Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 115 Her First Prenatal Checkup

Chapter 115 Her First Prenatal Checkup

Outside the inpatient building, a black Maybach pulled over at the foot of the stairs. The driver glanced at the rearview mirror, and said, “Mr. Sullivan, we’re here.” Victor was currently sitting in the backseat, resting his eyes. When he heard the driver speak, he looked outside the window. Since it was already lunchtime, there were several food delivery men walking in and out of the building.

The look on Victor’s face made it hard for anyone to tell what he was thinking at the moment.

As a matter of fact, he didn’t even know why he went here. After the meeting at the International Conference Center, he immediately got into his car. When the driver asked him if he was going back to the company building, Rachel’s ghastly pale face as she lay on the bed the other night flashed through Victor’s mind. This wasn’t the first time that he just thought of her out of the blue. Over the past few days, whenever he was idle, he would think of what Rachel told her that night. She said that out of everyone in this world, he was the one who wanted her dead the most. Every word that came out of her mouth was like a needle, stabbing into his heart. And every time he thought of it, he could feel his heart ache. The feeling wasn’t that strong, but it was enough to make it difficult for him to ignore. “Take me to the hospital,” he said to the driver. And before long, they arrived at the hospital. A long silence ensued inside the car. The driver vigilantly glanced at the rearview mirror, hoping to see the look on Victor’s face. However, it was too dark inside the car to see his face clearly. While the driver was hesitant to speak, Victor finally broke his silence. “You can go back first, but come back to pick me in an hour.” Having said that, he opened the door, and got out of the car. The driver respectfully responded to his command, and watched him walk into the inpatient building before stepping on the accelerator and driving away. After Victor entered the hospital, he went straight into the elevator. At that very moment, his phone started ringing.

“Sir, Tripp has been staying at home since he left the police station. He hasn’t contacted anyone for the past two days, and no questionable source of income has been found in any of his family member’s bank accounts,” Ivan reported. “But when we checked the surveillance footage recorded by the nearby cameras, we found someone suspicious.

This perpetrator must’ve been following Miss Bennet for a long time. Unfortunately, he had covered himself well enough to prevent the cameras from capturing his face,” Ivan continued. 1 Victor raised his head to look at the screen above the elevator. His eyes glinted when he saw that it was currently on the fifth floor. “Mr. Sullivan?” Ivan asked when he heard no response from Victor. Confused, he glanced at the screen and found that the call was still in progress. “Who do you think it could be?” Victor asked tentatively. Finally, the elevator arrived at his floor. Victor entered the elevator, and pressed the button for the floor where Rachel’s ward was located.

“I’m not sure, sir,” Ivan said with a frown. Two years ago, everyone believed that Odin would inherit the Sullivan Group, but to their surprise, Victor inherited the company instead. Once he assumed office, their business reached greater heights within a short period of time. However, Victor changed so many things within the company that invoked the ire of almost all the members of the board. Thus, it was harder to narrow down the list of suspects that would go after Rachel. It was highly likely that they noticed that Victor got even closer to Rachel after their divorce. And as a result, they wanted to take advantage of her to get back at Victor. After all, they still wanted Odin to return and take charge. It wouldn’t be surprising if those scheming lowlifes were up to something just to get rid of Victor. Or perhaps it could be one of the rivals of the Sullivan Group. The news that Victor had taken Rachel to Yaprye to attend his mentor’s birthday party, and went home with her had already spread throughout the city. If their business rivals knew that, they would definitely not let this ripe opportunity to destroy Victor pass. Of course, there were still other possibilities. As Ivan’s expression turned grim, the image of a woman appeared in his mind. ‘Maria…’ He had worked for Victor long enough to have seen all sorts of people. But out of every wicked person Ivan had ever met, Maria was the worst of all. He could still remember how she uttered the most vicious words with the most elegant smile plastered on her face. The mere thought of her made Ivan sudder. “For some reason, I feel like the culprit looks a little familiar. I think I’ve seen him somewhere.” At this moment, the elevator arrived at the designated floor. Victor strode out and headed towards Rachel’s ward. “Got it,” he said to Ivan. Upon hearing his answer, Ivan was confused by what he meant. “Mr. Sullivan, would you like us to proceed with the investigation? Perhaps we can…” “Ivan, how long has it been since the incident happened?” Victor interrupted him. Ivan fell silent for a moment before he replied, “Three days, sir.” From where Victor was standing, he could see Rachel’s ward. The door was closed, so he couldn’t see anything inside. He stopped in his tracks with a glum expression on his face. “It’s been three days, Ivan. Do you honestly think that he’s still within Apliaria?” “No, sir,” Ivan replied. ‘The probability of that happening is zero percent,’ he thought. Judging by the culprit’s abilities, he’s elusive and vigilant enough to avoid detection. Now that Rachel had suffered through the accident, he would definitely stop following her. Instead, he’s going to leave Apliaria right away. Three days is more than enough for him to go anywhere.’ Victor decided to drop this subject and talk about something else. “Cancel my ten o’clock meeting. I’ll be back later.” “Yes, sir,” Ivan answered. After disconnecting from the call, Victor opened the door and entered the ward. “Mr. Sullivan,” said a woman from behind him. When Victor turned around, he found Clara whispering a few words to the nurse beside her. After the nurse had left, Clara walked up to Victor and asked, “Mr. Sullivan, are you here to visit Miss Bennet?” Silence befell Victor as he stared at Clara. The door was ajar. Clara peeked inside through the crack of the door, and glanced at the time on her wristwatch. “I thought you wouldn’t come today.” Victor was confused by what she was implying. “What are you trying to say?”

surprised to hear him say that. She initially thought that Victor was here to accompany Rachel for the prenatal checkup. She specially came to Rachel’s ward to ask Rachel if she should inform Victor about the checkup. After all, he was the baby’s father. However, Rachel refused decisively. But Clara could tell that Rachel was just pretending to be strong. After all, what woman wouldn’t want the father of her child to accompany her for the prenatal checkup?

The look on Victor’s face froze, but he soon regained his stoic expression. “Where is she now?” “She’s on the third floor of the Department of Gynecology building. But I think her checkup is almost finished by now,” Clara said as she put her hands into her pockets.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 115 Her First Prenatal Checkup

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