bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 272 The Balance Of Love

Chapter 272 The Balance Of Love

Spencer’s POV:

When I heard this, anger shot straight into my veins. I was so livid, I couldn’t think straight.

“Yes, Vivian’s on the dance floor.  Let me send you a video.”

“Hurry and do that.”

I hung up, seething with rage.

Moments later, I received a one-minute video.

When I clicked the it, I and saw that Vivian really was dancing with a handsome man.

The two were so intimate and sticking so close together, people would have mistaken them as a sweet couple.

To top it off, she was dressed in a skimpy miniskirt.

Her shoulders were exposed, laid bare for anyone to see.

That crazy woman! Unable to stop my surging fury, I called the staff again and barked, “I don’t how! But go stop Vivian and lock her in her room! Now!”

“Yes, sir.”

After that, I hung up again and left the washroom.

Unexpectedly, Nicole was standing outside, probably waiting for me to come out.

When she saw me, she looked at me worriedly.

“Spencer, what’s wrong? Are you alright?”

“Come with me.”

Annoyed and discontent, I grabbed Nicole’s wrist and walked back. I had no feelings for Nicole, none whatsoever. I couldn’t be with her, and I didn’t want her to stand between me and Vivian. It was time to make things clear. I took Nicole to her parents.

There, I braced myself and announced solemnly, “I’m sorry, but I won’t marry Nicole. From now on, we’ll just be ordinary friends.”

Without waiting for anyone to react, I spun on my heel and left the room as quickly as I could.

I hopped into my car, stepped on the pedal, and drove to Mint Bar with the speed of lightning.

When I arrived at Mint Bar, I went straight to Vivian’s room.

Outside, two bodyguards stood guard.

“Where is she?”

“She’s inside, sir.”

Without hesitation, I pushed the door open.

What I saw next was that Vivian was lying on the bed, wearing earphones while she listened to music.

She hadn’t bothered changing her clothes.

If she bent down even just a little, her underwear could be seen.

I took a deep breath, and hurriedly blocked the view of the two bodyguards with my body.

I tried to suppress my anger and hissed at them, “You two may go now.”

“Yes, sir.”

As soon as the two of them left, I locked the door and made my way towards Vivian.

She was still acting as if nothing had happened, and even spread her legs wider as if to challenge me.

Her boldness seemed to know no limits.

I took off Vivian’s earphones.

“What do you want?”

She looked up at me and asked casually, “You came back so early. Is everything going well?”

“Yes, everything went well!”  I replied crossly, scowling.

“Really? A congratulations is in order, then!”

“Oh, yeah? How are you going to congratulate me?”

I took another step closer and grabbed her chin.

She wanted to dodge, but too late.

I had already turned her face to look at me.

Somehow, there seemed to be something magical in her eyes.

Looking into them, I found myself lost in their powerful gaze.

“How do you want me congratulate you?”

She laughed teasingly, but she didn’t dare to look at me and struggled to pull her eyes away from mine.

“Vivian. If you want me to marry you, just say it. Since we’ve done it, I promise I’ll be responsible for you.”

“Oh? You meant that night? Was I the one who seduced you that night? I mean, I took the initiative to sleep with you.”

At the mention of this topic, Vivian’s interest was piqued and she finally looked at me.

I was stunned, surprised by her words.

For a long time, she didn’t say anything more.

But I knew she was deliberately provoking me, so I didn’t get angry at all.

She thought she outsmarted me, but I was already aware that she approached me on purpose. She was the serpent that had lured me into taking a bite out of the forbidden fruit.

Despite myself, I couldn’t stop the excitement growing in me.

I soon let go of Vivian.

This time, she sat up on the bed and said to me seriously, “Spencer, answer me this. If I turn out to be the same as my mother Emily, who’d do anything to achieve her goals, would you still desire me?”

“Do you take me for a fool?”

I bent over and kissed Vivian softly.

As I did so, I removed her coat with hands.

She didn’t resist at all, and instead blinked her eyes twice.

“No, you’re a smart man.”

Her bright eyes curved slightly, and her body exuded an irresistible charm.

This woman managed to successfully aroused my desire.

Her clothes were revealing.

I quickly took off her coat and saw her plump *******. I bent over and sucked one of them with my lips.

She couldn’t bear the stimulation and groa ned with pleasure.

I sucked her breast for a while before letting go of her reluctantly.

My eyes were full of ****.

I kissed her again and said hoarsely, “Vivian, I want it.”

“What? What do you mean, Spencer?”

Vivian was in a daze, completely different from her arrogant and aggressive self just now.

It aroused me more.

She stopped struggling, and wrapped her hands around my neck and kissed me back.

After the deep kiss, Vivian seemed to **** after me, which made her more charming.

I slid my hand into her dress, and touched her thighs.

Then, I lifted her dress up.

Slowly, I pushed her.

She was soon pressed under me.

I unzipped her short skirt and quickly took it off, revealing her white and tender waist.

My breath grew heavier and heavier.

Vivian wanted to grab my hand to stop me, but I lowered my head and kissed her.

“Be good.”

Under her gaze, I lowered my head and licked her *******.

My tongue drew circles on her *******.

Then, I opened my mouth slightly and sucked her *******, as if I was sucking milk.

I held her in my arms and pushed into her. I entered her body completely.

Vivian blushed and bit her lips, but did not say anything.

“Vivian, look at me.”  I coaxed her, my voice deep and ****.

Then, I straightened up and thrust deeply in her ******. I was surprised to find that her body had completely opened for me.

After the ***, I looked at Vivian, who was exhausted, and whispered, “Don’t contact Nicole anymore. Don’t arrange me any more blind dates, and don’t listen to my mother.”

Then, I added, “Also, you’re not allowed to sing and dance with other men. I don’t like that at all. Do you understand me?”

“Don’t think you can order me like that just because we’ve slept. No way.”

Vivian stood up and headed to the bathroom, naked.

Soon, the sound of water came from the bathroom.

It seemed that I had yet to conquer this woman in bed.

Well, I don’t mind another round! Thinking that, I pushed the door open and went into the bathroom.

Vivian turned around and saw me there.

She shouted angrily, “Get out!”

Of course I wouldn’t listen to her. I simply ignored her and grabbed the shower head from her hand. Spencer, what the **** are you doing?”

Her angry face aroused me even more.

“Nothing. I just wanted to take a shower with you.”

“**** off!”

Vivian lifted her foot, about to kick me, but she was held tightly in my arms the next second. She couldn’t move, so she was forced to take a shower with me.

I was very satisfied.

After that, Vivian quickly shooed me away.

“I’m going to sleep. You can leave now.”

“That’s great. Let’s sleep together!”

I lay on her bed again, acting completely shameless.


Vivian pulled and dragged me for a while, but I still refused to move.

Helpless, she had no choice but to let me sleep here.

 The next day, Vivian and I went downstairs to have breakfast, acting as if nothing had happened.

A staff rushed over, panícky.

“Boss, Nicole’s here!”

“What did you say?!”

I was so surprised that I almost bit my tongue.

“Nicole’s here.”

“Don’t be so nervous. She probably just wants to marry you,”

Vivian patted me on the shoulder and comforted me hypocritically, her tone mocking.

I glared at her, annoyed.

Had she forgotten what I said yesterday so quickly?


Just then, Nicole burst in. She saw Vivian and said in a sweet voice, “Oh? Vivian’s also here.”

“Would you like to have breakfast with us?”

Vivian invited warmly, treating Nicole like a good friend.

I couldn’t help but frown, wondering if this woman was secretly planning something again.

She was definitely up to no good.

“No, I’ve already had breakfast. Enjoy yourselves.”

Nicole waved carelessly at us, rejecting the offer.

“What do you want? I promised to play tennis with my friends. If you have something to say, just say it.”

Seeing Nicole annoyed me.

“Oh. Are you going to play tennis with Mr.Moore? Can you take me along?”

“No, I can’t.”

I refused firmly, without hesitation.

“Fine. Actually, I’m here for Vivian.”


Vivian was understandably confused.

“You’re with Spencer every day. I’m sure you know the woman he loves, right?”

In an instant, my brain went blank.

The sandwich I was chewing got stuck in the middle of my throat, choking me to tears and snot.

I coughed loudly.

Vivian immediately stopped watching the drama between me and Nicole.

She hurriedly grabbed a tissue and wiped the corner of my mouth, and complained, “Calm down! No one’s going to ****** the food away from you.”

bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 272 The Balance Of Love

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