Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 669 Get The Evidence

Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 669 Get The Evidence

Helen’s POV:

From the moment my mother found out that George and I were married, she refused to come home and spend weekends with us. No amount of persuading could make her change her mind.

She preferred to stay in the hospital rather than burden me. She even suggested severing all ties with me and asked me to live with George under a new identity.

I tried to convince her till I turned blue in the face, but it made no difference. She stuck to her guns.

I didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh at my mother’s stubbornness. Eventually, I respected her decision and gave the nurse extra money to take better care of my mother.

George and I were usually very busy even on weekends. He would normally conduct a meeting in the living room while I would be glued to my laptop in the study.

In fact, I was communicating with Carter, the man who was trying to help me decode the intelligent system that was previously installed in my apartment.

Carter had no access to the database of Zhester Technology. But through a careful analysis of the operations of the intelligence system at my home, he finally identified the developer of the hypnosis plug-in.

Every hypnotist had their own special attribute and identity code. After getting the password of the plug-in, Carter was able to name the developer of the program.

He revealed the name of the developer to me after a thorough investigation. I was a little surprised because the name sounded familiar. “Carter, are you absolutely sure that the developer was Brian Jensen?” I remembered this name because when Jane first returned from abroad, the engineer she went to interview in Florida was named Brian Jensen.

It was said that Brian was a prized asset after he was poached by Zhester Technology. It would explain why he would help Jane install such a plug–in in my intelligence system. Carter said with certainty, “I‘m one hundred percent sure that it‘s him. According to the information I found, he was fanatical about hypnosis.

Many foreign websites carried his thesis and speech on the subject of hypnosis. As long as you get in touch with him, you will be able to get all the answers to your questions.” “Okay, I understand. Carter, please send me all the evidence.” “Sure! No problem.” 

Then I opened the file sent by Carter. I couldn‘t help trembling when I looked at the complex data and links. 

Suddenly ghastly images of what happened during that traumatic time, flashed through my mind and the fear in my heart magnified tenfold. When my father jumped down from the building, I heard a dull thump as his heavy body landed on the ground. His blood spattered body landed at my feet.

A river of blood flowed from his body to my feet, dying my white shoes red. Throughout those turbulent years, my mother and I stayed together, supporting each other through thick and thin. During our deepest, darkest moments of despair, our relatives just criticized us and laughed behind our backs, avoiding us like the plague. That was when my mother couldn‘t handle the stress and started to have mental problems. After we moved to New York, my mother still didn‘t get better. In fact, her health deteriorated rapidly and there was nothing I could do about it.

All those memories suddenly came flooding back, engulfing me in a deluge of Biblical proportions. My pain, sorrow, despair, disappointment and even hatred intensified, almost suffocating me. I felt all my negative emotions snowball into a giant and sit on top of me. During that time when I was hypnotized, because I could not cope with those haunting memories from the past, I started self–torturing. My life was a living nightmare. I was a ghost of my former self and displayed extreme behavior patterns including trying to jump off a subway platform and trying to commit suicide. 

It turned out that Jane was the mastermind behind it all along. 

I leaned back in the chair, with my eyes closed. Immense hatred swept through my heart. At that moment, George suddenly walked into the room and asked, “Baby, what would you like me to c**k you for lunch?” I quickly closed the laptop and took a deep, silent breath. I restrained all the negative emotions, for fear of exposing myself to George.

I didn‘t want to disclose anything to anyone about it just yet. At least I couldn‘t say anything before I met with Brian. I believed that George loved me and was trying to protect me, but there was no guarantee that he would be willing to give up Zhester Technology for me. “What‘s wrong? Why do you look so pale?” George bent over and gently touched my forehead with the back of his hand to check if I was feverish. His deep–set eyes were full of concern.

I took a long breath to calm myself down. “Nothing serious. Just work related matters.” George nodded slightly and repeated his question. “So what would you like for lunch? I‘ll c**k for you.” “Anything will do.” I had no appetite whatsoever now. I followed him out of the study with the laptop in my hands. 

I had to come up with a way to meet Brian first. I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn‘t notice that George, who was walking ahead of me, had stopped in his tracks. 

I accidentally bumped into his back. He turned around, held me in his arms and helped me stand straight. “Be careful. What‘s on your mind? Why are you so many miles away?” “It‘s nothing.” I rubbed the tip of my nose as we left the study. It hurt after I collided with George‘s back “Helen, can you help me out in the kitchen please?” George poked his head out of the kitchen.

This was the first time he had ever asked for my help when he was cooking Since I had made such a ness in the kitchen before, George had banned me from the kitchen for fear that I might cause more chaos. “Okay,” I answered, putting the laptop away. I then walked into the kitchen.

George handed me an onion and said, “Slice it and put it on a plate.” I took the onion and began to slice it according to his instructions. After a few moments, my eyes began to blur. I put down the knife and complained, “Hey, you did this on purpose.” Without turning his head, George said lightly, “Just cry if you want to.

Don‘t hold it back in your heart. I won‘t know the real tears from the ones brought on by the onion.” When I heard his words, I was stunned. When did I want to cry? How did he sense that? Without thinking, I reached out my hand and tried to wipe the tears off the corners of my eyes. But as soon as my fingers touched my eyes, more onion juice entered my eyes, causing them to sting and burn even more. This time, tears really streamed down my cheeks, and the corners of my eyes were on fire. “George, my eyes hurt…” I couldn‘t help but wail like a kid.

George turned off the gas in a hurry, took me to the sink and turned on the tap to wash my eyes. After my eyes were splashed with cold water, the burning sensation alleviated a lot. George took out a tissue and wiped my face gently. I raised my head and complained again, “You did it on purpose, didn‘t you?” George didn‘t respond. The smile at the corners of his mouth deepened. “Are you feeling better now?” “Yes! Actually, I feel much better.” After such a farce, I actually shed tears and the negative emotions that had accumulated earlier largely dissipated.

A delicious aroma came from the saucepan on the stove. I leaned over and smelled it. “It smells divine. What are you cooking?” “Spaghetti. It will be done once I add the onions you almost finished slicing.” George quickly sliced the onion that I hadn‘t finished slicing, then threw it into the pot and then ladled the spaghetti over. 

He did it so professionally, I could not help admiring his culinary skills. After lunch, 1 began to think about how to get a hold of Brian and trick him into admitting that Jane was the mastermind behind it. On Monday, I went to the garage with George and then we got into our respective cars. After he drove away, I started the engine and followed him.

When we were about to reach Zhester Technology, my phone rang. It was George. “Are you following me?” he asked teasingly. Being discovered, I didn‘t intend to hide. I answered honestly, “No, I‘m going the same way. Don‘t talk on the phone when you are driving. Bye.” George slowed down, made a turn and drove into the company‘s underground parking lot.

I did the same. He got out of his car, walked up to me and asked with a raised brow, “Are you meeting up with Soren?” I was wearing formal clothes today. I only adorned formal wear when I met clients so it was reasonable for him to think so. I did not argue and simply replied, “Yes, the merger case is closed.

Miss Pierce asked me to visit him and get some feedback today.” “What? Why don‘t you just come directly to me? After all, I am your real client,” George chortled. “Do you understand the legalities between our lawyers?” I sneered, turned around and was about to walk towards the elevator. George sighed helplessly and followed me. “To be honest, I don‘t.

Do you want to meet for lunch?” “No, thanks. Not today. I‘ve arranged to have lunch with Lucy today,” I said. Then I pushed him into the elevator and stepped out. “You‘d better go upstairs quickly. I don‘t want anyone to see us together. I‘ll take the next elevator.” There were numerous rumors about us at Zhester Technology earlier.

Although we were now secretly married, we hadn‘t announced our marriage to the public. If we were spotted hanging out with each other too often, the rumors would restart and definitely go viral. Besides, meeting Soren was just an excuse. The real purpose of my visit to Zhester Technology was to see Brian. He held the key to the lock. 

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