Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 230 The Most Expected Three Words

Chapter 230 The Most Expected Three Words

Charles’s POV:

After I was done with work, I returned home.

On the way, I dropped by the hospital to visit Spencer.

As soon as I approached his ward, I could hear a loud argument brewing from inside.

“Spencer, this is just an arranged marriage for mutual benefits! After we get married, we can still date whoever we want.When everything’s smoothed over, we can get a divorce at any time!”

“Arranged marriage? Like I’d buy that.Get the **** oD Spencer’s voice was laced with irritation, and his anger was evident.I hesitated, wondering whether I should enter the ward or leave.As I considered my options, a familiar voice called me from behind.”

“Charles, are you here to visit Spencer? Unfortunately, he’s on a blind date now.”

I turned around and saw Vivian approaching me, holding a big bag of fruits.

Right at that moment, the door of the ward burst open and a young woman stormed out angrily.

She glanced at me, and then at Vivian.

Fuming, she yelled at Vivian, “Who the **** is the guy you’re trying to pair with me? He’s a complete lunatic!”

Vivian looked at the girl and shrugged casually.

“You’re right.He really is a lunatic.”

Vivian’s nonchalant answer startled the young woman, who became speechless.

At a loss for words, she simply glared daggers at Vivian before stomping away in anger.

“I guess this isn’t the right time for me to visit him.You better go in and comfort him.”

I shot Vivian a meaningful look.She blinked at me, silent, and pushed the door open.I didn’t leave at once.Instead, I waited outside the ward to see how things would unfold.I mean, how could I miss such a good show? 

After Vivian entered, I heard Spencer’s angry snarl, “That woman you introduced to me today is crazier than those previous ones! Where have you been? Why did you come back so late?!”

“I just went to buy some fruits.”

“Hah?! Why would you go buying fruits whenever those women arrived? What are you trying to do?”

“Well, shouldn’t I entertain the guests?”

“Aren’t you afraid they’ll snap and end up killing me?”

Spencer’s voice was laden with fury.

So angry he sounded, I could even imagine the look on his face when he said that.

“You’re in a hospital, and they’re all delicate young maidens.What can they possibly do to you? You’re just overthinking.”

Vivian’s voice, however, was as calm as ever.She was his stark opposite.

“Bah! They are all for my money!”

“Don’t you like any of them? That Lilith girl seems to like you very much.She even praised you when she left just now.”

“Quit being so sarcastic.How much did you take from my mother? Whatever the amount, I’ll give you double, okay?”

“Not much.She just gave me three thousand dollars, actually.”

All the while I listened to their bickering, I was close to splitting my sides from sheer laughter.These two are an entire circus! 

“Vivian! Are you telling me that you betrayed me for just three thousand dollars?!”

“Don’t be angry.Three thousand dollars is just for introducing girls to you.If you end up dating with any of the girls, your mother will give me an additional thirty thousand dollars.”

The conversation shifted to the topic of money.

Though I couldn’t see Vivian’s face, from the tone of her voice, I could sense that she was smiling.

She sounded exactly like a miser.


Spencer’s voice instantly grew half an octave higher.

His voice was probably louder than an actual loudspeaker.

“If you get married, I’ll get three million dollars.If the girl gets pregnant, I’ll get thirty million dollars.And if you have a second child…”

Vivian giggled, the sound quite sinister.

It seemed that she was truly immersed in her dream of being rich.

“Shut up! So all this time, you just take me as a tool to make money! Do I still have human rights to you, Vivian?”

When Spencer mentioned Vivian’s name, he specifically deepened his tone to emphasize it.

I could guess that he was grinding his teeth in anger.I never expected the day he would act like this would actually come.

“Ha, ha, ha! Not anymore!”

“Fine! I’ll give you three hundred thousand dollars if you drive all those women away.”

“No way, that’s too little.”

“Argh! How much do you want? Do you want me to give you all of my bank cards?! Is that it, Vivian?”

“Oh my ***, Spencer! Just eat your oranges!”

Seeing as the two were busy flirting in the ward, albeit in a very amusing manner, I didn’t think it was necessary for me to stay anymore.

Vivian was both a stubborn and soft-hearted woman.

No doubt, she would take good care of Spencer.

Besides, Scarlett was waiting for me at home.

Thinking of her, my heart melted, feeling as sweet as honey.

I quickened my pace home, eager to see her as soon as possible.

On my way home, I specifically stopped at Scarlett’s favorite cake shop to get the tiramisu I had ordered earlier.

While I was waiting for the saleswoman to pack the cake, I received a call from Spencer.

“You jerk! I heard you dropped by to see me! Why didn’t you come in the ward?”

“Well, you have a beautiful lady accompanying you.Why do you care if I come in or not?”

“Shut up! That woman’s…!”

“Stop.As long as you’re happy, you don’t need to tell me the details.I’m in a hurry to go home to accompany my lovely wife.You’re a bachelor, so you’ll never understand.”

I purposefully said that to make fun of Spencer.

“Humph! That’s just temporary!”

As I had expected, Spencer blew his top.

“Don’t be so picky.When you get married, I’ll get you a big gift.”

Before Spencer could answer, I hung up and took the cake from the saleswoman with my other hand.

Then, I exited the cake shop and drove home directly without making any more stops.

When I arrived home, I saw Janet and Tracy playing with James in the living room.I put the cake on the table and asked, “Where is Scarlett?”

“She’s sleeping upstairs,” Janet replied.

“Okay.Put the cake in the fridge.I’ll go upstairs to see her.”

I went upstairs, happy, and gently pushed open the door of the master bedroom.

Then, I quietly approached the bed.I stared at the sleeping Scarlett silently.

Her skin was as bright as the moonlight.

The contrast of her fair skin made her eyelashes look even darker and thicker, as if they had been carefully painted into existence with ink.

Her beauty took my breath away.

I leaned in, tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, and gently rubbed her lips with my fingers.

They were so soft to the touch, I got a strong urge to kiss her.

But just as I was about to do so, her eyelashes trembled slightly and she opened her eyes.

She didn’t seem surprised to see me at the bedside, nor did she say anything.She just blinked at me quietly, dazed.She gave me the impression of a cute little fairy in the forest.

“What’s wrong?”

Since Scarlett wasn’t saying anything, I took the initiative to ask.

“Did you have a lot of work to do today?”

She finally opened her mouth and spoke.

Her slightly hoarse voice held a fatal temptation to me.

I couldn’t help kissing her.

Her lips were indeed delicate and soft, just as I had imagined them to be.

To my surprise, she didn’t avoid my intimate gesture.

Encouraged, I kissed her more passionately.

I didn’t let go of her lips until a long time passed.

Finally, I looked at her gently and asked, “Why didn’t you avoid me this time?”

She sighed helplessly, and her eyes shimmered as brightly as the stars.

Her face flushed as her cheeks grew slightly red.

She mumbled disgruntledly, “I can’t avoid it anyway.”

From the tone of her voice, she sounded like she doted on me a lot.

That delighted me to no end.

My spirits rose.

I took off my coat and then lay beside her.

She moved a little to the side to give me some space.

I quickly put my arm around her shoulder, so that I could keep her close to me.

“I went to the hospital to see Spencer today.He’s on a blind date with another girl.”

As we lied on the bed together, I took the initiative to share what had happened today.

“A blind date in the hospital?”

“Yes.Vivian was also there.”

“But Spencer likes Vivian, doesn’t he?”

Scarlett blinked at me with her big watery eyes, confused at my words.

“Maybe he hasn’t realized his true feelings yet.”

Subconsciously, I held Scarlett tighter, and then looked straight into her eyes.

“I think Vivian likes Spencer too.Isn’t it too cruel for her to watch Spencer go on a blind date?”Scarlett puffed up her cheeks angrily, defending Vivian staunchly.

I sighed, “I also have to endure the fact that a man came to our house this afternoon.And you actually let him hold James!”

“How did you find out?”

Scarlett lowered her head and rubbed her nose with her fingers, looking guilty.She quickly hid herself under the quilt, like a child who had been caught doing something naughty.Her guilty conscience was obvious.

“The mansion has surveillance cameras installed.Or have you forgotten?”

Her guilty appearance was quite adorable, though.


Scarlett blinked sheepishly at me, trying to hide her embarrassment.

I tightened my hold on her, squeezing her.

We snuggled together, our faces close to one another.

“So, do you have anything to share with me?”

“Um, such as…?”

“Such as…Let’s see.Aren’t you curious as to why I didn’t divorce you?”

Deep inside, I hoped she would ask me the reason, so that I could say those three words to her naturally.

Thinking of this, my heart began to beat violently, as if it would jump out of my throat at any second.

“I already know.”

Upon hearing her answer, my heart returned to its original position and stopped beating so frantically.

Why wasn’t she playing according to the script? 

“Huh? What’s wrong with you, Charles? Why’s your expression so strange all of a sudden?”

Noticing that there was something wrong with my expression, Scarlett touched my forehead gently to check if I had caught a fever.

“No, it’s nothing.I’m going downstairs to see if they have prepared dinner.”

I stood up from the bed and left in a hurry.I didn’t realize that I had forgotten to put on my slippers until I reached the door.

It was embarrassing, but I had no choice but to go back.

“When you went out for work earlier, you told me you’d prepare dinner yourself.” Scarlett stared at me, confused.

I kept mum and didn’t reply, and instead rushed downstairs like a bolt of lightning.

During dinner time, I didn’t say a word.I was still thinking about the three words that I didn’t tell her just now.They were just simple, sweet words.So why couldn’t I say them out loud?

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 230 The Most Expected Three Words

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