Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 75 The Remark Of Her Number

Chapter 75: The Remark Of Her Number

Charles’ POV:

Scarlett’s grievance caused me so much heartache that I felt like a swarm of wasps were stinging my heart. After she left, I walked to Rita with a cold glance in my eyes.

“Why did you go to see Scarlett? If you could not take care of things on your own, then I would have helped you.”

“Charles, what are you even talking about? I don’t understand. I consider her as a part of my family.” Rita looked flustered, but it was obvious that she knew what I meant. She was a smart woman, but her cleverness was used for the wrong things.

“Since when did you become so close to Scarlett? You did not treat her like family when you caused trouble for her, did you?” I sneered.

“I… I have realized that I was wrong before. I was blinded by jealousy, but now, I understand that Scarlett is a good person, so I wanted to invite her to our wedding…”

“That’s unnecessary.” I interrupted her with a frown. The way she nagged people all the time disgusted me.

“What… What do you mean by that?” Rita stammered as she held onto my sleeve.

I pulled my arm away, lit a cigarette, and slowly took a drag. “The wedding is canceled as of now, and as for your last wish, I can compensate you in other ways.” 2

“Charles!” Rita snapped in disbelief. 2

Looking at her shocked expression through the screen of smoke, I felt very calm. “Rita, thank you for saving me back then, and I will try my best to satisfy you monetarily. But if it’s a relationship you want from me, then I am sorry. I can’t give you that. I’m a selfish person, and you have already trampled on my bottom line.”

“No! It’s not like that. Charles, please don’t call off the wedding. I apologize, and I swear I won’t **** you off ever again.” Shaking her head, she pleaded me with tears in her eyes.

“Enough, Rita. Don’t embarrass yourself.” I pulled away coldly.

“It’s all Scarlett’s fault. That *****! If she hadn’t intervened in our relationship, then you wouldn’t have changed your mind. She is the one to blame! She is the third party!” Rita suddenly became hysterical. She almost seemed like she was going to eat Scarlett alive.

“Rita Lively, I don’t want to hear this ever again. Scarlett and I are a real couple, and you have been cheating on me for a long time now. Do you really think that I don’t know what happened between you and Richard?” I warned her with a sneer.

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“I… I can explain. Richard and I are not like that. I am sure it was just someone spreading groundless rumors about us. Someone must have wanted to slander me.”

“I don’t want to hear another word from you.” Disgusted with her, I stubbed the unfinished cigarette and left.

Scarlett’s POV:

As soon as I got home, I received a call from Nina, asking me to join her for dinner at her house. I wasn’t in the mood and I wanted to refuse her, but after her continuous persuasion, I finally agreed.

Nina was from a wealthy family. The same year that she had started working, her parents had bought her a duplex apartment. Moreover, she was a hard-worker, which had financially helped her live the life she wanted over the time.

Nina was the one that prepared the dinner that evening, and it was a sumptuous, fancy French dinner. Feeling full from all the delicious food, I was happy, so I volunteered to help her with the dishes.

“Honey, stay here tonight, okay? Let’s have a girl’s night and chat like the good friends we are,” Nina suggested while feeding her pet in the living room.

I washed the dishes and hesitated for a while, but thinking that Charles would come to my house, I instantly agreed to her proposal.

After a while, Nina walked in with my phone in her hand.

“Honey, your phone is ringing. It seems to be an unknown caller.”

Answer it for me, please.” I raised my hands which were covered in soap foam, indicating that I would not be able to answer the call.

Nina nodded and put my phone on speaker. A cool and pleasant male voice came from the other end of the line.

“Hello, honey.”

“Oh, wait! It’s Nina here, and Scarlett is washing the dishes. Hold on, I’ll hand the phone to her.” Nina was startled when she heard Charles’ voice, and quickly handed me the phone.

I wiped my hands awkwardly and took the phone from her. Nina, on the other hand, ran out of the kitchen, rubbing her palms as if she was afraid of hearing something that she should not be hearing. “Why didn’t you save your husband’s number?” she muttered.

“Why aren’t you home?” Charles complained. 1

“Nina invited me to her house for dinner. Well, I have to go. I’m doing the dishes.”

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“I miss you, honey.” His low voice was so seductive that it made me freeze. I quickly said, “I am hanging up now.”

“I’ll pick you up later,” he said to me in a decisive manner.

It looked like he was done coaxing Rita, and was coming over to coax me now. ‘Is he really that bored?’ Ignoring his words, I hung up, and told Nina not to open the door for him if he showed up.

However, the moment Charles was at her door, Nina betrayed me.

Nina pushed me out and closed the door with a bang, ruthlessly locking me outside.

Under the cold night breeze, I stood in front of Charles, shivering as I cursed Nina for being so heartless to me.

“Why haven’t you saved my number?” Charles asked.

“Why bother, anyway? Besides, what if people get the wrong idea?” I pouted indifferently.

“What kind of wrong idea could they possibly get? Isn’t it only normal?” he asked angrily as he pulled his tie a bit, feeling annoyed. I smoothed the wrinkles on my dress, and whispered, “It’s obviously not normal at all!

“Why is it not normal?” Charles asked again.

I curled my lip. It was meaningless to argue with him as I had no chances of winning

“We are a couple, so there’s nothing to hide,” he added.

“What about you? Have you saved my number as ‘Honey’?” I retorted, annoyed. Charles snorted as he took out his phone from his pocket and showed me his contacts screen. My number was indeed saved as Honey.

I widened my eyes in surprise.

When he saw that I fell silent, he smiled with satisfaction and said, “Do you believe me now? I saved your number, so why didn’t you do the same? Don’t you have any conscience?”

“You must have saved it right before you rang the doorbell. I didn’t expect you to play such dirty tricks just to triumph,” I said stubbornly, turning to face away. “What do you mean by that? If you think that we’re playing some kind of a game here, then I’ll admit defeat right away. I am willing to lose to you.”

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I could not get used to him being so affectionate all of a sudden. Taking a deep breath, I changed the topic. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to take you back home.” Saying that, Charles reached out his hand.

I ignored him and tried to run awafrom him, but he lifted me, carrying me over his shoulder.

I patted him on the back as I struggled. “You are being so unreasonable!”

“Will you be obedient if I’m reasonable?” he asked. “I… I’ll think about it.”. I cleared my throat and decided to fool him. “I’ll reason with you once you’ve decided.” “No, no. I haven’t taken my bag yet.” I wanted to use the excuse to sneak away from


Unexpectedly, Nina opened the door, and handed me my bag.

“Nina, you showed up just at the right time. Were you peeping at us this whole time?” I became listless in an instant. I couldn’t help but suspect that Nina was actually on Charles’ side.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 75 The Remark Of Her Number

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