Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 56 Reliable

Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 56 Reliable

Charles POV:

Scarlett pushed me away with all her strength and then rushed to the bathroom. She was like a deer fleeing for safety. For some reason, I found that really cute and could not take my eyes off her.

“Charles, why do you always bully her? Scarlett isn’t as cheeky as you are.” Grandma glared at me. I pretended not to hear what she had said and just stared at the cherry meaningfully.

“Have you ever seen anyone call her husband “brother’? I just wanted to punish her.”

“What do you expect? You’re the one who proposed the divorce, but you keep on delaying it,” Grandma reminded in a serious tone.

I did not expect her to bring up the divorce again. Well, I could not blame

them. After all, all my family knew was that my relationship with Scarlett was just complicated. All of a sudden, the air in the room became stuffy. For a moment, I was at a loss. I did not know how to answer Grandma’s question. She was right, after all.

“I’ve watched Scarlett grow up with my own eyes. We all know she likes you: She may have said that she regards you as her brother, but I don’t think she meant it. You should reflect on yourself, Scarlett is a nice girl. You shouldn’t treat her like this,” Grandma advised.

“Grandma…” I did not want to talk about it anymore

“Charles, if you like Scarlett, then tell her the truth. Stop being a coward, and man up. Scarlett will change her mind sooner or later, and you’ll regret it when that time comes.”

At that moment, the door of the bathroom opened. Grandma immediately stopped talking and continued trimming her roses.

Her words hit my heart like a heavy

hammer. Did Scarlett still love me like she did before? Or had she already moved on? I did not dare to think about

While I was in deep thought, Scarlett walked over. She bit her lip in disdain and stared daggers at me. She must have been dissatisfied with what I had done just now. However, my attention was drawn to her lips, and only one thought came to my mind: I wanted to kiss her.

It took me a moment before I realized I had been staring at her absentmindedly. With that, I quickly looked away.

“Grandma, what were you talking about just now? I think I heard you say ‘regret’. What about it?” Scarlett sat down again: But this time, she sat next to Grandma.

“Nothing. I just gave Charles an earful. He always bullies you. He doesn’t seem like a brother at all!” Grandma replied with a hint of sarcasm in her voice. I could see that she got a little emotional.

“But Charles does seem like an elder brother to me. He takes care of me all the time.” Scarlett patted Grandma on

the back comfortingly. When she spoke. her tone was gentle as though she were Coaxing a child. She must still be mad at me that she did not ever glance at me.

Since when did I treat her as a sister?

How could she say that? Annoyed at her attitude. I stood up from my seat and looked at her with a burning gaze..

“I have no idea when I’ve ever treated you as my sister. I turned around and went upstairs without even giving Scarlett and Grandma a chance to speak.

When I reached the second flight of stairs, I took a look at Scarlett downstairs. She was chatting and laughing with Grandma, and she seemed to be unaffected that I had walked out.

Scarlett’s POV:

As usual, I had no idea how I had offended Charles

But I was used to this, so I did not take it seriously. However, Grandma looked at me with a guilty expression. She probably thought that I was hurt because

of Charles’s attitude. Because of this, I eave her a reassuring smile.

At that moment, i heard footsteps coming from the gate. A few seconds later, I saw Alice striding towards us.

“Honey, when you went on a business trip for the program last time, did you interview an old entrepreneur in Washington? Someone named Henry?” she asked, a hint of anxiety in her tone

Her words perplexed me. I racked my brains to figure out what she was talking about.

I realized that Alice must be referring to the celebrity interview program I had hosted in Seattle. We flew there to mainly interview a successful entrepreneur, and his name was actually William. But there was indeed a Henry that we had also talked to during the interview. Henry Woodson. Another business man in town.

At that moment, I nodded at Alice in response.

“Honey, did he do anything to you?” she

Channel worriedly asked again while staring right into my eyes.

“We talked about the program. That’s all. He’s very popular.” I could not figure out why Alice had suddenly asked me about that man.

“Oh my ***!” Alice exclaimed. She then handed her phone to me, and a news report was being displayed on the screen.

I took a glance at it. Apparently, Henry Woodson had taken advantage of his position and ******** assaulted a young girl. I was surprised that he did such a thing. He was such a gentleman when we met.

“Scarlett, tell me the truth: Did he do anything to you?” Grandma asked with concern.

Before I could say anything, Alice interjected, “Our Scarlett is so pretty. We can’t let anyone who bullies her get away!”

I shook my head and reassured Grandma that nothing had happened to me.

Even so, Alice was still furning in anger. For some reason, she believed that the news about Henry Woodson was a bad omen.

The matter went on even during dinner.

“Scarlett, you’re young and naive. There are many bad men in the world. You have to be careful. I can’t promise anything. But I’m sure that Charles is stronger than that old geezer. He’s trustworthy and reliable,” Grandma earnestly said to me.

I never thought that she would say something like that to me. Upon hearing what she had said, my face turned beet red. What was Grandma thinking about? And how did our conversation lead to this?

Charles happened to come downstairs at that very moment. “What reliable’?” he asked while looking at me.

My face turned even redder. I did not know where to put myself,

Bye My Irresistible, Love Chapter: 56 Reliable

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