Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 104: Meet Alicia Again On The International Food Festival

Chapter 104 Meet Alicia Again On The International Food Festival

As silence pervaded the room, Maria sighed and closed her eyes, stilling her emotions. When she opened her eyes again, the malice in them had vanished; it was as though it had never appeared. She stop touching her pearl necklace and stood up gracefully. Then, she walked out of the living room to the stairs, closely followed by the housekeeper. When she got to the stairs, she held the banister gently. “Send someone to keep an eye on her,” she ordered the housekeeper without looking back. Although Maria hadn’t emphasized who “her” was, the housekeeper was quick to realize that she was referring to Rachel. “Yes, ma’am,” the housekeeper said, bowing respectfully.

In the Sue Garden’s dining room. Exhaustion had plagued Rachel for the duration of the meal. Her pregnancy symptoms weren’t easing up as time passed. Drowsiness was one of them, and it had continued to grow stronger over time.

She yawned and put her spoon down on the table. She hadn’t seen Victor since their conversation ended in an argument that night. The radio silence actually pleased her, she hadn’t bothered to initiate conversation and was happy being alone. When Lukas noticed she had finished her breakfast, he quickly handed her a glass of warm water and folic acid supplement pills. Rachel took the warm water and swallowed the pills with it. Then, out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of the weather outside. “It’s a nice day today,” she warmly said, looking out the window. Following her gaze, Lukas also looked out the window and nodded. “Yes, it is. The temperature has dropped steadily for several days. Fortunately, it’s pretty warm outside today. Would you like to go out for a walk, Miss Bennet? It must be bustling outside today,” he said. Rachel rarely left her bedroom, though. Not only had she had to deal with drowsiness in this early stage of her pregnancy, but it had also been cold outside recently. dear reader daily new latest chapters uploaded on For those reasons, she had felt rather lazy and didn’t want to go out. However, she knew staying at home any longer would be bad for her health. Going out for a walk would do her some good, and she could search for clues about Abby’s whereabouts. As this thought crossed her mind, Rachel raised her eyebrows and asked, “It’s bustling outside?”

“Yes. Haven’t you read the news on the Internet, Miss Bennet? Today is the Apliaria’s annual International Food Festival,” Lukas explained. ‘The International Food Festival?’

Rachel wondered. Suddenly, she remembered the advertisements she saw on the Internet a

few days ago. Every year, Apliaria celebrated the International Food Festival to promote the communication of food culture between countries. Shelia had heard Quintin talk about it back when she was still a member of the Red Hackers Alliance. Back then, he had hoped to get her to join him to enjoy some food. ‘How did I respond to his offer back then?’ Shelia pondered, looking at the garden outside in thought. Soon, she remembered what she had said to him. “Quintin, if I hear one more word from that mouth of yours, I’ll throw you down,” she warned sternly. Upon hearing that, Quintin hurriedly turned away from Rachel, who was busy cracking a program, and looked down. They were on a three-meter-high open-air balconyQuintin was not afraid to jump off the balcony. He was nimble and agile, so he was confident he’d survive.

However, the pond below was home to two crocodiles. They hadn’t eaten in a few days and were quite hungry. They were gifts from Rachel’s previous client to thank her for fulfilling his order. The crocodiles seemed to feel Quintin’s gaze and grew restless. They raised their enormous heads and opened their dangerous mouths at him. “…” Cold sweat dripped down Quintin’s back, and he had quickly ditched his thoughts of celebrating the International Food Festival. After gathering her thoughts, Rachel stood up and replied, “Since it’s bustling, then let’s join them.”

She wanted to see how the International Food Festival was celebrated. It had to be something worthwhile since Quintin was keen to take part in it. The Eastern District was the venue for this year’s International Food Festival. Hundreds of stalls already filled the district’s massive square. These stalls had on display many special snacks for customers to taste. On the opposite side of the square was the largest shopping mall in the Eastern District. At that moment, two women walked out of the building holding many bags. “Alicia, people are gathered on the other side of the street. Why don’t we check it out?” The other woman said, looking at Alicia, who was walking beside her. Alicia didn’t seem to hear her, though, causing the woman to frown, “Alicia?” “…” Alicia didn’t respond still. She just continued walking. The woman’s frown deepened, and she raised her voice. “Alicia!” The sudden shout startled Alicia. It appeared she had been deep in thought. She looked at the woman and blankly said, “What’s wrong?” “I should be the one asking that question. Why have you been so absent-minded these past few days? What’s going on?” “Have 1?” Alicia asked in a low voice as she silently touched her face. “Of course! You’ve been absent-minded since you returned from visiting your aunt,” the woman said. It was the truth. Alicia had been absent-minded a lot in the past few days. She lost her focus even during classes, leading to many mistakes in her experiments. This caused her teachers to criticize her rather strongly. The woman walking with her was her roommate, Lori. Their tutor had just given them a day off, so she took Alicia shopping because she was a little worried about her. However, Alicia’s sudden spells of absent-mindedness persisted. “Is something wrong with your aunt’s family?” Lori asked hesitantly. dear reader daily new latest chapters uploaded on “No,” Alicia replied, frowning. She had gotten annoyed when she recalled Maria’s words. She really wished to know if Rachel was pregnant or not. However, she knew that asking Victor about this wasn’t wise. She feared he’d get mad at her if she tried. However, not knowing the truth left her bitter, angry, and most times, absent-minded. 1 “Tell me what has happened, then. I could help you figure it out. Trust me—I may be able to help you solve your problem,” Lori said worriedly. Alicia looked at her and hesitated a little, after which she said, “Let’s find somewhere we can sit, and I’ll tell you all about it.”

They walked over to the square and found empty benches in a temporary rest area. When they sat down, Alicia told Lori what had been bothering her. “Tell me, then. What should I do? I can’t put my mind at ease if I don’t find out the truth. It took me two years to ensure Victor divorced. However, if Rachel is truly pregnant now, then…” Alicia paused and gritted her teeth. The longer she thought about this, the angrier she became. She didn’t even notice when she ripped the piece of tissue paper in her hand to

pieces. “You just want to know if she’s pregnant or not, right? That’s simple,” Lori said with a smile. Alicia looked at her in confusion. Lori leaned in close and whispered in her ear, “Aren’t there many things a pregnant woman can’t eat? Why not just offer her one? Then from her reaction, you’ll get your answer.” Alicia’s eyes lit up instantly! “That’s genius! Why didn’t I think of that?” Lori leaned back and smiled. “That’s why they say, ‘Love often makes a person blind.” Alicia chuckled with embarrassment. Satisfied that her friend’s mood had improved, Lori smiled and rested her chin on her hands. “I’ve solved a difficult problem for you, so you owe


“No problem,” Alicia replied. “You couldn’t take your eyes off a handbag a short while ago, right? I’ll buy that for you.” Lori grinned broadly. “Aww, Alicia, you’re so nice! I’m going to use the restroom now, so wait here for me. We can go and buy that handbag when I get back!” Lori said, giggling. Then, she stood up and hurried to the restroom.

Alicia smiled as she watched Lori hurry off. She felt better now that her roommate had offered her a brilliant solution. In a good mood, she stood up and headed to a stand nearby to buy two cups of ice cream. Something caught her eye suddenly. A Maybach had pulled up nearby. Someone familiar soon came out of the supercar. When Alicia saw this person, her smile evaporated instantly. She quickly took another look at the Maybach’s license plate, and her heart sank. She clenched her fists in rage, and her eyes turned red. Without a second thought, she marched to the car and blocked the path of the new arrival, Rachel, who was just about to enter the square. “Rachel, why were you in Victor’s car?!” Alicia bellowed.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 104: Meet Alicia Again On The International Food Festival

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