Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 101: Victor Cooked

Chapter 101: Victor Cooked

After raining for the entire day, the rain finally stopped that evening. While Victor was working on the computer, Ivan reported back to him on how Rachel had decided to deal with Olivia, and how she’d put her clever plan into action. Victor scowled at the screen, then looked up at Ivan. “Have you managed to get the earring back yet?” “Yes, we got it back.” Ivan dug in his pocket and produced a small, transparent evidence bag. He put it on the table for Victor to see. Inside was the earring in question. dear reader daily new latest chapters uploaded on He continued to explain with his hands held loosely behind his back. “The police caught Olivia in a pawnshop just before she managed to sell it. Now the difficult part about convicting her is the lack of evidence. She said she didn’t steal it, but found it. Sadly, there is no surveillance footage we can use as proof to show that she’s lying. If she managed to get legal assistance it’s possible that her lawyer.” “Well then make the possible into the impossible,” Victor coldly cut in. Ivan blinked rapidly in confusion for a moment and then he said, “Yes, Mr. Sullivan.” “It’s starting to get late. You’d best go home,” Victor said as he leaned down and picked up the small bag Ivan nodded and left the study. Victor left not long after Ivan did. He stepped out the study and closed the door quietly behind him. He stood in front of the door, staring down the corridor towards where Rachel’s bedroom was. After a minute more of hesitation, he went towards her room.

He stopped outside her door and knocked. Rachel had just opened a bag of crisps and lay down on her bed. She was about to get to work on expanding the search area for Abby when she heard the knock. She quickly shoved her tablet under the blankets, so her guest wouldn’t see it and start asking questions. “I’m coming!” she called. She swung her legs out of bed and slid her feet into her slippers. Then she snatched up the bag of crisps and went to open the door. She’d been smiling beforehand. But as she cracked the door open she recognized the smell of Victor’s cologne. Her smile immediately disappeared. She wanted to close the door, but Victor wedged his foot between it and the wall. “So you’d rather eat junk food all day than the nutritious dishes especially prepared for you? Don’t you know how bad that stuff is for you?” Victor said coldly and snatched the bag of crisps out of Rachel’s hand. Rachel was irritated, she only just opened the bag and hadn’t even had the chance to eat one yet! The force of Victor’s violent tug scattered more than half the bag of crisps all over the ground.


Rachel reached forward and snatched the bag back. “Nutritious dishes? You mean that pig slop I’m expected to eat? I don’t think it would hurt for that stuff to have a little more flavorIt’s disgusting and bland. At least this tastes good.” “Rachel.” Victor said irritably, “you’re living at the Sue Garden because your baby needs to be properly taken care of. I don’t care if the food is bland, you will…” he trailed off as he struggled to control his rising temper. Why did she have to argue about everything? He gritted his teeth and tried to keep the angry expression off his face. Suddenly, Rachel sneezed. dear reader daily new latest chapters uploaded on He hadn’t even gotten the chance to finish his sentence. He eyed her skeptically, only now noticing how pale she was. “Are you sick?” he asked with a frown. Rachel rubbed furiously at the tip of her nose to try and relieve the itch that had started. She had just drawn a breath to speak when she sneezed again. Then she sniffed, only to discover her nose was now blocked. Victor’s cold hand pressed against her forehead. It was perhaps a little colder than it should have been, because she was a little warmer than normal.

Rachel looked up at Victor with unhidden surprise. Victor dropped his hand to his side, his face blank. “It’s not good for a pregnant woman to fall ill. I don’t want it to affect my baby. The last thing I need is a child born with some chronic illness because the mother didn’t take care of herself while she was pregnant.” 1 Rachel’s blood pressure rose in anger. She clenched her jaw and said through gritted teeth. “Oh, Mr. Sullivan, you don’t have to worry about that. I promise I won’t bother you with my illness. You can be rest assured that your child will be fine.” She managed to curb her anger before she said something she would regret later. She looked down at the floor and took a deep breath. “Is there anything else? If that’s all then-” “If you don’t want to eat what the nutritionist suggests, then what do you want to eat?” Victor cut in. Rachel gave a small shake of her head, as if something had flown into her ear, then she looked up at Victor in disbelief. “What did you say?” Victor managed to hide the concern he felt when he had seen Rachel’s pale face. He knew he had to be patient with her, no matter how much he wanted to get irritated. He owed her that much at least, especially after he had misunderstood her last time. “I’ll ask the nutritionist to redesign your meals. Unfortunately, it’s too late to have dinner fixed; it’s already been prepared. Seeing as though you’re obviously not going to eat it, I’ll ask the kitchen staff to prepare something else for you. So, what do you want to eat?” Rachel stared up at him, blinking like a deer caught in headlights. She could hardly believe her ears. ‘Since when does Victor care about my opinion?’ “Answer the question,” Victor said in his deep, rumbling voice when she stayed quiet for too long.

Guess I was hoping for too much,’ Rachel thought to herself. ‘Once an *******, always an *******.’ “Am I allowed to eat whatever I want?” she asked. “Tell me what you want and I’ll decide if you can have it,” Victor answered. Rachel pursed her lips in thought. She glanced at the packet of crisps in her hand, then back at Victor. “I want instant noodles.” “No,” Victor said almost instantly. “Pick something else.” “Then I want spicy crayfish.” Rachel nearly drooled at the thought of it. Now was the best time of year to eat food like that. The cool night breeze would go perfectly with the spicy food, because while the food would make her sweat, the wind would cool her off.


“Spicy pot.”


Rachel stared at him with a deadpan expression. ‘Is he going to turn down everything I want to eat?’ She folded her arms angrily and glared at him as she said, “You’ve said no to everything. What do you think I should eat then?” Victor frowned. “Rachel, you’re pregnant now, Everything you’ve suggested is unsuitable for a pregnant woman.” Rachel lowered her eyes to the ground and nibbled at her bottom lip. Victor stared down at her thoughtfully, letting silence fill the space between them before he said, “Come down stairs in 20 minutes for dinner.” “Okay,” Rachel said with a large, fake smile. She had told him what she wanted to eat, but he had rejected all her suggestions. The entire conversation had just been a gigantic waste of time. Rachel couldn’t help the fact that she felt a little unhappy and disappointed at his words. She stepped back into her room and was about to close her door as Victor turned away, but then he suddenly stopped. He turned back to her and said, “And…” Rachel was about to ask him what more he wanted to say, but Victor was faster. He reached out a hand and snatched the bag of crisps. “I’m confiscating this,” he grumbled. Rachel half-opened her mouth at the sheer audacity of his action. She had not even eaten a single chip yet! She sulkily stepped into her room and closed the door. After a short 20 minutes’ wait, Rachel made her way to the dining hall. She didn’t know what she’d been expecting when she stepped into the dining hall, but nothing wasn’t what she had in mind. She had thought that perhaps there would be more flavorless dishes, but there was nothing. Not even Victor was there. “Where’s Victor?” she said to the maid that was waiting on her. The maid gave a small, respectful bow before she said, “Mr. Sullivan is in the kitchen.”

In the kitchen? Rachel raised her eyebrows in surprise and immediately went towards the kitchen. She cracked the door open so she could peer inside, just in time to see a tall man dishing fooout of a frying pan onto a plate. She could hardly believe her eyes. She had immediately recognized the figure as Victor. Victor turned with the plate in his hand and walked out the kitchen. When he saw Rachel standing at the door he paused, looked down at her, then carried on walking to the semi open bar counter. He set the plate down, turned to her and said, “What are you still doing standing there? dear reader daily new latest chapters uploaded on Come and have dinner.” Rachel came back to her senses and noticed that there were three dishes on the counter. She walked over to him and asked, “Did you cook all these dishes?” Victor chose not to answer her question. Instead he said, “The nutritionist has agreed to adjust your diet; starting from tomorrow. For tonight, you can eat these.” Rachel just stared at the food in front of her in a state of sheer awe. It smelled and looked delicious; it was basically mouth-watering. As far as she could tell from the old Rachel’s memories, Victor had never cooked for her before. Both Shelia and Rachel had no idea that he was even able to cook. But perhaps a more important question was why? Why had he suddenly decided to cook? His behavior from earlier this afternoon had been easy to understand. He’d wanted to incriminate her so he wouldn’t look like the bad guy for punishing Olivia. But now? She just couldn’t understand him. She couldn’t believe he’d actually prepared food for her. Rachel made no move to eat. She just stood there, staring blankly in front of her, totally lost in thought.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 101: Victor Cooked

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