the nurse. The nurse put a small device over her finger that pricked her. As the small beads of blood started gathering on her fingertip, the nurse collected the sample and stemmed the bleeding with a cotton swab. Rachel’s face remained perfectly expressionless throughout the entire process. She didn’t even wince when the needle pricked her finger. In comparison, the woman next to her nervously clenched her husband’s hand before the nurse even slid the device over her finger. “Are you here alone? Don’t you have anyone with you? Where is the baby’s father?” the nurse asked Rachel as she scribbled down notes.

Rachel took a look at her still bleeding finger, took out a piece of tissue and pressed it gently. “He’s dead,” she said indifferently. The nurse paused in her writing. She looked up at Rachel with an apologetic smile. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to bring that up.” With a slightly embarrassed expression, the nurse lowered her head and continued writing. Rachel smiled softly. As she was about to assure the nurse that it was alright, she felt a cold, oppressive weight descend upon her. Even though the room was warm, she felt the temperature dip so quickly that the hair on her arms stood up. She shivered and raised her head to see what had caused the disturbance. Suddenly, a tall figure appeared at her side. The light that had been shining on her a moment ago was cut off, and she was overshadowed by the shadow of a tall man. Rachel blinked, just to make sure she wasn’t seeing things. As her eyes fluttered open, her gaze locked with that of the newcomer. Rachel was just starting to wonder if he’d heard what she’d said when the nurse raised her head and said to him, “You can bring your wife here. We just need to take a small blood sample.” Obviously, she thought he was someone else’s husband. Without taking a breath, the nurse took a form off her clipboard and handed it to Rachel. “When you’re done with the ultrasound, you can hand this in at the desk on the first floor. The results will be sent to you within the next two days.” “Okay, thank you.”

The nurse smiled warmly at her. “You’re most welcome. I’m sorry for what I said earlier… You’re a very strong woman for doing this alone.” “Why?” Rachel asked her softly. “It’s hard to be a young, single mother. Without the child’s father, life is going to be so hard. Most women your age would choose to have an abortion, but you’ve decided to keep it and raise it on your own. I really admire you.” the nurse said with a smile. She was totally oblivious to how dark Victor’s expression had become. And just how cold his gaze was.

Rachel looked down, hooding her eyes with her long lashes. She reached up to touch the tip of her nose, but before she could, someone grabbed her tightly around the wrist and dragged her away

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 116 He’s Dead

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