Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 38 Buying Flowers

Chapter 38 Buying Flowers

Christine’s POV:

Alice, Michael, and Lawrence were all in the hospital with me. While having lunch, we watched the TV program that Scarlett was hosting

“Our Scarlett is much better than the other hosts in their TV station. She speaks clearly and graciously!” Michael exclaimed while watching TV.





Lawrence agreement.

That moment, I noticed that Scarlett’s right cheek had not healed yet, which made me angry.

“That mother and daughter duo has hurt our sweetheart. We can’t just let them go easily, or they’re going to thinthat the Moore family is so easy to bully!”

“Shall we fight back, then?” Alice blurted


“We should. After all, that Susan is a *****. She hit Scarlett first, and then, she caused a scene at the hospital and forced my grandson to marry her daughter. They are both so annoying. If we don’t teach them lesson, then they’ll get too cocky,” I said, agreeing with Alice.

“I don’t think that would be a good idea. If things go out of control, then not only will their reputation get damaged, Scarlett might lose her job. I just don’t think that it’ll end well,”

Michael said as he put down his fork and sighed.

I thought for a while and said in agreement, “Then we’d better think if there is a better way to handle this.”

Alice’s eyes lit up when she saw Scarlett on TV.

“How about we tip the media about Scarlett and Charles’ marriage?”

“Do you want to expose their marriage?” Alice and I had the same idea. “That way,

Chat 3 Buying Flowers Rita, will not be Charles’ fiancee, but an outsider who is trying to destroy the others’ marriage.”

“That’s a good idea. With the public’s opinion, everyone will take Scarlett’s side, even the Internet crowd, and they will help us punish Rita and her mom.” Michael also could not help but agree with us.

Lawrence didn’t comment, but since the majority was on my side, the matter was settled

Scarlett’s POV:

After work, when Nina and I walked out of the TV station, we noticed Charles’ car coming towards us.

“This is so annoying! Our dinner is going to be delayed now, but your lover is more important, so let’s have dinner some other time,” Nina protested in disappointment before she waved goodbye to me.

“Alright, then.” I watched her leave, smiling

Charles got off his car and walked up to me.

“Hurry! Grandma is still waiting.”

“The hospital is not too far from the TV station. I can walk there by myself.” With that, I walked forward, wanting to avoid my colleagues seeing me talking to him.

“It will take a long time to get there on foot.” With an impatient look in his eyes, Charles stepped forward, grabbed my hand, and pulled me to his car.

I tried to get rid of him, but then I noticed that some of my colleagues seemed to have noticed the commotion between us, so I stopped and glared at him.

“Let me go!” I hissed as I stopped struggling

“No! Unless you agree to go to the hospital with me, your colleagues will witness the pushing and pulling between us. And when that happens, you won’t be able to explain things to them no matter what you say.”

I was so furious that I felt my blood was boil under my skin. Seeing that more and more people were watching us, I had no choice but to get in his car.

As soon as I sat in his car, I got a call from Nina.

“Oh my ***! Charles is secretly married!


“It’s the trending topic! The trending topic, Scarlett! As a media person, don’t you pay attention to what’s going on around you?”

I hung up the phone and typed Charles’ name on Google. The search results were all news about his secret marriage.

“Who did this?” Charles grabbed the phone from my hand in surprise, However, there were no traces of anger in his eyes.

“So it was not you?”

“How could that be possible? If I wanted to leak the news, then do you really

Chanter. Buving towers think that I would wait until now to do it? It was not me,” he explained seriously

I didn’t expect such news to come out now. Feeling nervous, I racked my brains ancame up with an idea.

“How about we divorce right away, and then, you can get a marriage certificate with Rita? That way, you will be able to announce your marriage to the media.”

If that happened, then no one would be able to find out that Charles and I were married.

“But the marriage certificate is not with me, so we simply can’t get divorced.” Charles gave me my phone, looked deep into my eyes before he turned to look outside the window.

When I recalled that Christine had pretended to be sick to take away our marriage certificate, my head ached. I was almost certain now that I would not be able to get the certificate back from


Feeling desperate, I came up with another idea.

“Aren’t you very powerful? Can’t you use your influence to get divorced without a marriage certificate?”

Charles sneered as he turned to look at me.

Thank you for your appreciation, but why would I take the risk and do an illegal thing like that?”

His words left me speechless.

We were about to arrive at the hospital. There was a flower shop next to the hospital. Thinking that I should prepare something to show them that I cared, I asked the driver to pull over.

I walked to the flower shop and Charles followed me.

“Can I get a bouquet of lilies?” Christine had always liked lilies, and I have known

that since I was a kid.

The owner of the shop was a friendly looking middle-aged woman. She put down the scissors in her hand and walked up to us.

“Hold on for just a moment.”


Since the shop was close to the hospital, they had good business. In order to preventhe shop from getting too crowded, they had a lot of pre-made bouquets too.

Thowner then took a bunch of lilies with one hand, and a red rose from the flower rack with her other hand. “You two look like a perfect couple. If a couple comes to buy flowers, we are giving them a rose as a promotional gift,” the lady said kindly.

“But we are not a couple.” Looking at the rose that she was holding out to me, I refused to take it.

Stunned by my reaction, she looked at us in confusion

“But you two look like a perfect couple…

“This gentleman has a sweetheart,” I explained with a smile.

Hearing that, she apologized with an

awkward smile.

“I’m sorryIt doesn’t matter if you are not a couple… It’s just a flower…”

“We’ll take it.” Charles took the rose from her as he glanced at me coldly, like he was warning me.

The woman looked at us for a moment and smiled, trying to figure us out. She was obviously thinking that we were a couple that was having a fight.

I was not in the mood to explain to her again. After all, she was just a stranger, and I did not care about what she thought of us.

With that, I took out some cash to pay the lilies. However, when the lady was about to take the money, Charles handed me a credit card.

“Use this.”

I stopped and looked at him, and our eyes met for a moment.

“The pin is your birthdate.”

“Here you go, ma’am.” I turned around,

Chanter 38 Buying Flowers ignoring him, as I handed the lady the money and left with the flowers.

Charles sighed and followed me. He then gave me the rose.

“Here you go.”

“Thank you.” I took it from him and put it in the bouquet that I bought for Christine.

Looking at the red rose among the white lilies, Charles frowned slightly. He wanted to say something, but then, he chose to be silent

The flower shop was not far from the hospital, so we decided to walk the rest of the way. However, as soon as we arrived at the hospital, Charles and I got the feeling that someone was following us.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 38 Buying Flowers

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