Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 67 Ambiguous Relationship

Chapter 67 Ambiguous Relationship

Charles POV After saying goodbye to my grandma, 1 took Scarlett home. Scarlett was silent throughout our way back home. With my hands on the steering wheel, I could not help but teuse her. “I’m afraid that all the employees at the company know that you are my wife now.”

upon hearing that, Searlett turned around, glaring at me. There seemed to be a hint of complaint in her eyes as she asked, “Oh my ***! Why do you have to mention that?

“We are a couple, and I don’t see why we should hide that from them,” I replied casually

**Stop kidding! You know we are not

It was obviously not something that I wanted to hear, but I took a deep breath and stopped talking about it

I couldn’t be too anxious, after all. I was the one who sinned first. I wanted to make it up to her. I wanted her to believe me and accept me

As soon as we got home, Scarlett washed her hands, and rushed into the kitchen, trying to avoid me

I walked into the kitchen, leaned against the wall, and watched as she cooked.

She slightly leaned over the counter and began to chop the vegetables with a knife. Although her knife skills were not as remarkable as those chefs’ on the cooking shows, there was an elegance in her style of holding the knife. And I believed that Muse could not be more attractive than Scarlett in the kitchen

while she was absorbed in her cooking, the apron around her blue dress swayed, making her look quite charming

“Scarlett, you look so adorable when you cook that even someone like Narcissus will be fascinated with you.”

“You’re unctuous! She did not turn around, but I could clearly see that her ears were red

Seeing that I could not help but smile. I felt relaxed whenever she was around. I really hoped to have such days with her in the future,

While I was immersed in admiring her, my phone rang.

I saw the caller ID on the screen, and glanced at Scarlett. She seemed to be quite busy and did not want to talk to me at all

Se I walked to the living room answering the call quietly.

“What’s up, Rita

I was on the verge of losing my patience with Rita. Time and again, she would cry and beg för

me to understand her, even though she would never consider Inly feelings

Charles! I can’t believe what you did! How could you talk to my father like that? Usually. Rita would start our calls with a crying voice, but it was different now! It was evident that her father did not take my words soriously at all. In fact, he had quickly complained to his daughter, thinking that I had offended him “He has been harassing Scarlett. Rita. And I am just getting started. if you had not saved me. I would not have let him go so easily.” I said in a calm voice. “No, no, Charles… Didn’t you say that you were divorcing Scarlett? My father is your future father-in-law. How could you disrespect him so blindly?” Rita’s voice was choked with sobs. 1 could almost imagine the tears in her eyes, because I had already seen them a million times by now. However, I found it strange that I did not feel pity for her as I had before

“Yes, I was.” I said coldly. “Charles? What do you mean by that? Why do you keep delending your ex-wife so much?” Rita raised her voice

Annoyed, I just hung up the phone. I did not expect her to be so insatiable.

Looking at the phone screen, I couldn’t help but frown. I had not thought that she would have such a side to her. It was obviously her father who was in the wrong, but instead of feeling guilty, she was taking his side.

Thinking that I had been trusting the wrong person all along made me sick to my guts, like I had swallowed a fly.

What’s the matter, Charles? Scarlett asked, taking off her apron

“Rita called and complained that I shouldn’t have spoken to her father like that,” I explained, trying my best to keep my emotions in check. I was afraid that Scarlett might get angry again knowing that Rita called.

“Oh, hasn’t she always been like that? Don’t provoke her, okay? She is not in good health right) now.” To my surprise, Scarlett was a lot calmer than I had expected. She took her apron and hung it on the wall.

“Okay. Is dinner ready? Let’s eat! I can’t wait to eat the food you made,” I said softly, holding her hand.

Scarlett had prepared a sumptuous dinner of cream of mushroom soup, lamb chops with black pepper and bacon salad.

Although the ingredients were pretty basic, I felt like it was better than the food served at Michelin restaurants. Moreover, Scarlett had specially cooked it for me. Thinking of that, I nealized that her food was particularly delicious to me.

Scarlett sat from across me at the dinner table, quietly enjoving her salad. Even though she was mot eating her food with elegance like Rita always did, her mannerisms stimulated my appetite.

“Scarlett, I wish I could eat your food every single day.” Even my meaningful compliment did not inspire her to pay attention to me.


I was staring at her when her phone ang all of a sudden Scarlett kept looking at her phone occasionally and would also reply to the messages. With a frown, I walked over to her, and grabbed her phone. I noticed that she was messaging Nina. I felt relieved when I thought that she was not texting some man that I did not know about.

“Honey, are you secretly in a relationship with Charles?”. I did not hesitate as I sat down next to Scarlett, held her waist to stop her from taking her phone back, as I replied to the message.

We are actually a couple” I then loosened my grip on her waist so that she could take her phone back.

“Charles, why did you do that? Don’t talk nonsense!” Scarlett cried out as soon as she saw the message. She withdrew the message, glaring at me.

Aren’t we a couple now?”

I was indifferent to her shyness and her anger as I moved closer to her. Scarlett was so furious that she raised her hand, and tried to push me away, but she was too weak for my strength: 11 grabbed her hand and pulled her into my arms.

Scarlett’s soft ******* clung to my chest, and I could smell a faint hint of peppermint perfume from her body. Although I had always considered myself to be a man with good self-control, even I could not help but admit that I was so fascinated by her at that moment. If only it had been the right time for such things, I would have taken her right then and there.

“Let go of me, Charles. I have to go. I have to meet Nina at the bar.

Trembling, Scarlett pushed me away crossly.

Even if I could not do what I wanted to now, I was not going to let her go so easily.

“I haven’t finished yet. You must have dinner with me,” I whispered in her ear.

“You are not a child. You don’t need an adult to accompany you while you eat your food. Besides, I only promised to cook for you; I never said anything about having dinner with you.” Scarlett’s eyes were cold as she looked at me.

“What if I tell you that I can’t eat without you?” I asked slowly and sensually, looking into her eyes. “Please, just promise that you will have dinner with me, and after that I will take you

Gradually her cheeks began to turn red. Now, I knew for certain that she would not leave me alone

“Okay, fine, but just this once.”

She looked at me helplessly, but I found her reluctance to be rather adorable,

Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 67 Ambiguous Relationship

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