Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 72 The News

Chapter 72 The News

Scarlett’s POV:

Charles’ touch completely distracted me.

I knew that he wanted to sleep with me.

I was madly in love with him, so I was unable to resist his touch at all. In fact, in my head, I had imagined us having *** so many times by now. However, now I felt like I was not ready.

And fortunately for me, he was not so crazy as to do it. Only when I saw him leave did I finally breathe a sigh of relief. Upon hearing the sound of water running in the bathroom. I figured that he was going to take a shower before he continued our romance. I quickly got up from the bed, tidied up my dress, and sneaked out of the house.

I decided to stay in a hotel for the night, thinking that he would leave on his own if he could not find me in the room when he got out of the bathroom.

I felt like it was ridiculous for me to run away from my own house in order to avoid sleeping with a man. And yet, I still did not know how to face him.

As soon as I left the building, I heard a familiar voice coming from behind me.

“Where are you going, Scarlett?”

I turned around in a hurry, and saw Charles walking towards me.

“How… How could you wash up so fast?” I stammered in nervousness.

“I can guess what you were thinking about. You ran away from home trying to avoid me, didn’t you?” Charles bantered with me. The closer he got to me, the weaker my knees felt. I could not help taking a step back, trying to avoid his masculine scent.

“No, I didn’t run away. That’s my home! Why would I do such a thing? I just came out to buy some groceries.” I raised my head, in an attempt to look and sound more confident

“Okay, then. I’ll go with you,” Charles said flatly.

Whenever I was with him, I would always end up putting myself in a sticky situation.

Although I was angry. I could not show it. All I could do was pretend like I was calm as I walked to the nearby supermarketi

And Charles followed me closely. His tall and handsome appearance caught a lot of attention. However, I had no choice but to ignore him.

Before entering the supermarket, a gust of cold wind blew, which caused me to shiver and put my hands in my pockets

“Use my hand, instead.”

When I was not expecting it, he pulled my hand out from my pocket and held it. His hands were dry and warm as they completely wrapped my palm.

“Charles! Don’t do this to me! Are you seriously that eager to sleep with me?” I couldn’t stand it anymore, and my heart was racing.

“Yes, I am,”

he replied in a very calm voice.

I felt like I had really underestimated his shamelessness,

Completely embarrassed, I tried to withdraw my hand from his.

“But I don’t want to sleep with you. So can you let go of me?”

Even after trying for a while, I could not get rid of his hand that was gripping mine tightly

“It’s fine. I am not a monster, and I am not going to force you.” Saying that, he gave me a graceful smile. But I thought that he was doing it on purpose, which infuriated me more.

“Aren’t you a monster in a human form? How many times have you sneaked a kiss in the past few days? You even touched my chest. And you…” I would not have been able to speak of such things openly on a normal day, but now, I was angry. so I did not care.

“You are so cute, Scarlett!” Charles only chuckled and kissed my lips again, stopping me from complaining any further.

“No, I can’t always let him be so insatiable.”

Annoyed and embarrassed, I bit my lip and tried to fight back “A very special kiss, indeed.”

With smiling eyes, he finally let go of me.

Feeling powerless, I gave up on arguing with him. After all, I could never be as shameless as he was.

When we arrived at the supermarket, I randomly picked up some snacks and was

about to pay, but…

“By the way. I think we might also need this, so how about we get it too?” Charles

Chuoler 72 The New said all of a sudden, standing in front of a shelf that was not too far away.

I followed his gaze and noticed that it was a shelf full of condoms of different kinds. He took a box from it and pretended to put it in my shopping basket.

Seeing that, my face burned with rage.


Annoyed and iritable, I stomped my foot on the ground, but he did not seem to care at all.

“You can use it by yourself.”

Saying that, I strode away, without even looking at him.

“Scarlett, don’t be angry now.”

I walked out of the supermarket, but he caught up with me soon after and followed me back home. I felt helpless, but he insisted on staying over at my house, and promised that he would not touch me again. And since I could not say no to him, I had no choice but to agree.

Fortunately, Charles didn’t break his promise, and our night was a peaceful one.

After a good night’s sleep, I rubbed my eyes, and got up to make breakfast. I also turned on the TV to watch the news. It was a part of my morning routine as I was also a TV show host..

But I was shocked when I heard the news. A picture of me and Charles kissing in public was on TV. I never thought that we were photographed.

I ran to the guest room in a hurry, and pushed open the door without even knocking first. “Charles, a picture of you kissing me has been exposed!”

“Yes, my secretary has informed me.” Saying that, he looked at me with calmness in his eyes.

He was neatly dressed, and was wearing a tie.

I was stunned when I saw him like that.

“You… Don’t you plan on doing something about it? If Rita sees the picture, she will misunderstand us.”

“So what if she sees it? I was only kissing my wife on the street. It’s not like I did something against the law.” Charles adjusted his tie, raising his eyebrows at me.

I was rendered speechless. I suddenly remembered what he had said to me at the hospital. He had told me that he loved me.

However, I had not been able to believe it then, or now, for that matter.

I looked at him, not knowing what to say.

Scarlett, we are a couple. It’s only right for the public to know about it.” Charles said softly and held my hand.

But I still could not find my voice.

That moment, I heard the doorbell ring.

I seized the opportunity to run out of the guest room.

Since Charles was there with me, I opened the door without hesitation. There was a strange man standing in front of me.

“Hello, Miss Riley. I’m Mr. Lively’s driver.” The man took off his hat and greeted me with a kind smile.

“Hello.” Deep in my heart, I had a bad feeling.

He quickly handed me a well-wrapped satin box. “Here is a gift from Mr. Lively.”

I sneered. It was that filthy man again.

“What’s wrong?”

Before I could refuse him, Charles walked up to me from behind. He glanced at the gift box in the driver’s hand and took it. The driver probably knew him, so he repeated his words.

“Did Mr. Lively say anything else?” Charles asked.

And the driver shook his head in response.

Since I did not want anything to do with Nate, I grabbed the gift box, and threw it at the driver’s face before I slammed the door on him.

“Don’t accept his gift for me, Charles.”

“Why not?” Charles asked in confusion.

“It’s because my relationship with him is not good enough to be exchanging gifts.” I made up an excuse as I did not want to tell Charles that Nate was trying to keep me as his mistress.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 72 The News

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