Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 69 Encounter

Chapter 69 Encounter

Rita’s POV:

Charles had been getting more and more indifferent toward me lately, which left me feeling all flustered and restless. Did I do something wrong?

At this time, Richard walked in with a bunch of roses in his hand. What was wrong with this man?

“Where have you been? Did you find anything?” I had sent him to keep an eye on Scarlett, but he had returned with no useful information.

“I haven’t found anything unusual, babe.” Richard put the roses in the vase, turned around, and looked at me fawningly.

“Oh, you worthless goon! Have you really been keeping an eye on Scarlett like I told you to? Charles has been giving me the cold shoulder! It has to be her fault!” I rushed up to him, grabbed the vase, and shattered it on the floor.

Richard did not even flinch. He had been guarding me for so long that he had gotten used to my mood swings and erratic behavior. Without saying a word, he just went ahead and started cleaning up the mess I made.

“I asked you a question, Richard!” I could not stand it when he answered me with the silent treatment.

“Spencer has opened a new bar. Maybe we can ask him what’s going on with Charles and Scarlett,” he finally suggested.

That lit up a bulb in my head. Spencer was Charles’s good friend. Why had I never thought of asking him?

“Thank you. That’s a great idea.”

With a smile, I tiptoed and kissed Richard’s Adam’s apple. The dejection on his face disappeared in an instant, and he had completely succumbed to my charm. He stretched out his arms and attempted to wrap them around me. I knew he wanted more.

But I did not let him succeed. I pushed him away and said, “You stay here. I’11 change and go to Spencer’s new bar.”

Spencer’s family was mainly engaged in the entertainment industry, and they had almost complete monopoly over Los Angeles’ bar scene. Even though Charles and Spencer had been friends since they were little boys, they were completely different. Charles did not mess around with women while Spencer was a frivolous flirt.

I flicked my wavy hair and practiced my charming smile, hoping to get something

helpful out of Spencer.

When I arrived at Spencer’s new bar, I bumped into the person I really wanted to see but was not expecting to

Leaning against the door of his silver Phantom, Charles took a drag from his cigarette. His perfectly sculpted profile was facing me like a bust of a Greek ***. He was in all black but without the suit jacket, and the two topmost buttons of his shirt were undone, revealing a little of his chest. I could not help smiling from ear to ear.

Only a woman out of her **** mind would let go of such a handsome, rich man. I clenched my fists and started walking toward him, my insides burning with sheer excitement.

“Charles!” I called his attention.

He turned around and raised his eyebrows. He seemed surprised to see me.

“What are you doing here, Rita? You’re unwell. A bar is no place for you. Go home.”

He wanted me away the moment he saw me. I was not going to make it easy for him. I softened my features, slumped my shoulders, and started speaking in a gentle tone. “But I haven’t come out for a long time. I’m feeling better today, so I decided to go out and have some fun. I heard that Spencer has opened a new bar, so I came to see it. Will you accompany me?”

“No, Rita. Please go home. You can’t strain yourself. It’ll be more troublesome for you and the people who have to take care of you if your conditions get worse,” Charles replied in a neutral tone and then took another drag from his cigarette. He seemed to be unmoved by my begging.

But luck made us meet here. I was not about to leave and waste the opportunity. Knowing that Charles would not dare stop me, I stepped up, took his hand, and dragged him into the bar.

He kneaded his nose, tossed his half-finished cigarette, and let me tow him. I felt complacent that he still cared about me. Otherwise, he would have forced me into his car and drove me home against my wishes.

Spencer was also surprised at my arrival. Upon laying eyes on me, he looked like he wanted to say something but decided not to say it. If I had to guess, I thought it would fall along the lines of me not being welcome in his new bar. I did not appreciate it, but I just flashed him my best sweet smile.

I almost blew up my own act when I saw Scarlett’s presence. It seemed that Charles was outside waiting for her.

Ever since we walked in, Charles’s eyes had been glued to Scarlett.

I forced a smile and held on tightly to him. “Let’s go to a private room, Charles.”

Ignoring my request, Charles turned to Spencer and said, “Will you get Rita a private


Then, he left.

I pressed my lips together in a thin line as I watched Charles walk away. The back of my eyes started to burn, but I immediately shoved down the emotions that started bubbling to the surface.

“Come, Rita. Let’s get you a VIP room,” Spencer said.

“No, thanks. I have to go get Charles.”

Not even glancing at Spencer’s general direction, I followed Charles. When I caught up with him, I saw him making out with Scarlett near the bathrooms.

My heart leapt to my throat, and I had to grab the nearest wall to support myself as my knees buckled. Was it really Charles? Why was he so obsessed with Scarlett? It was the first time I had ever seen him acting like that. It was not only because he was kissing Scarlett. He was touching and holding her as if it would kill him if he ever let her go. As it turned out, he had some ****** desires, but he only showed them to Scarlett.

In the middle of my trance, a strong hand grabbed my arm, led me into a private room, and shut the door.

“Give up. RitaIf Charles really wants to marry you, no one can stop him. However, he hasn’t divorced yet, and it’s not because he can’t. It’s because he doesn’t want to, “Spencer told me and folded his arms over his chest.

“You don’t know that,” I retorted. I had done so much for Charles. I was unwilling to give up. It was Scarlett who should give up.

“You just saw him kissing his wife. Why are you so desperate to marry him anyway? I mean, you already have your boy toy Richard. Yes, we know that you two are sleeping together. We’re not idiots.” 3

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. There’s nothing going on between me and Richard. You can’t hurl a horrendous accusation like that at me!” I was flustered. How did they know that I had slept with Richard? **** it!

“You have always been so high-profile. It’s difficult for you to keep anything in your life a secret.” Spencer sneered.

“You…” I tried to bite down the hint of embarrassment in my voice, but I failed.

“Just stop, Rita. You’re not doing yourself any favors here. If you keep going on like this, any gratitude Charles has left for you will disappear. Once his vision clears and he realizes that you’ve been trying to fool him, he’ll make your life a living ****. You know that,” Spencer said ruthlessly.

“Charles has hurt my feelings. He promised to marry me, but all he seems to want to do these days is to be with Scarlett. He’s been jerking me around, and I won’t have it!

I snapped. The gloom and distress in my chest lodged a lump in my throat. Scarlett had always been a darling to everyone around her, and it was unfair!

“All right. Don’t say I didn’t try talking some sense into you, Rita. I’m out. I just hope to *** you don’t do anything stupid.” Seeing that I was beginning to get emotional, Spencer did not want to say anything more and ended our conversation.

Once again, my eyes burned with anger. I took out my phone from my purse and dialed Charles, but he did not answer.

Scarlett’s POV:

“Go accompany your Rita, and don’t bother me.” I pushed Charles away. I could not believe he just pinned me against the wall and kissed me in such a public place. Even though the feeling of his lips was still fresh against mine, the image of him and Rita holding hands was still clear as day in my head. I took many deep breaths to keep myself from lashing out.


“Don’t call me that!” I snapped, shoved him back, and returned to my and Nina’s table.

He knew clearly that I had an aversion to Rita, but he still kept her close. The moment I sat down, I emptied my glass, hoping my drink would drown my sorrows.

“May I sit here?” It was Charles’s annoying voice again.

“What are you doing here, Mr. Moore?” Nina raised her head and asked.

“Just waiting for my wife to finish having a good time so that I can take her home,” Charles replied shamelessly.

“Your wife is not here.” I retorted without raising my head and then gulped down a mouthful of wine. Nina had ordered a bottle while I was gone.

“Slow down, Scarlett,” Nina reminded me in a low voice and tugged at my clothes.

“It’s okay. Let her drink. If she gets drunk tonight, I’ll take good care of her in bed.” Charles grinned and poured more wine for me. I saw him wink at Nina, and I rolled my eyes.

I snatched the bottle of wine from his hand and set it on the table. I looked him dead in the eyes and grunted, “Dream on, jerk.”

“Well, it looks like you two are good here. I don’t want to be a third wheel,” Nina said sheepishly, preparing to leave me behind.

“No, we’re not good here, Nina,” I said, trying to stop her.

“It’s okay, honey. Just know that I would like to be your future baby’s godmother, all right?” Nina picked up her purse and beamed at me. Then, she turned to Charles and said, “Mr. Moore, would you be willing to sit with me on an interview?”

“It depends on Scarlett. As long as she agrees, I’ll be fine with it,” Charles said lazily and then glanced at me.

“Then I’ll take that as a yes.” Nina was very happy to receive a satisfactory reply. Before she left, she gave me one last pinch on the cheek.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 69: Encounter

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