Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 670 The Mastermind

Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 670 The Mastermind

Helen’s POV:

Lucy had made an appointment with several candidates and got Brian as one of the interviewers. The interviews were held in a cafe outside Zhester Technology.

After making sure that George had gone upstairs, I made my way to the cafe.

When I arrived, the interviews had already commenced. I picked a table and sat down, and then turned on my laptop and started working.

After the interviews were over, I took my laptop and walked over to Lucy and Brian.

Lucy briefly introduced me. Brian and I had met each other before at Zhester Technology, but we’d never had close contact.

Brian looked at me in confusion. “What can I do for you?”

I set my laptop in front of him, showing him the encrypted data. I narrowed my eyes at him.

He looked at the screen of my laptop blankly. After a few moments, his eyes widened in astonishment and glinted with recognition. “Why are you showing me this?” “Did you do this? Was it Jane who gave the order?” I asked coldly. “Yes, I did. She asked me to develop the program and told me it was for internal testing.” I didn‘t know if Brian really knew nothing about it or if he was just playing dumb, but there was no trace of guilt or panic on his face.

He seemed just plain confused. I sneered and opened the other files one by one. “Okay. Then take a good look at where this program was actually used.” Carter was an organized person. He had sorted out and numbered all the files that he had sent me so that I could easily find the materials I wanted at any time. The file I opened showed the times that Brian‘s hypnosis program appeared in my apartment‘s smart system. They were listed in detail.

Panic instantly twisted Brian‘s features. “How could this be?” I looked at him seriously and snapped, “Obviously, Jane didn‘t tell you the real purpose of this program. As its developer, you still have to bear legal responsibility. I‘m telling you right now, I have a signed medical report from a licensed doctor proving that this program has caused serious damage to my mental health.” I paused and then continued in a menacing tone, “I can sue you for attempted murder. I have video evidence.”

1 “Attempted murder? What video evidence? What is going on?” Lucy stared at me. Then, she put my laptop in front of her and quickly skimmed through the evidence. Soon, she understood what had happened. 

She pounded her fist on the table and exclaimed, “Did Jane order Brian to do this? Did she try to hypnotize you and make you commit suicide without realizing it?” Lucy had always been a hot–tempered woman. When I nodded my response to her questions, she shot up from her seat, pointed at Brian, and shouted, “The evidence is here! Do you still want to harbor that evil woman? She was trying to kill Helen! You developed this program.

Whether you like it or not, you have a hand in this!” Brian‘s face darkened. After a long silence, he finally raised his head and asked, “What do you want me to do?” “Testify against Jane for me.” I had prepared well before I came to the cafe. I took out a bunch of papers and laid them in front of Brian. It was his testimony.

I‘d taken the liberty of filling it with all the relevant information. “Sign this testimony.” I had prepared his testimony in advance because I was worried that he would suddenly go back on his word and turn on me when I took this to court. For quite a while, I had been secretly collecting relevant evidence and testimony without telling anyone. I had finally come to this point, and I couldn‘t let all my previous efforts be wasted. 

“As long as you sign your name on this testimony, you can prove yourself innocent. Although you are the developer of this hypnosis program, you are unaware of its intended purpose, which Jane deliberately kept secret from you. If you don‘t sign this testimony, then. you‘re Jane‘s accomplice.

I assure you that if this goes out, you will be ruined. When the smoke clears, it will be very difficult for you to advance your career in the industry. Think it over.” I put on a determined expression, prodding Brian to consider the pros and cons carefully Looking at the testimony, Brian gritted his teeth, picked up the pen, and signed his name. “Fine, I‘ll sign it. I‘m not afraid of anything because I really have no idea what Jane has done with my work.

I‘m her employee, but I‘m only guilty of following her orders, not of helping her commit a crime. If she has used the program I developed to do something illegal, I will never tolerate it.” After he signed the papers, I took back my laptop and breathed a sigh of relief. Today‘s meeting went more smoothly than I anticipated.

After getting Brian‘s signature on the testimony, I finally felt the heavy weight lifted off my chest. After Brian left, Lucy exploded. She had been suppressing her anger the entire time. “Helen, do you really still think of me as your friend? So many things happened when I was away, but you never mentioned a word of them to me.” “I‘m sorry. I didn‘t mean to hide everything from you.

I didn‘t know the truth until recently,” I explained in a low voice. Lucy stepped forward and hugged me tightly. “How much hardship did you suffer when I 

was away?” Lucy‘s eyes were red and full of love and care for me. I couldn‘t help feeling moved. She was the only person who truly cared about me with all her heart and was considerate of my feelings “Does George know what Jane has done to you?” Lucy asked through gritted teeth. “I think he does,” I replied flatly. “This is too much, Helen! We can‘t let that awful woman get away with this.

You can‘t be soft–hearted this time,” Lucy cried. “I know, I know.” I was no longer that little girl who was always at a loss when something bad happened and turned to others for help. I knew what I was going to do and what I should do. Lucy had to leave for another interviews. 

I gathered my stuff and went to the parking lot. When I got to my car, George was there, leaning against my car door and looking at me with a smile.

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