Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 62: Played Tennis

Chapter 62 Played Tennis

Spencer’s POV:

David and I had been at the tennis courts for a long time when Charles and Scarlett finally arrived.

“Hey, buddy. It seems that you’ve been very busy lately. The only time I get to see you is when I turn on the news. I patted Charles on the shoulder and winked and smiled at Scarlett

Charles pulled me away immediately and scowled, “Don’t you wink and smile at her like that.”

“Jeez, Charles. Take it easy!” I chuckled and raised my hands in feigned surrender. Then, I pressed, “You’re the one who’s trying to set me up with Scarlett. Why do you get mad when I try to be nice to her? I don’t know where to put myself around you, honestly.”

Scarlett put on an embarrassed look. Even when she was not smiling, she looked a hundred times cuter than Rita. I still did not understand why Charles chose Rita over Scarlett. We both knew that Scarlett was better.

“Quit being a smart mouth, Spencer. Save your energy for trying to beat me in the court later,” Charles said in an unfriendly tone, casting a sidelong glance at me. I shut up at his threat.

The tennis courts covered a large area and belonged to a five-star hotel. The hotel was one of the many properties of the Moore family. Charles and I used to play tennis here when we were still students

“Scarlett will play against David. Spencer, you’ll play against me.” Charles ordered.

“But I want to play with Scarlett!” I clamored beside Charles, dissatisfied with his arrangement. However, since I just pissed him off by making beautiful eyes at his wife, I did not expect him to be considerate.

As expected, my pouting was useless. Before I could make my case, Charles was already dragging me to our court. We played several games. My knees were already threatening to buckle while Charles did not even look like he was panting. I forgot how he could be so competitive that playing a simple game with him could mean participating in a death march

Like Charles, I did exercise regularly, but I was no match for him in tennis or in any competitive sports for that matter.

“Admit it. Your skills are not as good as mine,” Charles looked at me coldly and pulled me up from the floor a few moments after I sat down to catch my breath.

“Well, I just took a few more glances at your wife. I retorted in between labored breaths and added, “I came here for a friendly game of tennis, not to compete in the Australian Open. Seriously, man, you need to calm down and save your pent-up rage for sex, not take it out on Your friends.”

At this time, Scarlett and David were also done with their game and walking toward Charles and me. Scarlett seemed to catch my last remark and lowered her head, but I still managed to

CHAT OZ Payud Tennis catch a glimpse of her blushing cheeks.

Watch your damn mouth.” Charles flashed me an expressionless glance and then towed Scarlett away. They sat on some nearby benches and tested.

I observed their interaction and found it interesting. I could tell that Charles truly cared about Scarlett.

“What are you looking at?” David asked. Following my gaze, he saw that Charles was wiping the sweat off Scarlett’s forehead. He opened his eyes wide in surprise and commented, “What? When did Charles become so sweet and romantic?”

“You see it, too, don’t you? He turns into a mushy gentleman when it comes to Scarlett. That’s why I don’t believe at all that he has no feelings for her.” 1 narrowed my eyes at them and thought that there was no way that I could be wrong.

“But aren’t they going to divorce? I don’t get it. They’re obviously in love.” David did not understand. He had been hoping for a happily ever after for Charles and Scarlett. But real relationships were more complicated than that

One of them isn’t,” I corrected David’s words. “There wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for Rita. She saved Charles’s life, so she has him by the neck. Honestly, I’m not even convinced that she’s really sick,”

David remarked indignantly. “Judging from her lively appearance, I don’t think she’s a terminally ill patient. I even heard that she’s having an affair with one of her bodyguards. What a depraved woman. Do you think Charles knows about that?”

“Since you do, then it’s safe to say that Charles also does. He must have quelled the rumors to protect Rita. You know how he is.” I patted David on the shoulder and said with a knowing sinile, “Let’s go help our dear Charles realize his feelings for his own wife and stop this madness, shall we?”

After leaving the tennis courts, David and I followed Charles to his car.

“We sent our drivers home.” I told Charles with my head held high. I flashed him a cheeky smile. I was actually impressed at how ballsy I was to provoke him.

“And we’re starving,” David chimed in, putting on a cunning smile.

“So?” Charles challenged. He looked like he was trying to bite down his anger. I almost burst into teary-eyed laughter. David and I did not often see Charles backed into a corner, and now that we had him in such a predicament, I could not help feeling extremely satisfied.

We would like Scarlett to cook for us. And sharing a meal with her will be a great opportunity for us to get to know each other better,” I said casually and shrugged.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Charles sneered.

“Oh, come on, Charles. Get your head out of the gutter. I just meant eating together would be a good bonding session for all of us. I wasn’t trying to imply something inappropriate.”

After saying that, I urged Charles to drive. I was just teasing him, and as expected, he threatened to explode on me like boiling magma inside an active volcano. The entire trip to his place, Charles kept silent, so David and i tacitly shifted the conversation   toward Scarlett

“Scarlett, if you’re having any difficulties in your current job, please know that you can always come to me. My company will always welcome you.”

“She already has me. She doesn’t need your help. Stop talking nonsense, or I’ll kick you out of my car,” Charles growled.

David and I immediately stopped talking and exchanged amused glances. We would have high fived if Charles was not there to see it.

When we walked out of the elevator and arrived at Charles’s apartment, I put my hand on Scarlett’s shoulder. “I can’t wait to taste what you’re going to cook for us, Scarlett.”

Scarlett simply smiled at me and said nothing,

“Get your hand off her,” Charles barked at me.

“Oh, for heaven’s sake, Charles, relax. I’m just being nice,” I snapped and smirked at Charles. I came today to challenge him at every turn, and so far, I had not failed.

Before I could react, Charles removed my hand from Scarlett’s shoulder

“Will you two stop it already?” Scarlett muttered and then put in the password topen the door.

Scarlett, how do you know the password to Charles’s door? I don’t even know it,” David asked curiously

“L…” Scarlett stammered. She obviously did not know how to answer the question.

“Of course she knows the code to Charles’s door, David. She’s his wife, and she must come here often,” I answered for Charles who did not show any sort of reaction.

“Enough with your stupid questions, you two.” Charles groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose as if he was getting a migraine.

It would be ill-advised to keep making fun of Charles and Scarlett, so David and I decided to zip our lips for now. When we entered Charles’s apartment, Scarlett went directly to the kitchen to cook while David and I proceeded to the living room and made ourselves comfortable.

“I really need you two to leave now.” Charles said in exasperation and looked down at us.

We had gone through a lot of trouble to get here. We were not stupid enough to leave without a fight.

I rose from my seat and yelled toward the direction of the kitchen, “Scarlett! Cha…”

“Shut up! Or I’ll break your fucking jaw!”

Charles interrupted me before I could finish my words. I imitated his tone and snickered. Then, I sat back down on the sofa, crossed my legs, and flashed him a complacent look. It seemed that I had found the weakness of the great and almighty Charles Moore, and it was his wife and secret love, Scarlett. I thought it quite amusing that he had not realized that fact himself.

“Are you and Scarlett at a good place in your marriage. Charles?” David asked directly and leaned against the sola

Charles hesitated for a moment and then answered seriously. “My grandma wants us to be.”

I had been Charles’s friend for many, many years. I knew when he was spewing bullshit, and right now was one of those times. I could tell that he desperately wanted to be with Scarlett and that he would make that happen with or without his grandmother’s approval.

At this time, the doorbell rang. Charles promptly turned around to open the door.

I whipped my head toward Charles’s front door. It was getting late. Did he invite someone else to come over?

Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 62 Played Tennis

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