Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 41 Making Breakfast

Chapter 41 Making Breakfast

Scarlett’s POV: “You’re the one who proposed the divorce. You served me the papers the day I flew in home, remember?” 1 corrected Charles. 1

“Yes. I just don’t want you to bring it up every chance you get. What if you regret divorcing me one day?” Once again, he was trying to sound all cool about the issue, but I thought he was just making an excuse.

“That’s not going to happen,” I answered firmly

“Why are you so sure? Have you gotten a new boyfriend?” Charles asked, his voice taking on a sharp edge.

“As a matter of fact, I have. He’s intelligent, wealthy, and powerful, and we love each other very much. So, yes, I’m sure I’ll never regret divorcing you,”

I said like a winner.

“Scarlett!” Charles shouted angrily.

Thenhis phone on the tea table rang. As expected, the caller was his sweetheart, Rita.

The anger on Charles’s face suddenly disappeared. He glanced at his ringing phone and then looked at me. He hesitated for a long time before picking up his phone and putting it on speaker.

“Hi, Charles. I didn’t mean to make Christine angry last time. Can you take me to her today? I want to apologize,” Rita said in a soft voice.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. She hasn’t fully recovered yet. I don’t want to stress her out. Let’s just wait for her to get better, okay?” Charles replied without any expression on his face.

“Very well. Can you come accompany me today? I’m lonely, and I miss you

very much.”

If I had not known Rita, I would not have recognized her voice over the phone. I

found it hard to believe that she could speak in such a sincere tone.

I did not want to eavesdrop on their conversation anymore, so I put on my shoes and walked toward the door. But when I realized that I was still in Charles’s pajamas, I halted.

“I’ll swing by if I have time, all right? Goodbye.”

Rita tried to stop Charles from hanging up on her, but she did not succeed. Before she could say anything more, he already cut the line. Charles tossed his phone to the tea table and looked up at me.

“Grandma wants us to come see her at the hospital.”

“Okay, but I have to go home first to change.”

Taking a look at his pajamas that I was wearing, Charles picked up his phone again and called his assistant.

“Send me a set of women’s clothes.”

I took that as a no on my going home to

change and headed to the living room. I sat on the sofa and waited for Charles’s assistant to arrive.

About half an hour later, someone rang the doorbell. I stood up and answered the door. Charles’s assistant was standing outside with a shopping bag.

“Hello, Mrs. Moore. Here are your clothes.”

The words “Mrs. Moore” threw me off for a second. In the past. Charles’s staff addressed me as Miss Riley. I did not understand the sudden change.

I was so startled that I could only choke my reply. Thankfully, after handing me the bag, Charles’s assistant just slightly bowed and left, sparing me the humiliation

I closed the door and took the clothes to the living room. I started rummaging through the contents of the bag, and I found myself blushing.

“Why did you ask your assistant to buy me this kind of clothes?” I was expecting a change of clothes in the bag but not



I felt even more embarrassed imagining Charlesmale assistant buying some women’s underwear at the store.

“Don’t you want them? I can go to the store myself and buy you another pair if you like,” Charles teased.

I rolled my eyes so hard that they ached.

Would I ever let him buy me a set of underwear? I would rather wear the one his assistant bought.

I went to the bedroom to change my clothes. To my surprise, Charles’s assistant was not only considerate but also had good taste in clothes. The pieces he picked for me fit very well and looked amazing.

I loved the blue dress with a defined waist. It hugged my body like it was tailor-made for me.

After changing my clothes, I went out of the bedroom, and Charles flashed me a satisfied smile.

I walked over to him, took out my phone,

and pulled up my banking app. I said casually, “Thank you for the clothes. I’ll wire you the money right now to pay for them.”

“Don’t bother. They’re just clothes. Consider them a gift.” Charles frowned when I told him I wanted to pay him back.

“Well, the clothes were not cheap.” While I was changing earlier, I paid special attention to the price tag on each article of clothing. I estimated the whole set to cost around tens of thousands of dollars.

It was not a small sum of money. And as early as now, even if we were not yet officially divorced, I wanted to exercise my own financial independence, and that started with not spending his money

Charles glared at me. Once again, he was unhappy

“How about you thank me in a different way?”

I flashed him a confused look.

He did not say anything for a while, but just when I thought he was going to make some excessive request, he stood up and walked toward the fridge.

“You haven’t had breakfast yet. I’m making a sandwich. Do you want one?”

I followed him to the kitchen.

“How about I make breakfast for you to thank you?”

“Can you cook?” Charles stopped and looked at me doubtfully.

“I’d like to try.” I did not know how to cook, but maybe I could try making some sandwiches. They might not be as good as the ones Charles made, but I was sure they would not be that bad.

Charles tilted his head and motioned for me to come forward.

I walked over, opened the fridge, and took out some ingredients. Charles stood aside and watched me intently.

After making sure that I got the right stuff, he let me begin.

I took a pan and put it on the stove on medium heat.

Charles liked his eggs over easy, bread without too much butter, and he always cut his chicken breasts into thin slices. I moved around the kitchen as if I were on autopilot and kept in mind Charles’s food preferences.

He just stood there and watched me with a smile on his face.

“Wow, I didn’t expect that you knew how I liked my food.”

“Is this how you like your sandwich? I just did it without really thinking about it.” I did not want to admit that he was right about me knowing how he liked his food.

Charles simply beamed.

Soon, I served him the best sandwich I could make. He looked long and hard at it and thought for a long time before finally saying something.


“What?” I looked at Charles in surprise.

“I’m asking you to stay.” Charles looked deeply into my eyes. I was a bit taken aback by the abrupt sincerity in his voice.

I put my sandwich down and stared back at him.

“I don’t understand.”

“Which part?”

“All of it. I mean, we’re going to divorce.

“That’s not what I meant, Scarlett. I just don’t want Grandma and Grandpa to worry about you, so please consider staying. You don’t have to do it for me. Do it for them. After all, you’re family, and they’ll always want the best for you. They’ll be more at peace if they know you’re living a good life.” 2

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 41: Making Breakfast

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