Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 671 Deliberately Irritate Him

Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 671 Deliberately Irritate Him

Helen’s POV:

George walked up to me and threw me a playful smile. “I thought you said you were going to meet Soren!”

The moment I saw him, my heart started racing. I instinctively tightened my grip on my laptop bag and put on a calm disposition. “Shouldn’t you be busy working in your office now? How did you make time to come here? Are you stalking me?”

George chuckled and ignored my questions. Instead, he replied in a s**y whisper, “No matter how busy I am, I will always make time to see you. Why should only Soren be lucky enough to see you? Besides, I know more about the case than Soren does, so it’s more appropriate for you to meet me instead!”

“Okay. Are you satisfied with our service?” I asked, rolling my eyes as I walked over to open the car door. Before I could get in, George pressed his hand against the door and shut it.

As soon as I turned around, I felt his warm, minty breath on me.

““I am not satisfied with your service.” I was now facing him, with barely a gap between us. He put his arms on the door and trapped me between his body and the car. He lowered his head with a seductive smile on his face. I felt my cheeks flush. What if someone saw us? I nervously looked around and was relieved to see that no one was around.

I looked into his soft eyes and asked, “What do you suggest I do to satisfy you?” “Since you are so keen to satisfy me, why don‘t we have lunch together, Mrs. Affleck?” His smile was infectious. His voice was angelic and met my ears with charm. I felt a current rip through my heart, resulting in a feeling of limpness and numbness.

I took a quick look at my watch. It was nearly noon so I heartily agreed to have lunch with him. “Why don‘t we invite Lucy and Soren to have lunch with us?” I asked. I didn‘t want to make our relationship public yet. If someone bumped into us having lunch alone, the speculative gossip would spread before the ink was dry. “Certainly. That sounds like a great idea!” George agreed readily.

I sent a message to Lucy to meet us for lunch and then followed George to the staff canteen of Zhester Technology. Lucy brought Dyer along with her. She had also not made their relationship public as she did not want it to affect their work. So she just told everyone that they were work acquaintances. 

This was the first time that I had laid eyes on Dyer. Because he held a special place in Lucy‘s heart, I secretly looked him over several times. Lucy still had good taste in men. Dyer was a well–dressed, dashing specimen. He was by far the handsomest boyfriend that Lucy had ever had. He was gentle, well–mannered and amiable, which was totally different from what Lucy had described.

He and George were like opposite sides of the same coin. George‘s personality was standoffish and intimidating. He always displayed a sense of superiority together with a noble temperament exclusive to the rich. It was the kind of charm that could never be concealed however hard he had tried his best to restrain himself.

When George caught me staring at Dyer, he suddenly faked a cough to show his dissatisfaction. Taking a look at George, Dyer extended his hand and greeted, “Hello, Helen. Lucy talks a lot about you.” “Hello! It‘s nice to finally meet you.” Just as I was about to shake hands with Dyer, a menu was stuffed into my hand. George gave me a sullen look and said in a commanding tone, “Order your dishes. Didn‘t you say you were starving?”

2 I gave Dyer a smile that was a cross between embarrassment and awkwardness. Then I turned my attention to the menu. Lucy had a secret grudge against George after she found out that he had deliberately covered up for Jane. She took the menu from me and asked everyone‘s preference at the table, except George.

After that, she ordered more than ten dishes. George did not like any of those dishes. When we first sat down at the table, Lucy wittingly sat between George and me and separated us. Then she went ahead and ordered the dishes, none of which George liked. Obviously she was deliberately trying to irritate him. When all the dishes were served on the table, Lucy chimed, “Let‘s dig in. George, I have carefully ordered so many dishes, and it will go to waste if you don‘t help us finish them. This dish is very delicious.

You must try it. And this one is fresh and healthy. Ummm…You won‘t be able to resist it.” George displayed his stubbornness. No matter how hard Lucy tried to get him to eat, he didn‘t pick up his fork. I watched the silent war between them and chose not to get involved. No matter what happened in the past, George was always calm and patient. This was the first time I had seen him in such a predicament. It was interesting to see what he would do. 

Lucy sighed helplessly and pretended to regret her decision. “So you don‘t like anything I ordered? You are too picky and fussy about food, aren‘t you? If you choose not to eat, then fine. Don‘t blame me if you feel hungry later.” With a smug smile on her face, Lucy winked at me secretly.

But George was a shrewd man. He took his revenge on Lucy‘s deliberate provocation. He asked the chef to c**k some of his favorite dishes. When we finished lunch and were about to leave, George pointed at the table of dishes and said, “Lucy, it‘s not nice to waste food. There‘re children starving out there as we talk.

Since you ordered all the dishes, it‘s your responsibility to finish the rest by yourself. If you can‘t finish them, pack them and take them home for dinner.” With a long face, Lucy packed up the dishes. When George was out of earshot, she started complaining about him non–stop. “He‘s so annoying! I‘ve never met a nastier man than him!” I shook my head with a helpless smile. After lunch, George said, “Let‘s go. I‘ll give you a ride back to the law firm.

Or do you want to go to Fantail Entertainment?” “Fantail Entertainment.” George nodded and then dropped me off there. As I got out of the car, I thought of something, so I inquired, “Jane should have come back from Philly by now, right?” “I wouldn‘t know.” George’s expression was cold and empty. “Oh, really? You don‘t know?” I laughed sarcastically. For the past few days, I was very moody. I felt as if my heart had been placed in a hot oven to roast. I was in great pain.

I had obtained complete and foolproof evidence. If I exposed it to the public, Jane‘s reputation would crumble to dust. But if I made this exposition, then George and Zhester Technology would be in hot water as 


This was the only reason that I hesitated to take any action. I wanted to punish Jane badly, but I didn‘t want to hurt George in the process. I had to hold my horses till I had the right plan in place. It would be difficult. From the moment I made up my mind, I knew that I would be on the opposite side of George.

Lucy had given me some excellent advice. She reminded me that while I was lavishing my love on George, I was to remember to love myself as well. Self–love was very important. Thinking about what she said, I praised her wisdom. But I would never forget that George had risked his own life save me, twice even. Based on that, I had to talk to George before taking any further action. 

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