Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 98

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 98 : A Farce

Scarlett’s POV:

Ever since that dramatic morning, Grandma had sent a servant to take care of Charles. Hence, I left Charles’ house and returned to my normal life.

However, after I was done with my TV program one day, I found a large bouquet of white roses on my work station. Confused, I picked up the card that was inside it, and read Charles’ writing, “May the lawsuit be successful.”

Startled, I wondered, ‘How does he know that I am suing for a divorce? Nina obviously would not have told him, so did I blabber about it in my sleep?’ While I was in a daze, Rita called, and looking at my phone screen, I felt a headache.

“This is Rita.” Her voice was domineering.

“What do you want?” I asked coldly.

“I’ve invited some reporters, and I want you to clarify in front of them that you and Charles have nothing to do with each other.”

I could not help but think that she was being ridiculous. After all, Charles and I were still married, so she was in no position to quarrel with me at all.

“Charles doesn’t love you anymore, Rita, so wake up, will you?”

“Whether he loves me or not is none of your business. You just need to clarify that you have nothing to do with him. Leave Charles to me. I will win him back,” Rita said confidently.

I felt sorry for her because she was still lying to herself. Since I could not bear to listen to her nonsensical conversation any longer, I hung up.

Once it was time to get off work, I walked out of the company and saw Grandma’s driver waiting for me at the entrance. I quickly figured that Grandma must have sent him over to pick me up for dinner.

When I got home, I didn’t get off the car immediately. Instead, I turned to the driver and asked, “Is Charles here?”

“I just came to pick you up, following Mrs. Moore’s order, so I don’t know about other things,” the driver replied respectfully.

I pursed my lips. I certainly did not want to see Charles there. Before I was able to figure out how to handle my relationship with him, I would always feel uncomfortable whenever I saw him. I didn’t make things any more difficult for the driver, though. I opened the door and got out of the car. From the corner of my eye, I saw a familiar limousine. It was Nate’s. Why was he there? I frowned.

When I walked to the house, I heard someone shouting, and immediately recognized Nate’s voice. He was just like his daughter, and they both liked to cause a scene in other people’s houses.

“You must give me an explanation today! I was trying to teach Scarlett a lesson as an elder, and now, Charles has asked someone to ruin my business. Is that how he treats his elders?”

I was a little stunned when I heard those words. Did Charles punish Nate for what he did to me? Since Nate was Rita’s dad, I thought that Charles would let him go for the sake of his relationship with Rita.

Once I entered the living room, I looked around. Except for Charles, everyone else was present there. All of a sudden, I felt a little indescribable sense of loss in my heart.

Ignoring Nate, Grandma walked to me and greeted me. She grabbed my hand and said with an unhappy look in her eyes, “Scarlett, you are increasingly distancing yourself from me with each passing day. You’ve even hidden the fact that Nate has bullied you from me.”

Although her accusation was a bit severe, I knew that Grandma cared a lot about me. Hence, I coaxed her in a soft voice, “Grandma, I did not want to tell you, because I was afraid that you will worry about me. Besides, I’m doing just fine. I am just surprised to see Mr. Lively here.”

“I am only here because of what you and Charles did! I was trying to teach you a lesson, but you turned a molehill into a mountain!” Nate scolded me, pointing at my nose.

“You were trying to teach me a lesson? Can you even dare to tell them about the real reason you hit me?” I retorted coldly, disgusted by how he could shamelessly distort the right and the wrong. “What? Nate hit you? I thought he was just being mean to you,” Grandma said angrily

“Is it not because of Rita? Or is there some other reason? Why don’t you dare to let us know?” Alice stood up in shock. She was also furious when she heard that Nate had hit me.

I looked at Nate coldly and noticed his face turning pale as he panicked.

“Tell us, Mr. Lively. Why aren’t you telling us your reason? Is it too shameful?” | sneered   “Scarlett! Don’t talk nonsense to ruin my reputation.” Nate’s eyes turned red with


“You gave me a diamond, but I didn’t take it, and that’s why you are so annoyed,” I blurted out. I thought that Nate would still have some sense of shame, but it was evident that I had overestimated him.

Grandma immediately pulled me behind her as she faced Nate and roared, “Nate Lively! How could even have such vulgar thoughts for Scarlett? She is the daughter-in -law of the Moore family. You are not only insulting Scarlett, you are also insulting the Moore family!”

Everyone in the room glared at Nate in disbelief and disgust. “I just want Scarlett to leave Charles at the earliest so that Rita’s last wish can be fulfilled.” Nate was still trying his best to defend himself.

“Even if Rita is on the verge of death, we would still not allow her to marry into our family. Both you and your daughter are disgusting.” Grandpa was also bewildered as he spoke in his deep, strong voice, showing off his prestige.

However, his words worried me. ‘Will the elders allow me to divorce Charles after this farce?’ I wondered. Deep down, something told me that they would not allow me to do such a thing.

“Don’t think that we don’t know what your promiscuous daughter is up to. And don’t think that we will let her marry Charles just because she’s pregnant. We’ll never accept and raise her child. God knows who the father is!” Alice was also very strong with her words as she mocked Rita’s messy private life.

“Alice! Don’t sling mud at Rita! Since you said that my daughter is indecent, show me some proof, or I will have to sue you for slandering her.” Nate glared at Alice.

“Don’t worry. I will show you the proof, and I hope you keep up your strong front when you see that.” Alice snorted.

“You are not welcome in the Moore residence anymore, so you’d better get out.” Grandma didn’t want to talk to Nate anymore, so she motioned him to leave.

The butler stepped forward and said to Nate, “Sir, this way please.”

Nate was indeed enraged, but he couldn’t argue with them because he was in the wrong. He could only clench his fists and grit his teeth as he hissed, “Let’s wait and see.”

With that, he left in dejection.

As soon as he was out of sight, Grandma made me sit on the couch and asked, “Did that old bastard touch you?”

I shook my head.

“Please come to us if anything like it happens again,” Alice also comforted me. However, the longer she thought about it, the angrier she became. “How dare he tries to hurt you? He must pay a steep price for what he did!”

With a sigh, Grandma patted my hand and said, “You must tell us if something happens to you or we will continue to be in the dark about such matters.”

“Yes, Scarlett. Why are you distancing yourself from us? After all, we are the strongest pillars you can lean on.” Grandpa, who was sitting on the opposite couch also advised me.

I was deeply touched by the elders’ concern, so I promised them that such things would not happen again, and that if such a thing did happen, then I would let them know immediately. Only after hearing my promise did they let me go.

– “Charles, when did you come?”

Alice suddenly asked in surprise. My heart jolted. I turned around and saw Charles standing at the door. I did not know for how long he had been standing there.

Seeing that everyone finally noticed him, Charles slowly walked up to us, and said, “Scarlett, you’re really something. You’re going to divorce me, and yet, you get everyone’s support.” 1

He was mocking me, and I was left with no choice but to look at him helplessly.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 98 A Farce

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