Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 667 Misunderstood By Colleagues

Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 667 Misunderstood By Colleagues

Helen’s POV:

After I had my own car, I was able to go to work and to Fantail Entertainment by myself, which was much more convenient and time-saving for me.

Anya assigned two more lawyers to assist me besides Phil to do our due diligence on Fantail Entertainment.

Those two lawyers joined the law firm two years earlier than I did, but with average talents, they hadn’t been able to take charge of any case now. Technically, they were still at the same level as I was.

I was a tad worried at first that they wouldn’t do as I told them since I was only a newcomer. Fortunately, after working with them for a few days, I found that they were very cooperative, down-to-earth, and responsible.

They just weren’t ambitious enough yet to go desperately after a promotion, so they hadn’t been promoted.

I liked such reliable people as colleagues. To show my appreciation for them, I had invited them to dinner after work on Friday. I supposed it wouldn‘t hurt to get to know them outside of work. 

Because I wasn‘t as experienced as they were and hadn‘t been in the law firm for a long time, I occasionally felt a little awkward when I assigned them their tasks. I had just been hiding my nervousness so that I looked convincing and confident in front of them. 

Now the three of us were sharing a meal together. I seldom talked, so I mainly listened. “Miss Dewar, we used to be in other teams, so we didn‘t have much contact with you. I hope this doesn’t put a downer on the lovely time we‘re having together, but we‘ve heard some bad rumors about you.

But getting to know you now, I realized that some rumors, if not all, were really just ridiculous, baseless nonsense.” The person who said this was Tina James who was two years older than I was. She had been working in Hesmor Law Firm since she graduated from law school. “Oh? What kind of rumors?” I looked at Tina curiously. I hadn‘t been in the law firm for that long, and in my employment thus far, I had been working closely with Anya.

I had been busy with the Zhester Technology case for a time, so I wasn‘t aware of any rumors going around about me in the firm. “It‘s really not that big a deal. Someone just claimed that you took advantage of your assignment to the Zhester Technology case to seduce its CEO, Mr. Affleck. Because of that, their technology director, Jane, slapped you in public,” Tina explained in a lighthearted manner. 

I was shocked at first but ended up putting on an exasperated grin. That slapping incident was pretty well–known. “Of course we now know that you have nothing to do with Mr. Affleck. That‘s why rumors are stupid and a complete waste of time,” Melissa Wolf, my other colleague, added quickly.

She was my age, but she joined the law firm before I did. And speaking of Mr. Affleck, he was walking toward our table, as if our mention of his name pulled him out of thin air. I didn‘t expect to see George here. It seemed that I couldn‘t talk about other people behind their backs.

Otherwise, they‘d just suddenly appear. “Miss Dewar, what a coincidence!” George exclaimed and came over, his eyes twinkling with genuine mirth. Kendal was right behind him. “Fancy seeing you here! What a happy coincidence! Do you ladies mind if we join you?” 

It was anything but a coincidence. Before I clocked out of work, I sent a message to George, telling him that I would take Tina and Melissa out and that I wouldn‘t be home for dinner with him. 

To my surprise, he didn‘t go home either. Instead, he grabbed Kendal and went to the same restaurant as we did. For a moment, Tina and Melissa just stared at the two handsome men with goo–goo eyes. George sat down on my right and Kendal on my left. As much as I would love to drive them away, I couldn‘t, so I just smiled politely.

Had they come to sabotage? My colleagues just mentioned the rumors about me and George and now here he was! How should I explain this to them later? Kendal was an outgoing and easygoing man. So far, he had uttered a total of three sentences, and Tina and Melissa seemed to have already warmed up to him. Kendal commented, “I heard that you are now in charge of Spacetime Finance‘s acquisition case.

In other words, you are on our side. And as a gesture of gratitude, it‘ll be my treat tonight. Order whatever you like.” Tina and Melissa instantly blushed, and they batted their eyelashes at Kendal. They then refused with a smile, “You don‘t have to do this. We‘re simply doing our job.” “Oh, but I insist. It‘s the least I can do to help you put up with Helen. I hope you can be patient with her. Is she bad–tempered? If she bullies you, just tell me, and I will help you teach her a lesson.” 

“Oh, no. Miss Dewar is very nice and professional. We all get along well with one another,” Tina and Melissa answered in a hurry. They looked back and forth between Kendal and me. Obviously, they had misunderstood something. Meanwhile, sitting next to me, George beamed at me like he was trying to get my attention. He slipped his hand under the table and twined his fingers with mine. 

I was pissed off by George and Kendal‘s distracting presence,

1 yanked my hand out of George‘s grip to pour myself a drink. After that, I kept my hands on the table, leaving no chance for him to touch me again. “We went to the same high school together, so we‘re very familiar with one another,” I explained, smiling, Tina and Melissa had once misunderstood the relationship between me and George.

If i didn‘t explain how I knew George and Kendal now, it wouldn‘t be long before rumors about us three circulated all over the law firm. However, I still thought that my explanation sounded inadequate. Although Tina and Melissa smiled and nodded in agreement, I could still see suspicion and even contempt in their eyes. Looking at them right now, I knew that the image that I had tried so hard to build at work would collapse any day now because of George and Kendal.

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