Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 44 The Warm Scene

Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 44 The Warm Scene

Charles’s POV:

It was crazy. I wanted to strip Scarlett naked and take her right in the bathtub. I had been finding myself in this kind of situation lately, and I had been finding it harder and harder to control myself.

I definitely frightened Scarlett with my sudden moves, and I hated myself for it.

“I can take a shower by myself. I don’t need your help.” With both her hands clutching her shirt shut at the collar, she glared at me.

The heating in the bathroom painted her cheeks a pretty shade of red. Her chest heaved up and down. She was still trying to catch her breath. Her cleavage was slightly exposed, and I could not bring myself to avert my eyes.

Indeed, Scarlett was no longer the little girl who used to chase me around and

beg me for candy. During the three years she spent abroad, she had grown into a full-fledged young woman. I could not help wondering about the lucky man who would get to be with her.

Could it be Spencer or Abner? I dismissed the thought, for it only ****** me off.

Scarlett started rubbing the paint off her hands and arms. I watched her and then frowned

“The paint is not easy to remove. Are you sure you don’t need my help?” I bent over and whispered in her ear.

“No, thanks.” I smiled as I saw her ears turn red. But then she stood up and started shoving me toward the bathroom door.

Before I reached the door, I turned and saw her red ears again. I could not help teasing her.

“Maybe we should take a shower together. I also got some paint on me. And it’d be a great way to conserve water,” suggested smugly and leaned

against the door. I expected to see panic and nervousness in Scarlett’s eyes, but she just flashed me an uninterested expression.

After rolling her eyes and heaving a bored sigh, she finally spoke “Like you care about conserving anything at all. Again, no, thanks, Charles. And save your ****** jokes for Rita. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to hear them.” The sheer coldness on Scarlett’s face almost made me choke.

Why was she bringing up Rita again? Every time I tried to flirt with her, she always ruined the fun.

“Why is Rita coming up in our conversation again? I would never crack a dirty joke in front of her,” I snapped as I fell out of the mood to tease Scarlett.

“Of course you wouldn’t. She’s your ever dearest Rita. Unlike me, you’ll never disrespect her by making such inappropriate suggestions,” Scarlett backfired through clenched teeth.

“Thatnot what meant. I’m sorry, okay?

I’ll leave you to clean yourself up.” With a sigh. I reached out and brushed my thumb against her cheek.

She slightly turned away, but I was still able to touch her face. I felt the heat of her anger in my finger. I usually enjoyed watching Scarlett throw a temper tantrum, but when she got furious like that and used such loaded words, the last thing I wanted was to **** her off even more.

Scarlett’s POV:

Charles finally walked out of the bathroom. I seethed with rage when he made his stupid suggestion about us taking a shower together. Did he think of me as some red-light district prostitute who would cater to his every sick whim?

**** it! What a terrible day! I should have jumped out of the car on the way here.

I stayed in the bathroom for more than half an hour. Having to stay with Charles only annoyed me more and more. I did not leave the bathroom until the delicious smell of food wafted in.

Swallowing my pride, I put on Charles’s clean clothes that he let me borrow and went to the kitchen.

I was still in the living room when the heavenly smell of roasted beef and baked potato with cheese hit my nostrils. Charles cooked those dishes well, and it had been a long time since I last saw him prepare a meal. When we were going to school, he made time to cook, but when we started working, he barely had the space in his schedule.

I approached slowly and quietly. The scent of the dishes reminded me so much of the time when we were still students. At that time, I was home with Charles, and Rita was not in the picture. Everything was so simple and happy. It was one of the best times of my life.

“What are you waiting for? Wash your hands and come join me for dinner.” Charles was wearing an apron, and the dishes in his hands were steaming. I could not decide whether it was the soft lighting or the smile on his face that made him look gentle and loving. At the moment, he looked like the perfect

husband that I had always dreamed of having

The warm scene in front of me almost moved me, but then I suddenly imagined Rita’s face and wrecked everything. Rita was now Charles’s fiancee, and I was but a closed chapter in his story.

“No, thanks. I’m going home. Thanks for the shower and the clothes. I’ll launder them and get them right back to you as soon as I can.” I put on a polite smile and headed to the front door.

“Wait! Scarlett, stop!” Charles called after me, but I pretended not to hear him and kept walking

Before I could get my hands on the doorknob, Charles was already grabbing me by the wrist and turning me to face him.

Past his shoulder, I could see the table was already set. There were even candles lit.

“Please just let me go, Charles. I want to go home. We can’t keep spending time like this together. Don’t you understand?

You’re just making things harder than they have to be. You’re engaged to Rita and about to divorce me. We have to keep our distance from each other,” I reasoned.

I was sick and tired of being spun around in Charles’s web. I tried hard to break away from his grasp, but he was just too strong for me. He held on to me so tightly that my wrist began turning red.

“I’ll drive you home after dinner. It’s dark out. It’s not safe for you to go home by yourself,” Charles said flatly and looked out the window.

Indeed, night had descended, and there were not any lights outside except for the faint glow of street lamps.

Charles took advantage of my moments of hesitation, eased his grip on my wrist, and took my hand. He towed me to the dining table.

“Are you going to stare at me the entire meal? I won’t run away.” I had noticed that Charles had been staring at me like he was scrutinizing me. What was he

Ghapter 44 The Warm Scene looking at? And what was that affectionate look in his eyes? It was driving me insane.

“Well, then good. Otherwise, I’ll be forced to tie you to my bed.” Once again, Charles leaned in and whispered to my ear. As I gnashed my teeth together to rein in my emotions, he let go of my hand and sat opposite me. Deep inside, I cursed myself for blushing in front of him. Until today, Charles had never uttered ****** innuendos to me. He had never been driven with desire in front of me except for that one time that he kissed me in the elevator. Now that we were alone in his home, he might actually try to sleep with me, and I found that a little unsettling.

“Why are you lowering your head? Are you scared? You know me. I do as I say.” Charles flashed me a smile that I could only liken to an arrow piercing through my heart. Seeing that I did not respond, he continued, “Don’t worry. I just want you to join me for dinner. That’s all.”

Then, he started piling some food onto

Chantadt The Wam Soome my plate. Afraid that he would heave me over his shoulder again and do *** knew what, I just nodded and let him serve me.

I chewed and swallowed my food fast. Even though dinner was going great, I still wanted to go home as soon as I could. Meanwhile, Charles ate at a glacial pace and kept his eyes fixed on me. If he was trying to give me indigestion by watching me intently like a suspect under surveillance, he was succeeding.

“Can you stop staring at me?” I bit my lip and whined. There must be something wrong with Charles today. I felt uncomfortable under his gaze.

“****! You finish your dinner. I’ll go take a cold shower.” All of a sudden, Charles’s ears turned red. He put down his knife and fork, rose from his seat, and started walking away.

Before he could leave the dining room, he turned around and walked right back to me. He stared at me, and he looked like he was trying to find the right words to say

“Don’t bite your lip like that in front of any man ever again, do you understand? Now, stay here, eat your food, and wait for me to get back. If you leave before I get out of the shower, I will drag you right back here, tie you up, and have my way with you,” Charles threatened me fiercely.

It was not easy to hail a taxi in the evening, so I was really counting on Charles to drive me home.

“Fine. I won’t leave,” I promised.

Hearing that, Charles rushed to the bathroom with a satisfied smile on his face.

Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 44 The Warm Scene

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