Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 107: Meeting Roger

Chapter 107 Meeting Roger

Meeting Roger Rachel glared at Alicia coldly; her stare was like icy daggers piercing through Alicia’s skin. Rachel said, “I don’t know who told you that I’m pregnant, but you are out of your mind if you think mere a hundred thousand dollars is going to be enough to cover an abortion!” Rachel said, then stood up and left. Alicia stood staring at the place where Rachel had been sitting. She clenched and loosened her fists several times to try and calm herself down. Then she turned and ran after Rachel. She grabbed her sleeve and tugged her a stop. “How much do you want then?” she asked. Rachel stopped and glared down at her. Alicia was starting to sound desperate. “How much is enough for you to leave Victor? The two of you are divorced for goodness sake! Do you really think he’ll take you back, just because you’re pregnant with his child? I can tell you right now that he won’t! There is no way that it will happen! I, for one, will not allow that to happen. How much do you want for the abortion and for you to leave him? Ten million? Thirty million? Just name your price and I will make it happen!” Alicia’s voice quivered with every word she said. She was becoming more and more anxious by the second. Her hand tightened on Rachel’s clothes in an almost vice-like grip. Time seemed to slow as the two of them stared at each other. There was no other sound aside from Alicia’s heavy, nervous breathing. “Alicia, if you’re so certain that Victor will never take me back, even though I’m pregnant with his child, then what are you so afraid of?” Rachel stared down at her expressionlessly as she said this, but then she continued with a smile, “If you’re afraid that Victor and I will get back together, then why did you stop me from eating the food? Even if I lost this baby, I don’t think Victor would do anything to you, for your grandfather’s sake. If you’d just let me eat the food, you wouldn’t have had to try and bribe me to have an abortion now.” “I… It was a test! I just wanted to see if you really are pregnant, or if you were lying. I didn’t actually want you to eat the food in the first place!” Alicia glared at her coldly. “No matter how badly I want you to have that abortion, I’m not going to use such evil tricks to get my way. Don’t think so badly of me. I’ll give you the money for the abortion; as long as you promise to go through with it. I think that’s a fair deal, don’t you?” she said arrogantly. It was the first time Rachel realized that Alicia actually had some type of moral compass. There was something rather charming about it. But not in an alluring way, more like childish and stupid. It wasn’t the first time Rachel wondered how she had managed to become a post-graduate student if she was so simple and naive. But just because she had morals, didn’t mean that Rachel could forgive her for all the terrible things she had done.

Rachel wasn’t that kind-hearted. She narrowed her eyes at Alicia and said in a sarcastic tone, “Such a pity then! You missed out on a great opportunity!” “What… What do you mean?” Alicia’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion and she frowned. “Don’t try to change the subject. You still haven’t told me how much money you want.” “I mean the chance to get rid of my baby,” Rachel snapped and took a step closer to her. “Would you like to know what the price is for me to have an abortion?” Alicia unconsciously took a step back, suddenly scared by Rachel’s attitude. “I’ll tell you now.” Rachel stepped even closer to her and whispered into her ear, “My baby is priceless.” She didn’t wait to see Alicia’s reaction, or hear whatever it was she was going to try and say. Rachel snapped around and marched out the restaurant, Alicia’s expression switched between scared, shocked and then finally, horror. She had to change Rachel’s mind. She hurried to catch up with her, but just as she was about to grab her again, Rachel turned around. “There’s one thing you can be certain of,” Rachel said. “What?”

“I will never take Victor back, even if that bastard begs me.” Then she left, leaving Alicia to stand and stare in a daze at the spot where she’d been standing. As Rachel exited the restaurant, the man who’d been sitting at the table behind Rachel and Alicia’s table, stood up. He grabbed the brim of his cap and pulled it over his eyes to cover his face and also left. No one noticed anything, and no one thought it was suspicious. Up in one of the bedrooms of the the Sullivan family’s mansion, Maria was busy with a phone call. She was dressed in a lacy nightdress and a thin silken gown. The material hung flatteringly on her figure, making her look enticing, even in her nightwear. Her phone was laying screen up on the table. It displayed the name of the caller, the duratior of the call, and the highlighted speaker phone option. Are you sure you heard correctly? Did she truly admit that she’s pregnant with Victor’s child?” Maria asked. “I’m certain of what I heard, Madam,” said a smooth, respectful male voice from the othe: end of the line. Maria picked up a bracelet and held it up in front of her face. Her eyes glinted with a murderous light as she said, “Keep an eye on her. Find an opportunity to confirm what you heard.”

“Yes, Madam!” Maria ended the call and locked her phone. She selected a necklace from her array of jewelry and turned to the housekeeper standing behind her. “Will you put it on for me?”

The housekeeper nodded and took the necklace from her. She looped it over Maria’s neck and fastened it at the back. “Mrs. Sullivan, if Rachel really is pregnant, do you think we should kidnap her and force her to have an abortion?”

“We can’t kidnap her. Haven’t you heard? She’s got two permanent bodyguards protecting her now. Well, those are the two we can see anyway. It’s impossible to tell how many she really has hiding in the shadows.” Maria pinched the pendant between her fingers. She rolled it thoughtfully then said with a sneer, “I don’t think my men will stand a chance if that’s the case. I’ll have to come up with a detailed plan and make sure everything goes according to that. There is no room for mistakes.” After her encounter with Alicia, Rachel returned to the square where the International Food Festival was in full swing. She really had wasted a lot of time talking to Alicia. It was already lunch time and she was feeling quite hungry now. She was about to start looking through the food stalls for something tasty to eat, but stopped when someone called her name.


She turned at the sound of the familiar voice. It was Roger. He was approaching her with Riley in his arms. “I didn’t think I would see you here.” Riley’s large, innocent eyes lit up when she saw Rachel. She managed to stop licking the large lollipop she was holding just long enough to say, “Auntie!” ‘Auntie? First this child calls me Mommy, and now Auntie?’ Rachel thought. Riley leaned away from Roger and reached out her arms towards Rachel. She opened and closed her hands repeatedly, asking for a hug. “Auntie!” she kept murmuring over and over again. Roger blinked in surprise. But his surprise only lasted a moment, because he remembered Riley’s reaction from two days ago when she had seen the photo of him and Rachel on his desk. The little girl had pointed at Rachel and called her mommy. Riley had met Rachel before, so when she had called Rachel “mommy”, he had corrected her, and told her that this was Rachel, not her mother. He also told her that this was the woman he liked, and had then sighed softly saying, “Perhaps, if I was a little braver, she may have been your auntie now.” He never could have expected that Riley would remember the word “auntie” after only hearing it once. “Auntie, hold me,” Riley said sweetly, stretching her arms out even further towards Rachel. Looking at Riley’s innocent little face, Rachel simply couldn’t say no. She smiled softly and lifted Riley out of Roger’s arms. She held her gently, swaying from side to side in a rocking motion. Since when had she gotten so soft? Perhaps it was because she was pregnant with her own baby that her maternal instincts were so strong.

“You smell good, auntie,” Riley cooed. “I’m not your auntie, Riley,” Rachel said gently and pinched Riley’s round cheek. Roger had been smiling as he was watching them, but when he heard what Rachel said, his eyes dimmed a little. “My apologies, Rachel. I think Riley got a little confused when she saw the photo on my desk of the two of us in high school. I think she misinterpreted our relationship.” “You have a photo of us?” Rachel asked in confusion. “Yeah, it was that time when our school held a sports meeting. We were both juniors in our second years. It’s okay if you don’t remember it; it was a long time ago,” Roger said in a soft gentle voice. He was smiling warmly at her, but there was a slight sadness hidden within. After Roger explained, Rachel understood. Her eyes widened in surprise. “I didn’t think you would keep that photo… But please, there is no need for you to apologize to me. It’s not the first time Riley has called me something I’m not.” Roger just smiled in response, managing to hide his bitter feelings.

That was the only photo he had of the two of them together; of course he had kept it safe. “I’ve kept all the photos of our old classmates throughout high school. Call me nostalgic, but I just can’t help it. Photos hold so many memories….” Roger said. He raised his head to look her in the eye. “Why are you here alone?”. ‘Surely Victor should be with you, right?” He was about to voice his thoughts but managed to stop himself in time. It wasn’t his place to ask.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 107: Meeting Roger

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