Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 99 The Questioning Of The Elders

Chapter 99 The Questioning Of The Elders

Charles’ POV:

“Charles, what are you even talking about? Scarlett is family. If we don’t support her, who will? Besides, Nate came to our house to make trouble. If we keep silent, then how was that fair to Scarlett?” Grandma scolded me.

“Yes, Scarlett is your wife. Even if you don’t help her, you shouldn’t make such sarcastic remarks!” My mom also glared at me.

I rubbed my temples irritably as I argued, “Who is the heir of this family? Why aren’t you defending me?”

“It is because you are the heir that we have to discipline you. Men in the Moore family have always loved their wives. You are the only weirdo here.” Grandma picked up the teacup and snorted. ‘But I do love my wife! She’s the one that doesn’t take my feelings seriously.’ Since I could not defend myself now, I had no choice but to keep quiet.

“Scarlett is such a good girl. If you don’t cherish her now, then you will regret it later. But if you can’t change yourself, then you should at least be a decent man and divorce her.” My mom continued to nag me.

“But if you do choose to divorce her, then the doors of this house will not open for you again, Charles,” Grandma threatened.

I cast a resentful glance at the culprit, only to find that she was also looking at me.

She seemed to be very happy to see me being targeted by my family, because she was smiling brightly. I looked away, but my heart was racing and I could not calm down even after a long time. I was not in the mood to listen to Grandma and my mom’s nagging anymore. Scarlett’s smile was the only thing on my mind.

All of a sudden, I felt like the entire room was silent, and when I came back to my senses, I noticed the elders staring at me.

I touched my nose and sat up straight. I was so lost in thought that I didn’t even notice what they were talking about.

“Why did you stop? Please, continue. Don’t keep staring at me. Is there something on my face?” I cleared my throat and broke the silence.

“Try to be serious and don’t turn a deaf ear to our words.” After a moment’s glance at me, Grandma ignored me.

I didn’t say anything to defend myself because I knew that it would be of no use at the moment. Besides, I was already a sinner in their eyes. To them, I was an   unfaithful lover who must be nailed to the pillar of humiliation. 2

“When are you going to end your relationship with Rita? I don’t believe that the child Rita is carrying is yours. Just sort out the mess quickly. Rita and her family are like chewing gum stuck to the shoe, gross and disgusting.” My mother gave me a calm glance as she wanted to get a clear answer from me. Indeed, i had put off the matter for far too long, which was giving Rita and her family a chance to show their villainous sides. 2

Without replying to them immediately, I was silent for a moment before I turned to Scarlett. I noticed that she was also staring at me with her bright eyes, as though she was complaining that I lacked a sense of responsibility.

All of a sudden, a helpless feeling clouded my heart. She was still not believing me. And every time Rita was mentioned, Scarlett would be vigilant. I withdrew my gaze and turned to the others. “Why did you ask me to come back today?”

“Nate said that you ruined his business, and he came here today to ask for an explanation,” my father, who was silent until now finally spoke up.

“I didn’t do any such thing.” I leaned against the sofa, playing with my ring.

“I too believe that Charles would not have done such a thing.” Scarlett spoke up for me hurriedly before she added in whispers, “Besides, he won’t do such a thing for me.” 1

Although her voice was very low, I still heard what she said.

I felt disheartened, because no matter how many times I had explained it to her, she still did not believe that Rita’s child was not mine. And now, she also thought that I would not have punished Nate for what he had done to her.

I could not understand her at all.

“I don’t believe it. Although the Lively family is not as powerful as they were before, they are not to be trifled with. There are only a handful who would dare to provoke him in public. Moreover, the matter was handled very decisively and efficiently this time, and I believe that Charles is the only one who can pull that off,” Grandpa said in a calm voice. Although he was not an active part of the business world anymore, I was certain that he knew about the workings of it all.

“Charles, admit it. You did it, didn’t you?” my dad asked.

“I have no reason to do so.” I did not want to admit it because I did not want to give Scarlett the idea that she was indebted to me once again, and I did not want her to say something that I would not want to hear.

Besides, she might suspect that I had some kind of an ulterior motive. My heart   ached when I thought of the fact that no matter what I did for her, Scarlett was not moved at all.

“What other reason could you possibly need? Scarlett is the reason.” My mother was taking things for granted.

“Scarlett doesn’t regard herself as my wife at all. In her eyes, we are never a couple. In fact, she wishes that she would never see me again,” I sneered with displeasure. Everyone knew that I loved Scarlett, but she didn’t believe it. She pretended to be deaf and blind to my confessions, and kept trying to push me away.

“What nonsense are you even talking about? It is all your fault. Why did you even start messing around with Rita?” Grandma was furious. She picked up a magazine and threw it on me. I reached out my left hand to grab the magazine, feeling helpless about her anger.

However, I knew that she was right. Everything did start because of the promise I made to Rita. I had only wanted to repay her at that time, and I had never expected that I would be hurting the most important person in my heart. 2

“Grandma, calm down. Don’t be angry. Charles’ right hand hasn’t recovered yet,” Scarlett comforted her in a nervous tone when she saw Grandma hitting me.

She seemed to be worried about me, and seeing that, my heart softened instantly, like butter on a hot day. “Scarlett.” Grandma sighed and then continued, “Can you withdraw the indictment and not divorce Charles?”

Before Scarlett could reply, I said, “Even if there is such an indictment, I promise that you won’t be able to divorce me.”

Grandma immediately glared at me. “Shut up.”

“Rita is pregnant. What can I do? Leaving him seems like the only solution we have now,” Scarlett complained to Grandma with a gloomy expression.

Are you jealous, Scarlett?” Alice teased.

I raised my eyebrows, looking at Scarlett as I wondered what she was thinking about.

Scarlett explained in a hurry, “I’m not jealous… I just don’t want to put everyone in a dilemma.”

“You keep saying that you’re not jealous, and yet, every time we mention Rita, you seem unhappy. Besides, we are not in a dilemma at all. We’re happy as long as you and Charles are happy. You just need to follow your heart, and nothing else will matter.” My mother disagreed with Scarlett.

I gloated at Scarlett. She blushed, but she continued to be stubborn as she explained that she was not jealous at all. I was glad that someone finally forced her to face her   true feelings. “It’s not a shame to be jealous,” I said coldly.

Scarlett glared at me, signaling me to shut up.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 99 The Questioning Of The Elders

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