Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 65 Protect

Chapter 65 Protect

Scarlett’s POV: HCharles, what do you want to say to me? Well, whatever it is, we can talk about it inside ” Nute rubbed his hands.

“It’s about Rita. After saying that, Charles grabbed my hand and escorted me out of the foorn.

And Nate followed us closely. His hair was really combed and he was wearing frameless glasses, which made it obvious that he was a shrewd businessman.

“Mr. Lively, it’s been a while, right? There was a hint of elegance in the way Charles stood casually with one hand in his trauser pocket. Normally, he would be cold and aloof ifi front of outsiders. I secretly poked his palm. Without looking at me, he pinched my palm softly in order to make me feel comforted.

“Yes. What’s the matter with Rita?” With a kind smile on his lips, Rita’s father took out a cigarette and handed it to Charles.

Instead of taking the cigarette from him, Charles gave him a cold glance and said in a serious tone, “I will take care of the problem between me and Rita. I hope you stay out of it. You should just enjoy your life and not worry about us. Our lives are for us to worry about.”

“Why are you saying such things? I am only worried that you might not be able to handle it.” Embarrassed, Nate withdrew the cigarette, but he continued to smile, unbothered by Charles’ indifference. #Just leave it to me, Mr. Lively.” Saying that, Charles pursed his lips, his eyes filled with coldness. “And please, don’t pester Scarlett again. She has just come to Los Angeles and does not know a lot of things here, so if you need anything, then I suggest you come to me.”

Nate squinted his eyes at him, preparing to light his cigarette. After hearing Charles words, he turned to me in confusion. “Scarlett, what did you say to him? Why is he saying such a thing to me? Is it wrong for me to care about you youngsters as an elder?”

Hearing his words, I felt sickened by his hypocrisy. Even though he knew that he was an elder, he had so brazenly asked me to be his mistress before. Turning away from him. I whispered to Charles, “Let’s go.” Just when he was about to take me away from there, Nate stopped him. The smile on Nate’s lips disappeared as he looked at me with maliciousness in his eyes and asked, “Scarlett, you haven’t answered my question yet. Can’t I look after you as an elder? Do you look down on me and the Lively family?”

Deliberately exaggerating the facts, Nate was trying to accuse me of being arrogant. His shamelessness left me speechless and stunned. Rita and her father were birds of a feather.

“Mr. Lively, I respect you because you are an elder, so don’t try to push your luck. Please take good care of your family. I don’t think you will be able to bear the consequences if the Lively family collapses. Scarlett is my wife, and you need to keep that in mind,” Charles hissed. standing in front of me.

No one would dare to provoke Charles, not only because he had the Moore family backing him up, but also because he was a really powerful man. After only several years of his management, the Moore Group was now flourishing very well. More importantly, Charles was i ruthless business tycoon Nate’s eyes showed a hint of panic when he facad Charles” wrath, and he had no choice but to keep silent Ignoring him, Charles took me away from there with a snort.

Looking at his back, I was having mixed feelings. Everything that he just said kept echoing in my mind. I never expected Charles to protect me like a guardian angel. My heart was full of bittersweet emotions, and tears streamed down my checks uncontrollably

Let’s go home,” he said to me. “Alright,” I replied him in a low voice, stiffling Charles sudderily stopped walking, and I bumped into his back. “What’s thie matter? Are you crying?” He turned around and held my face in his hands, observing my eyes lovingly “No” I tried to avaid eye contact with him as I did not want to admit that his words had moved me, and I was now crying because of it. I was actually embarrassed to admit that even though it was true However, my red eyes betrayed me, and he looked at me with a sense of pride in his heart. “Are you enchanted by me? You can just marry me.” I shorted, “You wish!”

“Well, yes… I actually forget that we’re already married.” With a faint mod, Charles stroked my head dotingly

And that very instant, my heart melted into a puddle.

He stopped once we reached his house. I looked at him hesitantly, wondering, ‘Is he not going to send me back home?”

“Don’t look at me like I kidnapped you! I’m just hungry, so I want to eat the food that you cook, “Charles said righteously as though he could read my mind.

“What would you like to eat?”

Since I had not eaten much at dinner, I also felt hungry when I heard him mention that.

However, instead of answering my question, he held my hand and kissed it.

My fingertips felt soft, and I shrank back. “Don’t kiss me like that for no reason!”

Charles chuckled and kissed the back of my hand again before letting me go. He then unfastened my seat belt, leaned closer, and whispered softly, “I will soon be eating you.”

And the confidence in his tone made me feel extremely nervous.

“Go away!” I shouted, pretending like I was calm.

Sure, Your Highness with a smile on his hips, Charles saluted to me as he got off the car.

Due to his flirtatious moves, my mind was a mess now, When I got home, I wolked straight to the kitchen, Tving to calm myself down. However, I could not get him alf my mind Since I was distracted by him, I accidentally added an extra spoonful of vinegar into the soup | tried to Texleem it in a hurry, but it ended up tasting weird. After multiple failed attempts to fix the soup. I gave up and tried to focus on making the next dish

I heard a sound coming from the living room. Charles seemed to have come down after taking a shower. As soon as I turned around, I saw him walking towards the kitchen.

His hair was damp, and the drop of water that was clinging to a strand of hand above his forehead; make himn look more affectionate. I lowered my head to avoid looking into his eyes. “Dinner will be ready soon.”

I tried to ignore his intense gaze on my back and sped up the paxe. Soon, dinner was ready.

Just when I was going to take the food to the dining table, he stopped me. I didn’t want to look at him, so I stood still with my head down

He seemed to be a little upset and grabbed the plate from my hand. “Does the floor have any gold on it? Why aren’t you looking at me?” Even though he was trying to make conversation, I still could not face his eyes, so I walked ta the latchen again to get the tableware

At the dinner table, Charles slowly sliced the beef on his plate with a fork and a knife. His fingers were elegantly moving as he sliced through the steak with a knife. It was as though he was a royal, who looked elegant even when eating.

“Why are you only eating the vegetables? Here, have some soup.” Putting his knife and fork down, he looked at me with a frown.

His words pulled me back to reality, but before I could even say anything, he had already filled up my soup bowl. The moment I tasted the soup, my whole face shrunk.

“Is it too hot?” Charles asked with concern.

I faked a smile as I shook my head and gently pushed the bowl in front of him. “It’s so delicious, Charles. Why don’t you taste it?” He did not suspect anything at all. Taking a sip of the hot soup, he said in a calm voice, “It really is quite delicious!”

with my taste buds. I took another sip to make sure that I was not wrong, and it indeed tasted sour! It was both sour and salty.

Amused, Charles put away the soup bowl and served me a slice of the beef.

After dinner, I washed the dishes quickly, wanting to go back home as soon as I could.

“What’s the rush?” Charles asked casually as he took the clean dishes from my hand and arranged them in the cupboard.

Tam a famous anchorwoman, so my time is very precious.”

Jest then I was about to leave, he stopped me. It’s so late, and you have to come here tomonta moning, anyway, so why do you have to go home tonight? Not to mention: I will be extremely worried if you went back alone at this hour.”

Then you send me back. I suggested. But I am so tired. Charles yawned, pretending to be exhausted The comers of my mouth twitched. Then I’ll go home on my own.”

“Stay here. 111 sleep in the guest room. Don’t worry I am not going to do anything to you.”

Charles held my band tightly, as if he was worried that I would try to run away

Im not worried You’re just overthinking things Besides, I want to go home because I am used to sleeping in my own bed, and I can’t fall asleep here on i jew bed, so don’t impose your strange ideas on me. And how long do you expect me to accustom myself to such a life?”

For the rest of your life!” Charles said in a tim voice, pressing his lips into a thin line.

I was so furious that I was at a loss for words. I just wanted to make him let go of my hand Eowever, his grip was so tight that I could not move at alle

“Staying the night bere is not a big deal. Are you worried that you might not be able to control yourself?

Fine, I’ll stay” Unwilling to argue with him any longer, I had no choice but to compromises

Before going to bed, Charles asked me to take his bed. The pillows were laced with his scent, which was pleasantly refreshing.

I tossed and turned on the bed, determined to draw a clear line between us starting tomorrow

Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 65 Protect

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