Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 114: Want To Leave

Chapter 114 Want To Leave

Rachel stared at Clara after what she’d said. After a while, she lowered her eyes and said softly, “Dr. Jimenez, I’m fine. I really am. Please. don’t worry.” Clara was silent at first as she relived the memory. Then slowly, her mind resurfaced to the present. She looked up at Rachel and noticed how she kept habitually resting her hand on her stomach as she spoke and gestured around. “You’re about three months along now, right?” she asked, changing the subject. “Have you made an appointment for the prenatal check-up yet?” Prenatal checkup?

At first Rachel was confused, but then she remembered what the doctor had said when he’d told her she was pregnant. She was supposed to come in for a thorough check-up at the 12 weeks mark so they could get a sense of how the baby was developing, and if it was in good health.

But with everything going on recently, Rachel had totally forgotten. Clara noticed her lost, vacant expression. “I mean, you’re in a hospital,” she said gently. “No better time to get a check-up than now. I can make the appointment for you, if you like?” “I would like that. Thank you, Dr. Jimenez.” “Oh, it’s really nothing,” Clara said with a shake of her head. “I’m just relieved that you don’t blame me…” ‘What?’ Rachel thought, caught totally off-guard by what she said. “Blame you?” she said with a frown. “Why would I blame you?”I lied to you about Roger… And when it came to your pregnancy… Miss Bennet, I’m so sorry was wrong of her to lie about her identity, but she hadn’t wanted Rachel to have anything to do with her brother. She’d just been trying to protect him. But since then, she’d come to view herself as a selfish woman.

families, he probably wasn’t going to be forced into an arranged marriage. He was fortunate enough to be able to choose who to love and who to marry. But Clara hadn’t wanted that woman to be Rachel. Especially not with all the absurd things Rachel had done in the last two years. But not only that; Rachel was Victor’s ex-wife. And now, even after they’d got divorced, they were still somehow always entangled with each other. 1 Clara knew how stubborn Roger was. And she knew that once he fell in love with someone, his heart would be set on that person. She had been afraid that Rachel would use her to get close to Roger if she knew she was in

She was terrified that Rachel would ruin Roger, and thus, the family. She had felt the only choice she had left was to lie. But the one thing she hadn’t counted on was how important Rachel was to Roger, and how much he loved her. No one could have expected him to secretly resign from his position abroad and come back home once he heard that Rachel and Victor were divorced. “So that’s what you came to tell me then,” Rachel said with a chuckle. Her voice and laughter brought Clara out of her thoughts. “Well… Not exactly,” Clara said gently, fluttering her eyelashes like delicate butterfly wings. Rachel leaned forward as if to listen carefully. She rested her elbow on the armrest, cradled her intense gaze made Clara feel instantly uneasy. She had to resist the urge to reach up and wipe her face, as if Rachel’s close inspection had revealed a speck of dirt.

“Miss Bennet…”

Rachel’s lips curved into a slight smile, and, mercifully, she looked away. “I don’t blame you, Dr. Jimenez. Rest assured, you have nothing to be worried about.” Clara had the vaguest feeling that Rachel had known who she was from the start. And she was right. But Rachel didn’t care why Clara had lied about who she was. “Actually, I was a little surprised. I never thought a daughter from the Jimenez family would choose to be a doctor in the first place.” Rachel had tipped her head back now and was looking up at the sky. Her eyes followed a plane that flew overhead, miles and miles above them.

Clara just stared at her as if she were caught in a trance. She had never known Rachel very well. But after only meeting her a few times, she could at least be of the opinion that she was very different to the rumors that had been spread about her.

If Clara was being honest with herself, Rachel was nothing like those rumors. “Well… What profession did you think I’d follow?” Clara looked up as well, following Rachel’s line of sight to where the plane had been. It was gone, leaving behind only a trail of white cloud.

Rachel looked down again, blinking her eyes to adjust them. Then she reached forward, picked up a tangerine from the table and peeled it thoughtfully. “I don’t know. I just thought being a lady from an affluent family, you would have gone for an easier career.” She tore off a piece and popped it in her mouth. She chewed it then said, “I guess I just never pictured you as a doctor.” Clara said nothing. All she did was smile. This wasn’t the first time someone had said this to her since she’d become a doctor. Rachel handed her a tangerine then stretched her arms up. Once she felt the muscles in her back pull pleasantly, she crossed her hands behind her head and relaxed. “It must be nice to be a doctor. I suppose you get to save peoples’ lives every day. I’ve always said that it doesn’t matter what a person does, as long as they love it and are passionate about it.” 1 “What do you want to do then?” Clara asked and looked at her. Rachel glanced casually over at Clara. With a perfectly neutral expression she said, “I want to leave.” Clara was stunned. “I thought…” “Yes?” Rachel replied, “You thought what?” “I thought you’d say you want to have this baby so you and Victor can be together again.” It was well known among the members of the upper-class people that Rachel loved Victor very much. When Clara had heard Rachel was pregnant with Victor’s baby, she’d thought Rachel would use this as a gateway into getting back with him. Rachel nearly choked as she said, “Get back with him?” “If you don’t want to be with him again, then why did you keep the baby?” Clara asked. “I want a baby of my own. It’s as simple as that. I’m not going to use this child to get back together with him,” Rachel said. Clara studied Rachel’s face, trying to tell if she was lying or not. But she could find no hint of anything else aside from the truth. Slowly but surely, her prejudice against the other woman was starting to dissolve. Suddenly, Clara’s phone rang. She dug it out her gown pocket, checked the caller ID and answered it. Rachel sat quietly, listening to Clara talk and to the chatter on the other end of the line. She heard something about “patient”, “blood oxygen” and “consulting room”. As Clara lowered her phone from her ear, she looked apologetically at Rachel. “Sorry, I have to go… There is a last minute surgery discussion I have to attend.” “No worries at all. I know how important work is,” Rachel said calmly. Clara slipped her phone back into her gown and stood with a nod. “I’ll see you then. I’ll ask one of my colleagues to arrange that prenatal check-up for you as soon as possible.” Rachel nodded.

Clara had only taken a few steps away before she stopped and turned around. “Miss Bennet,” us would have been great friends.” Then she left before Rachel could reply.

Rachel turned in her chair and stared at the closed door after Clara had left. She found it strange that she’d suddenly say something like that. But she didn’t let it worry her for long. Once she was certain she was alone again, she picked up the tablet and continued her search for information on Abby.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 114: Want To Leave

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