Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 85 Have A Fever

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 85 Have A Fever

Scarlett’s POV:

When I realized that Charles had fooled me, I was very upset. Just when I was about to push him away, he raised his hand and touched my forehead as he said in a nervous voice, “Scarlett, you seem to be burning up. Do you have a fever?”

“Really? I don’t know.” Thinking that I was only feeling weak because Charles had scared me, I touched my forehead.

He gently put me on the bed and covered me with the blanket as he said, “Hold on a minute.”

He then quickly walked to the living room, found a thermometer, and handed it to me. “Check your temperature.”

Taking the thermometer from him, I pouted.

Charles glanced at me, and said, “You are an adult. Don’t you know it when you are sick?”

I got up in a hurry and defended myself, “I thought that it was because of lack of sleep. I should be fine if I just rest for a while. Besides, you scared me with your inexplicable words this morning, so it’s your fault.”

Seeing that I was wronged, his expression softened. He reached out and rubbed my nose with a helpless look in his eyes as he said, “It’s my fault, yes. Lie down and rest like a good girl.”

Five minutes later, Charles took the thermometer, and his expression darkened when he saw the reading. “It’s 102 degrees, Scarlett! How can you not take care of yourself?”

I cleared my throat and hinted, “Maybe, I have been too worried lately, and that’s what caused me to crack. If you want me to recover quickly, then you must cooperate with me. Like finding time to sign some documents.”

“Just give it up. Since you are sick, I will take good care of you. As for the documents you want me to sign…” After a pause, Charles leaned closer and added, “Don’t even think about it.”

“How do you know what documents I am talking about?” I asked, looking at him innocently.

“It must be the divorce agreement, I am sure,” Charles said lazily and stood up.

Frustrated, I closed my eyes, not wanting to talk to him anymore.

Charles tucked me in and seemed a little unhappy. He said to himself, “It’s me who got hurt on my forehead, but no one takes care of me. On the contrary, I have to take care of you.” I slowly opened my eyes and cast a glance at him. “This is a punishment for your neglect.”

“That’s nonsense,” Charles retorted helplessly. He then covered my eyes with his palm and continued in a soft voice, “Get some rest. I’m going to prepare breakfast.” Feeling the warmth of his hand, I said dryly, “You can go to work now. I’m fine on my own.”

“Don’t keep trying to drive me away. Right now, the only priority I have is to take care of my wife. Nothing is more important to me than you.” There was a hint of flirtation in his voice.

“Shame on you.” I could not help but blush at his words.

“I like it better when you’re on me,” he added, continuing to be the cheeky devil.

I pursed my lips and closed my eyes, ignoring him. While Charles went to the kitchen, I sat up, and called Nina, asking her to come over.

I was not sure how long I waited for her to show up, and just when my eyelids started to feel heavy, I heard the doorbell.

I got out of bed and was about to open the door for Nina, but Charles got to it before I could.

“Hi, Charles. What a surprise! You are here too.” Nina gave him an awkward greeting as she was also not expecting him to be there.

Charles raised his eyebrows and glanced at me with a meaningful look in his eyes. I gave him a stiff smile. Did he find out about my plans once again? After entering my bedroom, Nina complained, “Scarlett, why didn’t you tell me that Charles is here? If I had known, I would not have come.”

“Nina, can you do me a favor? I don’t want to stay alone with him in the same room, so could you please help me send him away?” I asked her expectantly.

“This is your private matter, and it won’t be appropriate for me to get involved between you two. Moreover, it is not my principle to break up lovers. If only you and Charles could just admit it and be together.” Nina sounded hesitant.

“Please, help me just this once, okay? I can’t be with him. It is impossible! I already explained the reason to you last night, right?” I continued to plead with her and asked her to help me.

“Although your reason is indeed quite valid, I am still scared. Charles is the man who can make the whole business world shake with just a cough. How can I dare to provoke someone like him? You’re probably the only one who would dare to go up against him,” Nina said hesitantly.

“If you can help me, then I can arrange an interview with him for you.” Using my trump card, I gave her a smile. “If that’s the case, then okay.” Nina made a compromise and added, “Don’t forget what you promised, though.”

I gave her a nod of assurance as I pushed her out. “Hurry up! I am counting on you.”

Once she stepped out of the room, I hid behind the door as I watched what was going on in the living room.

Charles had finished cooking, and he had arranged all the food on the dining table.

Surprised, Nina exclaimed, “Oh my God, Charles, you are such a good cook.”

“Would you like to stay for breakfast?” he offered her. “Sure. It would be an honor, Charles,” Nina readily agreed. She was so excited that she completely forgot about the task that I had given her as she took out her phone to click some pictures of the breakfast.

I walked out of the room, intending to remind her not to forget the plan. “Nina…” I said, winking at her.

“What’s the matter, Scarlett?” Nina glanced at me for a second before she turned to focus on her phone again. “I am going to take a few photos and upload them to Instagram. I need to show off that I had the honor of tasting Charles’ cooking, right?”

I understood that I could not count on her anymore, so I pulled up a chair and sat down next to her.

“Scarlett, taste the fried chicken.” She handed me a piece of the fried chicken excitedly.

“Thank you.” Gritting my teeth, I smiled at her, and winked again. However, she seemed to be oblivious to my hints. ‘What a careless woman!’

“That’s for you, Nina. Scarlett has a fever, and she can’t eat that,” Charles said all of a sudden as he took away the piece of fried chicken from me and pushed forward a bowl of hot chicken broth towards me. I noticed that there were chopped onions in the soup, and frowned. “I don’t want it.”

Nina seemed to have suddenly remembered the task I gave her and cut in, “Scarlett doesn’t want it because her appetite is very low whenever you’re around

Charles blinked his eyes but he gave me an understanding look as he said, “Since Nina is here to take care of you, I will take my leave. Don’t forget to take your medicine after you eat.”

I was not expecting him to leave so quickly. Looking at his back, I sort of felt sad.

After breakfast, Nina washed the dishes for me while muttering, “Charles is such a good man. Are you really going to divorce him? There are not a lot of men who are willing to cook and take care of their wives, you know? I am sure that he really loves you. There must be some kind of misunderstanding between you two.”

“Charles is not faithful. He is good to me, but so is he to Rita. What I want is a dedicated lover. Shouldn’t love be something that only two of us share?” I blurted out while I kept telling myself that divorcing him was really the right thing to do.

“Well… It is indeed a pity that you two can’t be together, but as your friend, I will support you, no matter what you decide.” Nina sighed regretfully.

After cleaning up, she left while I took the medicine and rested the whole day. The evening came, but my fever still was not down. I had no strength to get up, so I continued to sleep.

While I was in a trance, I felt a warm hand touching my forehead. I struggled to open my eyes and saw that it was Charles.

“Charles? Why are you here again?” I asked in a hoarse voice, confused.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 85 Have A Fever

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