Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 90 Savior

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 90 Savior

Charles’ POV:

I kicked the door open. What I saw next made my blood boil. Without thinking, I strode over and threw a chair at Nate. His eyes widened, and he scampered at the sight of me.

However, I grabbed his collar and kicked him many times on his vital parts, which sent him curled up in pain. 2

Nate stumbled to the floor and tried to stand up, but I did not let him get away. I punched him several times more and hit his head on the floor. “I have warned you before,” I reminded in a cold and menacing tone. 2

He was in so much pain that he could not fight back, much less move. One of his teeth had fallen, and blood oozed out of the corner of his mouth. “Sp… spare me,” he implored. 1

“This is just the beginning.” I warned as I kicked him again and again.

“Charles… help me…” Scarlett called weakly.

I snapped back to reality when I heard her voice. I immediately let go of Nate, rushed to Scarlett’s aid, and carried her in my arms.

Half of her face had been beaten black and blue, and there was a strangulation mark on her neck. My heart broke as I gazed at her curled up in my arms. Seeing that the woman that I loved so much was treated like this, I kicked Nate hard again on the way out.

The driver who was waiting outside the restaurant was mortified to see Scarlett like this. He immediately opened the door for us, no questions asked.

Once we were in the car, the driver turned to me and asked, “Mr. Moore, shall we go to the hospital?”

“Go to the Empire Hotel and call a female doctor,” I ordered in a low voice.

I took Scarlett to the presidential suite of the hotel. She must be in excruciating pain that she kept groaning all the way.

I wanted to undress her to see if she had other injuries aside from what I had seen earlier, but she stopped me.

“Honey, let me check if you’re okay,” I whispered reassuringly.

Scarlett’s eyes fluttered open. The instant she saw me, she shrank back and moved her hand away.

I touched her neck gently. “Why did you go out to see Nate?”

“Do you think I want to see him?” Scarlett retorted in an aggrieved tone. She then paused for a second and, all of a sudden, broke into tears. “I wanted to leave!” 1

For a second, I felt like boiling water was being poured over my heart, but the pain radiated to my body. It was then that I realized how helpless and terrified Scarlett must have been. I held up her face and kissed her forehead lovingly to somehow ease her distress. “This will never happen again. But Scarlett… why didn’t you call me in advance?”

Speaking of which, my grievance became annoyance. Scarlett had always been stubbom and willful. She never relied on me, even if her safety was at stake. 1

“It was too late,” Scarlett glumly replied.

“Scarlett, from now on, I want you to tell me every time you go see someone.” I laid Scarlett down on the hotel bed and started unbuttoning her pants.

“No, you can’t do this.” Scarlett pushed my hand away and bit her lips. Her face was also red, probably from shame. “Don’t look at me.”

I snorted. “But you’re hurt.”

My eyes fell on her bruises on her waist and neck, and my heart ached yet again. With a sigh, I decided to put back her clothes. I then moved closer to her and gently asked, “Where else did you get hurt?”

Scarlett was hesitant for a moment. But in the end, she decided to show her hand. Her palm was ******, and tiny pieces of glass were protruding from her skin.

I could not help but curse inwardly. How I wish I could go back to the restaurant and kill Nate right now.

“It seems that I owe you something again,” Scarlett mumbled with a heavy sigh. 1

I must admit, what she had said made my hackles rise. The last thing I wanted to see was her being polite and distant to me.

Exasperated, I grasped her wrist and said through gritted teeth, “I don’t want to hear that from you again. You don’t owe me anything because we’re a couple, and it’s only right for me to take care of you. You shouldn’t feel guilty.”

Scarlett struggled to get out of my grasp. “Let go of me. If my wrist gets injured, I won’t be able to cook for you anymore.”

“I am not lacking a cook,” I replied crossly.

At that moment, a knock sounded at the door. I let go of Scarlett’s wrist and answered the door. Standing outside was the female doctor whom I had requested. She also had a bulky medical box in her hand. Without a word, I stood aside and let

her in.

She examined Scarlett’s injuries thoroughly. When she saw the wound on Scarlett’s hand, she took out tweezers and gently plucked the broken glass one by one.

Cold sweat broke out of Scarlett’s forehead because of the pain, but she did not say a word.

When I noticed her apprehensiveness, I could not help but shout at the doctor, “Can you be any gentler?!”

The doctor got startled. “Sorry. Yes, I will,” she anxiously answered.

It took her more than ten minutes to remove all the glass fragments from Scarlett’s palm.

“You can leave now. I’ll do the rest.” With a stone-cold expression, I took the bandage from the doctor and drove her away.

She seemed relieved that she could finally get out of here. With that, she hurriedly instructed me how to apply medicine and left the room afterward.

“You scared her,” Scarlett helplessly said.

I lowered my head and wrapped her hand with a bandage. “Am I that terrifying?”

“Come on. You stood there with a long face and shouted at her while she was doing her job. I would’ve been scared of you too.” Scarlett pouted her lips. She now looked livelier than she was a while ago.

“I was just worried you’d get hurt because of her.” Once I was done bandaging her hand, I stood up and took the ointment for bruises. “Lift up your shirt.”

“What… what are you going to do?” Scarlett quickly pulled the hem of her clothes and looked at me warily.

“I’m going to treat your bruises.”

Regardless of her objection, I gently moved her hands away and lifted her shirt, revealing her waist. Her skin was as white as milk, and her waist was slim. She looked so fragile as if she would easily bend and break. I looked at her with dissatisfaction. “Haven’t you been eating well?”

“I didn’t mean to lose weight. It’s just that I’ve been too busy recently that I sometimes forget to eat,” Scarlett explained with her lips curled into a pout. Like a child reasoning out with her parents, she could not look at me in the eye as she spoke. 1

I paused for a second upon hearing her response. I thought that she had lost weight because she could not sleep or eat because of me. I could not help but laugh at myself for being hopelessly romantic. With a sardonic smile, I tightened my grip as if

to punish her. 1

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 90 Savior

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