Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 201

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 201 Pestering

Charles’ POV: “Yes, Charles. Please go ahead.” Casting a glance at me from the corner of her eyes, Scarlett was also driving me away, but for some reason I felt that she didn’t really mean it. “Okay, I’m leaving, then.” Saying that in a gentle tone, I stood up, and lowered my head to whisper in her ear, “I don’t have a driver to take me home, so please wait for me after you’ve had dinner. I would like you to give me a ride back. Besides, I might get drunk. You know how clients can be. right?”

Scarlett nodded in response. With a satisfied smile, I gave her a peck on the cheek before I left. I heard her shouting behind me in an angry voice, “You bastard!” Once I was out of the private room, I took out my cellphone and deleted Nina’s text. It was thanks to her message that I was able to manage to rearrange my dinner appointment with my client and meet Scarlett at this restaurant. In fact, I was looking forward to going home with Scarlett later. Perhaps, I could use the excuse of being drunk to hold her in my arms and do something naughty. Although my heart was filled with the excitement of anticipation, the reality of it was a lot crueler. After seeing my clients off, I returned to the private dining room, but to my surprise, only Richard was there. “Why are you here?” “Janet asked me to pick you up.” Richard seemed to be nervous as he stood by the door. “Where is Scarlett?” Looking around the empty room, my expression darkened at once. She lied to me again! “She has already gone back to the Moore mansion,” Richard replied. Upon hearing that, my anger dissipated a little. At least I would be able to see her at home. I quickly left the restaurant and went to Scarlett’s favorite dessert shop. My mother was delighted to see the desserts in my hand when I got home, and she held out her hand to me. “What a good boy!” Feeling a little guilty, I subconsciously hid the box of desserts behind my back and said, “I’m sorry, mom. These are for Scarlett. I’ll buy you some next time.” “You brat!” She glared at me and added impatiently, “Go upstairs. Scarlett is in the nursery.” I walked up to her and gave her a hug. “Thanks for understanding, mom.” However, she pushed me away coldly. As soon as I went upstairs, I saw that the room to the nursery was closed. It was probably even locked from the inside. “Scarlett?” I tried to knock on the door several times, but there was no response at all. With a frown, I took out a key and tried to open the door, but to my surprise, it did not work, so I could not help

but wonder if the lock was broken. I called out to Scarlett, but she did not respond. Frowning, I walked downstairs and asked my mother, “Mom, did you see Scarlett enter the nursery?”

“Yes. AnI also saw her asking someone to change the lock. I can’t believe that Scarlett is so wary of you. What did you do?” she teased with a smile. Feeling a headache, I massaged my forehead. Clearly, women were really complicated things, and they were the most unpredictable ones. The next morning, I woke up early, and waited outside the nursery. Since it was a weekday, I knew that Scarlett would have to come out of the room to go to work. Not long after, she opened the door and walked out. She seemed to be sleepy. Her hair was loosely hanging over her shoulders, contrasting her fair skin. I found it so hard to take my eyes off her and focus. “Scarlett.” At first, I wanted to confront her, but after seeing how beautiful she was, I could not help subconsciously softening my tone. Startled, she looked at me and stammered, “Ch… Charles? Why are you up so early?” “Yes, since I did not find you at the restaurant after my dinner last night, I got up early to wait outside the nursery door to see you.” I approached her, and she stepped back until her back was against the door. She was trying to avoid my gaze. “Why did you change the lock?” I questioned her, pinching her chin. She fluttered her eyelashes and answered in a loud voice, “Of course, it was to prevent someone from sneaking into the room their ex-wife was sleeping, in the middle of the night.” “Ex-wife?” Those words really infuriated me as I pinched her soft cheeks and continued, “Believe it or not, I’ll go to the TV station and put up a banner that says, producer Scarlett ruthlessly abandoned her husband.” “How dare you! Quit messing around!” I could tell that she was anxious by the way she shook off my hand. However, I entwined my fingers with hers, unwilling to let go. Stunned by my moves, her face turned red. “Didn’t you promise that you would wait for me last night? Why did you leave before me?” I took her hand and gently bit it. Scarlett tried to take her hand away, but I did not allow it. She struggled for a long time to free herself, but our hands only clasped more tightly. Staring at me with a helpless look in her eyes, she asked, “Why should we go home together? You are my ex husband, so there is no reason for me to wait for you.” When I heard those cruel words, I immediately felt like there was a hand, squeezing my heart, draining the life out of it. “You can’t just disassociate yourself from me, Scarlett.” I quickly lowered my head and kissed her lips. Although it was just a peck, she was not able to dodge it. As her face turned red again, she stomped on my foot and ran away.

“Your favorite dessert is in the fridge,” I shouted after her, watching her leave.

Scarlett stopped for a moment, and I noticed that her ears were red. She then quickened her pace

and walked out of my sight.

Scarlett’s POV: Only after arriving at the TV station did I take out my phone. I saw that there were so many missed calls from Charles last night. I then suddenly remembered him kissing me that morning, and I could not help blushing.

“Scarlett!” Nina screamed, frightening me. My hands slipped, and I dropped my phone on the desk. “You scared me,” I complained. Clicking her tongue, she poked my cheek. “I have been calling youname for a while now. What are you so busy thinking about? Your face is so red. Weryou thinking of something dirty?” “No!” I retorted loudly, attracting the attention of everyone around me. I immediately lowered my voice in embarrassment and continued, “I’m just thinking about the dessert I had for breakfast.” “Was it something that Charles bought for you?” I found it very shocking that Nina was able to see right through me just by a glance. After a long pause, I finally asked, “How did you know?” “I know you well enough, my friend.” Nina pulled up a chair and sat down beside me before she whispered in my ear, “What’s going on with you and Charles right now?” I thought for a long time before I finally said, “Well, I never even thought that such a thing was possible in the past. And I have never once imagined that he would treat me like this. He was the one who filed for a divorce, and now he’s the one that’s pestering me. I keep trying my best to avoid him, but I can tell that it is not a permanent fix to the problem at all.” Nina nodded in agreement. “He can surely find you no matter how much you try to hide, too.” Before I could realize, I found myself glancing at my phone. “Scarlett, if you really don’t have feelings for him anymore, then why don’t you take my suggestion from earlier, and find yourself a man?” Nina held my hand and added tentatively, “If he sees that you’re in love with someone else, then maybe it will be easy for him to move on, right?” “Well, knowing the kind of man he is, I am sure he will make my boyfriend move on before he does,” I said with a wry smile.

Nina thought for a while and smiled awkwardly. “You are right. I’ve run out of ideas. What’s your plan? Are you going to let him continue to pester you?” Before I could answer, I suddenly heard someone calling me. I turned around and saw the receptionist walking towards me with a bunch of roses in her arms. All of a sudden, I felt like there was an alarm that just went off in my heart. “Scarlett, you are so popular! Your pursuer keeps sending flowers to the TV station.” Under everyone’s intense gaze, the receptionist put the bouquet in my hands. Nina raised her eyebrows with a curious expression. My other colleagues also started teasing me. Pretending to be calm, I thanked the receptionist before I narrowed my eyes at my colleagues. “Looks like you’re all free at the moment. How about we have a meeting?” Hearing that, the colleagues immediately scattered. Nina looked at me with eagerness in her eyes

as she asked excitedly, “Who sent them?” Who else could it be except Charles?

Ulooked down at the flowers. The roses were as bright as fire, and it reminded me of the irresistible

charm of Charles.

All of a sudden, my phone rang. But Nina reacted faster than I did. She took the phone and put it in my hand. “It’s a call from Charles. I guess he was the one that sent you the flowers.” I pushed the phone back to her and said, “Answer it for me.”

She shook her head in response, but I blinked my eyes at her, looking so pitiful. “Damn it! It’s not a surprise that Charles can’t give up on you. Your doe eyes make even my heart flutter!” Nina covered her chest exaggeratedly, hesitated for a moment, before she finally answered the phone. Holding the bouquet in my hands, I looked at her without even blinking my eyesAfter a few words, Nina hung up and looked at me with dissatisfaction. “When Charles heard my voice, he became as cold as ice.” Hearing that, I hugged Nina to comfort her. “He’s the one that sent the flowers, and he asked me to tell you that if you don’t like them, you can throw them away,” Nina said with a sigh.

I was in a dilemma as I stared at the beautiful blossoms in my hand, feeling a little helpless.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 201 Pestering

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