Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 236 Longing For Each Other

Chapter 236: Longing For Each Other

Charles’s POV: 

Scarlett looked me up and down, raising her eyebrows at my pajamas.However, she said nothing about them.Her face was pure and innocent, her eyes exceedingly enchanting and charming.

Even though I was with her almost every day, her beauty still fascinated me.I approached her and closed one arm around her soft waist, while the other hand snuck on her full chest.I said meaningfully to her in a low whisper, “I’ve taken a shower next door, Scarlett.”

However, Scarlett shoved my hands away and grabbed my arms instead, as if she was clueless to my hints.She suggested, “Let’s go downstairs to drink.We can eat something along the way.”

Her words made me froze, and I stood rooted to the spot.

Scarlett, who had taken a step forward, was forced to stop in her tracks.She turned around and shot a sharp glance at me, annoyed.

“What are you doing, Charles? Didn’t you ask me to drink with you at home? I agreed, but why are you still unhappy?”

I hugged her and mumbled softly, “No, I’m not unhappy.I’m fine”

I didn’t want to just drink at such precious time…I stared at her, my eyes filled with affection and eagerness.

But the moment Scarlett’s gaze fell on me, I immediately put on an innocent look.

“Let’s go downstairs.”

I warned myself again and again to take things slow and be patient.

Otherwise, I might scare Scarlett away and render all my previous efforts vain.

If I wanted to win her over, I needed a lot of patience.

When we reached downstairs, Scarlett grabbed some red wine and goblets, and placed them on the table.

Seeing her busying herself, I couldn’t help smiling.

Then, I turned around and brought out the cream cake I had bought previously.

“When did you buy that?” Scarlett asked, surprised.

I put the cake on the table and took a seat beside her.

“Before I picked you up, Tracy told me that you liked the cream cake I bought before.” Scarlett glared at me, though she looked quite flirtatious.

“You have the nerve to say that!”

I knew she was referring to the conflict we had back then.

“I didn’t mean to upset you at that time.I promise I won’t do that again.”

I closed our distance, and licked her tender red lips gently.

Scarlett blushed instantly, her appearance so cute and adorable.I saw that she was going to be angry again, so I quickly let go of her and stood up.

“Let me cut the cake for you.” I grabbed a knife and cut the cake into neat pieces.

Then, I put one piece in front of Scarlett and handed her a dessert fork.

Scarlett took the fork eagerly and scooped one bite of the cake.Her eyes curved like crescent moons as she relished in the taste.


“Let me have a taste.”

I leaned over to grab a small bit of the remaining cake that was still on her fork.

Looking up, I realized that there was still some cream on the corner of Scarlett’s mouth.She was staring at me dazedly, stunned by my actions.

Unable to help myself, I let out a small laugh before kissing her lips.As I did so, the cream on the tip of my tongue melted.I whispered in a hoarse voice, “So sweet.”

Scarlett’s ears turned red instantly.She pushed me away, embarrassed, and yelled, “Just drink your wine!”

“Okay.” I sat back calmly, grabbed some wine, and clinked glasses with her.

Scarlett glanced at me briefly before looking away immediately and gulping down the wine in her glass.I raised my eyebrows and snickered to myself.I had no intention to stop her at all.

“We won’t go back to Moore mansion today.What about James?”

Scarlett poured more wine into her glass, but she didn’t let go of the wine bottle.

Instead, she looked at me questioningly with her head tilted slightly.

“Don’t worry.Mom and Grandma are there,”

I comforted her softly, hoping to reassure her.

However, she replied with a frown.

I had no choice but to take out my phone.I opened an app before giving it to her.

“This is the real time surveillance video of the nursery.Do you want to see it? See? James is sleeping.”

“Wow! I can’t believe you can check that on your phone! “

Astonished, Scarlett took my phone and glued her eyes on the screen with a happy smile.

“Oh my ***! My son is so cute even when he’s sleeping!”

“That’s because he inherited the best genes from us.”

“***, you’re so smug.”

Scarlett flashed me a small smile and held my hand, trying to please me.

“Let’s go back later.I can’t sleep well if I don’t hug James before going to bed.”

I turned her hand over and slowly separated her fingers, and then interlocked my fingers with hers lovingly.


Though I agreed on the outside, deep inside my heart, I was unwilling to go home.

Every time we returned to the mansion, James would sleep between Scarlett and me.

I could never be intimate with Scarlett.

Only when Scarlett was fast asleep could I put James back to the crib and sleep with Scarlett in my arms.

If Scarlett couldn’t fall asleep without James, then I couldn’t fall asleep without Scarlett.

But at the sight of her expectant expression, my heart softened and I found myself agreeing automatically.

After several rounds of drinking, the wine in the bottle was almost finished.

I poured the rest of the red wine into my glass and gulped it down in one fell swoop.

“Scarlett, I’m done.We should do something else.”

I stared at Scarlett deeply, my eyes brimming with affection.She blushed automatically, and staggered to her feet, the cream cake in hand.


Worried that she would fall down, I went to her and held her in my arms.

However, Scarlett pushed me away, looking hesitant.She then walked to a cabinet and stored the cream cake in it.She muttered, “We have to hide the treasure.I burst out laughing.She was drunk! I approached her gently and held her hand.

“It’s time to sleep.”

Scarlett stared at me for a while, her eyes dazed from the wine.

Suddenly, she pulled me to the cabinet and tried to stuff me inside it.She murmured again, “We have to hide the treasure.”

Stunned by this unexpected gesture, I took to staring at Scarlett like a fool.

After a long time, I finally found my tongue.However, my voice was extremely hoarse.

“Scarlett, am I your treasure too?”


Scarlett looked at me in confusion, her hands still tugging me.Unable to stand it anymore, I picked her up and marched eagerly to the bedroom.

Scarlett’s POV: 

My mind was in a mess, and I couldn’t think straight.I could only see Charles’s handsome face, inches away from me.


It sounded as if the door of the bedroom was kicked open hastily.

When I looked back, my head hazy with confusion, Charles put me on the bed and started kissing me.

The sudden kiss snapped my eyes wide open, but I was too numbed by alcohol and had no strength to resist.I slowly closed my eyes, and meekly reached out to him before wrapping my arms around his neck.

Charles tightened his arms around my waist, as if wanting our bodies to be one.

He soon let go of my lips, and exhaled a puff of hot air.

“Scarlett…Let’s have a good time.”

I didn’t answer, but raised my head and kissed him instead.

Charles responded fiercely, and the kiss gradually went out of control.

The tip of his tongue pressed against my teeth, overbearing and aggressive, invading my mouth inch by inch.

His passionate kiss almost took away all the air in my mouth, pushing me to the verge of suffocation.


When I reopened my eyes, I realized that Charles had taken off our pajamas and had thrown them away.

We hugged each other tightly with our bare bodies.

His lips went down along my neck, and his tongue licked my skin and *******.

The blood in his body boiled and burned like hot fire.

Excited, I couldn’t help but touch his hot skin.

He locked me in his embrace, forcing us to stay close to each other.

The scorching heat instantly merged with the flames in my body, and I let out a soft moan of pleasure.

My moans ignited the fire in him more fiercely.

He suddenly lifted up my waist, and pressed hard against me.

In an instant, the weight of his body was shifted on me completely.

Charles gasped for breath, the sound highly stimulating.

He bit and sucked my tender *******, arousing my desires.

I couldn’t help but respond, and neared my lips to his.

For a long time, the whole room was filled with our sensual gasps…

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 236 Longing For Each Other

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