Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 103: Mrs. Maria Sullivan

Chapter 103 Mrs. Maria Sullivan

The old mansion of the Sullivan Group was located on a hillside in the eastern part of Apliaria. The majestic mansion spanned across a vast, lush land. At this very moment, inside the living room of the main house, a woman was slowly walking down a spiral staircase; her fair hand, trailing slightly along the banister. She was wearing a closely-fitted cheongsam, which fit her beautiful figure like a glove. In reality, she was already near her fifties, but because of how well she maintained her skin, her face remained young and beautiful. In everyone’s eyes, she looked like she was still in her thirties. dear reader daily new latest chapters uploaded on “Mrs. Sullivan, Miss Schultz is here.” A servant approached her, bowing respectfully to the dignified woman. Once Maria was downstairs, she gently replied, “Have you prepared her favorite fruits and desserts?” “Yes, they’re all ready, Ma’am.” Right after the servant finished talking, the sound of high heels strutting across the floor resonated, accompanied by Alicia’s sweet voice. “Aunt Maria!” Alicia hugged Maria at once. “I really missed you, auntie!” Maria rubbed her nose and smiled brightly. “I don’t think you missed me at all! You haven’t visited me even once since you came back to Apliaria this time. If I hadn’t called you to invite you here, I’m not sure you would’ve remembered me.” dear reader daily new latest chapters uploaded on Alicia stuck her tongue out, holding onto Maria’s arm. “How could I forget you? You’re my dearest aunt!” The Schultz family and the Sullivan family were related because Alicia’s mother was Maria’s cousin, making Alicia Maria’s niece. In reality, Maria hadn’t had much contact with Alicia in the past, but for Drake’s sake, she began taking care of Alicia. That was the reason they grew closer to each other.

As a matter of fact, the Schultz family wasn’t as powerful as the Sullivan family, but Maria once wanted his son Odin to marry Alicia, considering the fact that their families were relatives, and that Drake was a fairly influential man. However, instead of Odin, Alicia had fallen in love with Victor, the illegitimate son of the Sullivan family. That actually drove a wedge between Maria and Alicia. If the Alicia didn’t want to visit her, Maria wouldn’t bother to ask her to do so. “You’ve always been such a sweet girl.” Maria chuckled. “Boy, you must’ve eaten a lot of sweets lately!”

Alicia and Maria walked towards the living room, hand in hand, and sat on the sofa. Alicia grabbed a small plate of cake on the table, and gave it to Maria. “I’ve eaten plenty of sweets since I was a little girl thanks to you, Auntie Maria. That’s probably why I turned out to be

really sweet!” Maria laughed heartily after hearing Alicia’s joke. Then, Alicia ate a piece of cake herself, and her eyes lit up. “Auntie, I must say, this pineapple cake is heavenly!”

“If you like it so much, I’ll ask the housekeeper to pack some for you when you leave!” Maria replied. “It’s been so long since I last saw you, my dear Alicia. Look at how you’ve grown! You’re getting more and more beautiful by the day.” “Aww, auntie, stop teasing me!” Alicia felt a bit embarrassed to hear such compliments from Maria.

“I heard that your grandfather’s birthday party happened a few days ago. Did Victor attend as well?” Maria asked casually, pretending as though she wasn’t that concerned about it. Alicia paused when she thought of Drake’s birthday party. She recalled how Victor and Rachel interacted that night. She then bit her lower lip, looking displeased as she reluctantly answered, “He did.” “What’s the matter? Why do you look so upset? Were you not happy to see him? You used to tell me how much you liked Victor. Now that he’s divorced, you have a chance to pursue again. So, why do you seem so unhappy?” Maria asked in a soft voice while forming speculations in her mind. In an aggrieved tone, Alicia replied, “The divorce, you say? Auntie Maria, didn’t you hear? Victor took Rachel to my grandfather’s birthday party! They’re indeed divorced, but Rachel is still pestering him. That night, she’s the reason Victor abandoned me on the dance floor! How could I be happy about that?” Victor brought Rachel to Drake’s party?” “Auntie, do you not believe me?” Alicia’s face turned red with anger. “Of course, I do, dear.” Maria patted the back of her hand to comfort her. “As a matter of fact, I asked you to come here today because I’ve heard some saddening news. I thought you might know something about it because you have some ties with Victor.” Upon hearing that, Alicia looked at Maria in confusion. “Auntie, what are you talking about?” Maria smiled faintly. “Actually, it’s not that big of a deal. It’s just a rumor I heard a few days ago. Perhaps it’s not true.” Alicia was worried when she heard the word “rumor”, and she was especially agitated to know that this rumor was tied to Victor. Anxiously, she said, “Auntie, please don’t keep me in suspense. Tell me, is it about Rachel and Victor?” Maria held Alicia’s hand and replied, “It indeed has something to do with Rachel.” “Ugh! It’s about her again?” Alicia was visibly annoyed. “I knew it must be her! She just won’t stop pestering Victor!” “I’m afraid it’s not going to be an issue whether she pesters him or not.” Maria let out a sigh, pretending to look worried. .

Upon seeing the look on her aunt’s face, Alicia had a bad feeling. “Auntie, what is it?” Maria stared into her eyes, hesitating for a moment. “I heard that Rachel might be pregnant with Victor’s baby.”

All of a sudden, Alicia sprang to her feet and raised her voice. “That’s impossible!”

That’s what I think as well. Everyone knows that Victor loathes Rachel. He only married her because his grandmother asked him to do so. During their two years of marriage, they never had a child. How could he get Rachel pregnant now that they’re divorced?” Gently, Maria continued, “Alicia, I’m sure it’s just a silly rumor. You don’t have to take it to heart. I just thought you might’ve heard about it, so I wanted to confirm its legitimacy. I was just being curious. Don’t go asking Victor about it!” “Why can’t I ask him?” “Silly girl, if the rumors are false and you ask Victor about it, he’ll definitely be furious, and it’s almost certain that he’ll throw his anger at you! I’m sure you know that he hates it when others pry into his personal affairs,” Maria explained. “Anyway, just don’t think too much about it, okay?” Alicia bit her lip, and remained silent. After that conversation, they proceeded to talk about another topic. However, Alicia seemed absent-minded throughout their conversation. Once they were finished with lunch, Alicia left in a hurry. dear reader daily new latest chapters uploaded on The housekeeper escorted Alicia to the gate and watched until she had left. When the housekeeper returned to the house, she asked Maria, “Mrs. Sullivan, you invited Miss Schultz here because you wanted her to know that Rachel might be pregnant with Mr. Sullivan’s child, so why did you stop her from asking him about it? What if she manages to get an answer out of him?” “You think so?” Maria replied as she fiddled with her pearl necklace. She was no longer as gentle as she was with Alicia. “Do you think that even if Rachel is truly pregnant, Victor will tell Alicia the truth? If Alicia were to ask him directly, that man would suspect that I’m the one who put her up to it. As long as Odin is still abroad, I’ll have to endure this bastard’s antics and be careful with my every move.” The housekeeper lowered her head in silence. Every time Maria remembered how her own son was abroad, handling the overseas operations of the Sullivan Group, while Victor, an illegitimate child, was the CEO of the company, she would get furious.

However, she must remain calm.

She was able to marry into the Sullivan family, because she was different from all the other ladies from rich and powerful families. Most of them were narrow-minded, greedy, and easy to read. But not Maria. She was smarter and more cunning. All she needed to do now was to wait for an opportunity to find out Victor’s weakness. ‘But waiting doesn’t mean I’m going to tolerate the birth of another little bastard! I’ll do anything to get rid of anyone that prevents my son from taking back the Sullivan Group!’

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 103: Mrs. Maria Sullivan

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