Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 375 The New President

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 375 The New President

Scarlett’s POV

One year later, I returned to my home country “Have you prepared a birthday gift for Raina?” I asked, looking at my bodyguard, Elena, who was standing behind me. I had just gotten off the plane. “Yes, Miss Wilson. It‘s already in the car.” Elena said in a respectful tone. I gave her a satisfied nod. That moment, my phone rang. Looking at it, I saw Nina’s name flashing on the screen, and immediately answered it. “Hello, Scarlett?”

“What’s the matter? Just spill it. I‘m in a hurry,” I said with a smile. “Charles has been looking for you ever since you left. He‘s very serious about getting back together with you,” Nina informed. At the mention of his name, I could not help but sneer in my heart. “If he is willing to spend one hundred million dollars for an appointment, then I might consider meeting him.” But I would never get back together with him! Moreover, Charles already had a new girlfriend, Raina. I heard that they were very intimate and often showed their affection in public. “Scarlett, do you even have a principle in life? How can you give in so easily for money? Charles is your ex-husband!” Nina complained. “Men are useless compared to money. And you already said it–ex–husband. As far as I‘m concerned, he‘s no longer important. By the way, please call me Caroline Wilson from now on.”

During the past year, I had learned a lot about business and management from Edward, and I had found great pleasure in making

money I’d rather win more clients for the company than to get involved with my ex–husband. The moment I finished speaking, I lifted my head, and I was shocked to see Charles walk into the airport, surrounded by a group of people. My heart almost skipped a beat when I saw his handsome face. He seemed to have noticed me too, and was a little surprised. We looked at each other through the crowd. I quickly glanced at him. We hadn’t seen each other for a year, and in that time, he had lost a lot of weight, so he looked rather haggard now.

However, he was still just as handsome as I remembered, even though he seemed to be more mature and stable.

I snorted and walked out of the airport, pretending like I did not see him at all. .

But before I took another step, I felt someone grabbing my wrist. “Scarlett, is that really you?” Charles was trembling and out of breath. Looking into his eyes, I sensed that he was feeling a tangle of emotions. Yearning, guilt, pain… All those emotions were mixed up. I withdrew my hand without any hesitation and turned away. “Sir, do I know you?” I asked coldly. Charles looked at me intensely before he took off my sunglasses. Looking at me, he said in a serious and determined tone, “Scarlett, you are my wife. I can always recognize you!”

I snorted and slapped him.


How ridiculous! Why didn’t he remember that when he left with Raina the day I miscarried the baby?’


nefer Charles covered his face in astonishment His bodyguards immediately stepped forward to protect him. Looking at his red face, I suddenly felt satisfied. I had been too weak in the past to fight him, and even when I had been humiliated, I had never dared to resist. But the slap 1 gave him now was in the name of the unborn child. “I‘m fine.”

Charles waved his hand, indicating the bodyguards to leave us alone. “I’m not fine,” i said sarcastically. I gently rubbed my aching wrist, sneering at him. “Looks like the men here are getting shittier and shittier.” I cast a cold glance at Charles while complaining to Nina over the phone. “Scarlett, where have you been in the past year? I‘ve been looking for you everywhere.” Charles stood in front of me, staring deep into my eyes “Elena, call the police,” I ordered in a low voice. Elena glared at Charles before she called the airport police to report sexual harassment. The police officer immediately rushed over and stopped Charles. With a frown, Charles explained, “She is my wife. We just had a minor conflict.”

“Lady, is he telling the truth?” the police officer asked me in confusion. “I don’t know this man at all. He suddenly walked to me, grabbed my hand, and said that I am his wife!” A smile of satisfaction appeared on my lips when I saw how embarrassed Charles was. “Scarlett, have you really forgotten me? Or are you just pretending like you don‘t know me?” Charles asked anxiously. There was a hint of grievance and helplessness in his voice. I shook my head with a sneer, put my sunglasses on, turned around, and left. Several luxury cars were lined up on the road outside the airport. Standing by the cars, the drivers bowed to me respectfully. “Welcome home, Miss Wilson.” And everyone at the airport turned to me with a curious look in their eyes. I could not help but smile awkwardly. It was obvious that Edward had arranged it.

It was his unique way of showing his paternal love for me. Elena put my suitcase in the trunk and followed me to the car. Looking at the familiar surroundings, I suddenly felt a little dazed. Nothing seemed to have changed in the city, and everything that had happened there was still so vivid in my mind.

That was when I heard the radio broadcast. “News flash, Miss Raina Hill will be holding her birthday party at the Palace Hotel. The party will be held in the form of a charity dinner, and all the money raised will go to the Hill Charity Foundation for the deaf and autistic children. It is also said that Miss Lively will be announcing her engagement with Mr. Charles Moore at the party…”

I sneered

Since Charles was holding a party for Raina at the Palace Hotel, and wanted to announce their engagement, it was quite obvious that he really cared about her.

“Ma’am, do you want to go home first or do you want to go straight to the birthday party?” Elena asked.

“Let‘s go to the company.”

Elena looked at her watch before she reminded me in a low voice, “The senior executives of the company should be holding a

meeting right now to discuss ways to make you retreat from difficulties.” “Then let‘s go and see what plans they came up with.” I looked out of the window with a faint smile, expectantly. Twenty minutes later, the car stopped in front of a building It was the branch company of the Wilson Group that Edward specially established for me to run. Surrounded by my bodyguards, I walked to the conference room and pushed the door open. “Hello, everyone. I‘m Caroline Wilson, the new president of this branch of the Wilson Group. Pleasure to meet all of you.” I looked around the meeting room, greeting all the senior executives with a smile.

Everyone seemed to be shocked by my sudden appearance.

And I already expected that, so I got straight to the point with a smile. “I came back for the ecological park project on the west coast and I am hoping that you will all cooperate with me. If the project gets completed within the due date, you will be rewarded. If not, then you will all be fired.”

“Why? That‘s so unfair.” Someone opposed in a loud voice, banging on the desk. “The ecological park on the west coast is an extremely important project. Why are you taking over it as soon as you come back from nowhere?”

“It‘s because I‘m the daughter of the Wilson family! If you are going to be bitter and jealous, then keep it to yourselves, because I don‘t give a d**n!” I sneered with a cold glare. The conference room instantly fell as silent as a grave.

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