Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 108: Uncle And Aunt Should Be Together

Chapter 108 Uncle And Aunt Should Be Together

Uncle And Aunt Should Be Together “Is it so strange to be strolling alone and enjoying the food festival?” Rachel said casually. Then, she glanced at Roger and asked, “But I’m curious about something. Why did you take Riley with you? Where is Dr. Jimenez?” “My sister originally planned to come with us, but she went back to pick up our parents, so I brought Riley here with me first,” Roger explained, taking Riley from her arms. “Let me carry her. Besides, it’s not convenient for you to carrying anything considering your condition.” “Alright then. I hope they arrive soon though. I’ll have to go,” Rachel said, rubbing her sore arms. She had been carrying Riley for a while now. All of a sudden, the aromatic fragrance coming from the nearby food stalls wafted into her nose, which made her feel starving. She then turned around, ready to grab a bite somewhere. However, Roger stopped her. “Hang on.” “What is it?” Rachel turned back to look at him. “Is there anything else you’d like to tell me?” Subconsciously, Roger tightened his hold on Riley, and tried to speak in a more casual tone. “Rachel, you’ve only just arrived, right? If you don’t mind, perhaps we can walk around here together.” Rachel was standing a few paces from him. The autumn sunshine was bright, but not dazzling. The brilliant sunshine fell on her body, and for a moment, it appeared as though she was coated by a warm halo. At the same time, the cool, autumn breeze blew past them, causing her hair to flutter along. Roger was mesmerized by her beauty. Every memory he had of her came crashing into his mind, and he remembered the first time he ever laid eyes on her.

They had just enrolled into senior high school. The freshmen needed to receive military training before the start of the semester, so at the end of August, they all received a notice to go through the enrollment procedures in advance. Afterwards, the freshmen were made to participate in a week-long military training camp. Since Roger had been a consistent top student, many parents and teachers had heard of him, and they regarded him as a role model for his peers. Aside from that, he was a handsome, modest gentleman borne in a rich and powerful family. Naturally, he attracted a lot of attention on his first day in school. During the first day of military training, he and Rachel were selected to give a speech onstage on behalf of all the freshmen, because of their outstanding performance in the training. Their instructor had woken them up early in the morning, and told them to recite the manuscript on the field. It was just before the break of dawn, and the wind was quite chilly. Roger was carrying the two manuscripts as he made his way towards the field from

the boy’s dormitory. He saw two figures standing amidst the field from a distance. He gathered that it must be Rachel and their instructor. However, they were standing a little far, so he couldn’t see them that well, and he couldn’t tell which one was Rachel. During the duration of the summer vacation before he officially became a senior high school student, he had been curious of Rachel’s personality. Now that he had an opportunity to get to know her, he subconsciously quickened his pace. Just before he was able to see Rachel clearly, the first ray of sunshine broke through the clouds and shone down on her countenance. She was wearing a camouflage uniform, along with a green army T-shirt inside. The corners of her top were tucked into her camo trousers, making her look even more slender. The second sunshine fell on her shoulder, Roger could see her face clearly. ‘She’s beautiful,’ he thought. That was the very first impression he had of Rachel the moment he saw her. Ever since he was a boy, he had been pursued by numerous girls. He had seen his fair share of pretty girls, including his sister, the prima donna of the upper class. He had thought that nobody could be more beautiful than Clara, until the moment he saw Rachel. Rachel’s facial features were delicate, feminine, and neat. Whenever she was smiling, her eyebrows and eyes curved into perfect crescents. She wasn’t wearing any accessories, and the camo outfit she was wearing was plain, but it didn’t diminish her beauty. Never did Roger imagine that the first time he would lay eyes on Rachel would render him unable to forget her for the next nine years. “Didn’t you mention that you’re waiting for Dr. Jimenez and your parents? I don’t wanna impose on you.” She was losing interest in the food festival because of the incident between her and Alicia earlier. She had planned to go home after getting something to eat. If she were to accept Roger’s invitation, she would have to meet people from the Jimenez family. She figured it wasn’t a good idea, considering all the rumors about the Jimenez family and Sullivan family. Roger lowered his gaze, hiding his disappointment. He immediately understood that Rachel declined his offer indirectly, so he didn’t insist anymore. He just put on a smile and said, “I see. Be careful out there.” “Thank you.” With that, Rachel turned around and left. Meanwhile, Roger stood frozen, and watched her gradually disappear from his sight. All of a sudden, Riley struggled violently in his arms. Roger was pulled back to his senses. “What’s wrong, Riley?” “Auntie…” Riley pointed at Rachel. “Silly Riley, I share the sentiment. I also hope she can be your aunt, but it’s a pity that she’s

not.” Roger couldn’t help but smile helplessly. He freed one of his hand to touch the little girl’s head. “Let’s go see if your mommy and granny have arrived, shall we?” Then, he looked at Rachel’s receding figure again. He tried his best to suppress the bitterness he was feeling, and turned around to walk in the opposite direction. Riley stared at Roger’s face. She didn’t understand what her uncle meant, but she could tell he was sad, and she knew that it was because of Rachel. She was in her uncle’s arms, so she could see Rachel’s receding back. ‘I don’t want Uncle Roger to be sad. He was really happy when he saw auntie just now. Maybe if she comes back, Uncle Roger will be happy again!’ When that thought crossed Riley’s mind, she struggled to break free again. “Uncle, I, um… I want… walk.” Roger paused to look at Riley in confusion. “Riley, did you just tell me that you want to walk by yourself?” Riley nodded fervently. “W… walk!” Roger noticed that she was struggling to break free, and it worried him that she might fall down, so he had no choice but to gently put her down. “In that case, you need to hold my hand tight… Riley!” The second her feet touched the ground, she turned around and ran away before Roger even had the chance to hold her hand. In a matter of seconds, she had managed to run a few meters away from him.

There were food stalls on both sides of the road. And because of that, the district was crowded. Roger could only elbow his way through the crowd, chasing down Riley with difficulty. However, she was a little girl, so it was very easy for her to traverse through the crowd. “Riley! Come back!” Roger shouted. Riley ignored him and even sped up, focusing on Rachel ahead of her. “Riley!” At this time, Rachel was reading the menu in front of a food stall when she heard someone shouting Riley’s name. She frowned, unsure if her ears were deceiving her. ‘Riley?


It couldn’t be the little girl I met, could it? But she’s with Roger right now, so I must have misheard.’ While Rachel was lost in thought, a small girl suddenly came to her. Before she could see the child clearly, the little girl had latched onto her right leg. “Auntie!” the girl called out sweetlyRachel was taken by surprise as she didn’t expect Riley to appear here.

‘If she’s here, then who’s calling her name?’

Rachel looked towards the direction of the voice. And not ten paces away, Roger was there, anxiously walking towards them. “Auntie!” Riley called her again when she noticed that Rachel wasn’t responding. Now that Roger had caught up with his niece, he was surprised to see her holding onto Rachel’s leg. He had no idea that Riley bolted out of the blue because she wanted to look for Rachel. “Riley, come here.” Roger said gently. But Riley refused to move. Instead, she kept holding onto Rachel and looked up at her. “Uncle and auntie, together.” She thought that as long as Uncle Roger was with Rachel, he would no longer be sad. That was the reason she was so determined to ask Rachel to stay. Both Roger and Rachel were too stunned to react because of what Riley had said. “Riley, now be a good girl and come here,” he said while looking at the little girl. He was the first to react between the two of them. Then, he glanced at Rachel and noticed that she didn’t have any reactions to Riley’s remark. To be honest, it made his heart sink. Riley shook her head stubbornly. “Together!” “Rachel, I’m so sorry about this. I had no idea that Riley would…” “It’s fine. Let’s walk around together, shall we?” Rachel had gotten ahold of herself. Frankly, it was hard for her to refuse Riley. “I’ll go home when Dr. Jimenez and your parents have arrived.” For a moment, Roger was dazed. The following second, his eyes lit up, and a smile found its way to his lips. “Great.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 108 Uncle And Aunt Should Be Together

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