Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 35 Critical Condition Notice

Chapter 35 Critical Condition Notice

Scarlett’s POV:

A slight frown appeared on Charles’s face as though Alice had already asketoo many questions.

“Fine. I won’t ask you anymore. As for the divorce, I suggest you think it through again. But, you know, it’ll be great if Scarlett gets pregnant while you’re at it,” Alice hurriedly said with a


“Alice, I just came here to get my face treated. It’s not what you think,” I quickly explained, not wanting Alice to misunderstand me more. After fighting with the buttons for a long time, I finally buttoned them up.

“You don’t have to explain. I’m the one who should apologize. I didn’t know you both returned here last night. But, you don’t have to be shy about it. That’s normal for a man and woman, after all.

Besides, you two are a legal couple. You’re free to do anything you want.” Alice admitted her faults but still did not let the matter go.

Truth be told, I felt an urge to cry when I heard what she had said.

Charles and I had already made up our minds about the divorce. But now, Alice misunderstood what was happening between us again. What should I do now?

Anxious, I grabbed Charles’s hand and asked him, “Please tell mom that we’ve already agreed to divorce yesterday.”

However, Charles merely withdrew his hand and rested his head on it. He then looked at me blankly and acted as if this was none of his business.

This made my blood boil. I wanted to beat him right then and there, but there was nothing else I could do but hold my anger.

Flustered, I turned my face away from him. It was then that Alice caught sight of the palm print on my face.

Scarlett, what happened to your face? Oh my ***! Charles, did you beat her? You jerk! How could you do that?!”

Alice was fuming with anger as she thought that it was Charles who slapped me on the face. “It wasn’t me, but I’ve already taken care of it.” Charles held my chin and gently turned my head to face him. His high spirits did not seem to change at all. At that moment, he opened the medical kit on the tea table and applied ointment to my face again.

My face no longer hurt as much as it did last night. However, I was still angry and resentful, so I tried to keep him at arm’s length

As Alice saw that Charles and I did not fight, she did not ask any more questions. She just left without a word and even closed the door for us.

Judging from her brisk pace, she must be eager to share with Michael and Christine what she had just seen.

“Why didn’t you


to her

everything? We agreed that we’d divorce today, didn’t we?” I asked Charles once his mother was gone.

“Mom has already misunderstood everything. If we told her that we would still divorce, she’d beat me. You know how violent she can be,” Charles explained patiently while applying the ointment on my face with a cotton swab.

“Then why didn’t you let me go last night?”

“I didn’t stop you,” he retorted with an innocent look on his face.

I was speechless. Yes, he did not stop me, but he held me tightly in his arms. I had to sleep in his warm embrace all night long

This was all his fault. Alice would not have seen us like that if he had not done that in the first place.

“Never mind. But I’m telling you, don’t try to delay the divorce again. You promised me,” I reminded him. However, his mouth remained shut about the matter. This maddened me, so I pulled

down his hand and advised, “I’ll make an appointment with the lawyer later. I won’t leave until you come. I’ll wait for you no matter what. Don’t postpone it anymore. It’s unlike you.”

With that, I left, leaving him in a daze.

Charles’ POV:

In the hospital.

Two hours ago, I received a notice that Rita was in critical condition. I rushed to the hospital at once. As soon as I arrived, Susan, Rita’s mother, grabbed my arm and broke into tears.

“Charles, please fulfill Rita’s wish. She can’t hold on any longer. Please, we’re begging you! Rita is our only daughter. I can’t bear to see her suffer like thisI… I wish it were me who’s dying instead. I’m begging you, Charles. Her health is deteriorating. She can’t hold on any longer.”

“I’ll talk with Rita.” I walked away from Susan as a dreadful feeling washed over me.

“Charles, you can’t tell Rita about this. Her condition is getting worse. She won’t be able to bear the news. If you really love her and don’t want her to leave with regret, you should marry her as soon as possible.” Just as I was about to walk towards Rita’s ward, Susan took a step forward and deftly grabbed my arm. “To tell you the truth, we don’t expect her to make it. We just hope that she’ll have no regrets when she leaves this world. Please stop messing with Scarlett and marry Rita as soon as possible. My daughter is dying.”

I turned around and looked at her coldly. “Is that why you went to the TV station for Scarlett?”

Susan froze. She suddenly stopped crying and lowered her head with a guilty look on her face.

Although tempting, I figured that it was not the right time to settle accounts with her, so I shrugged off her hand and went straight to Rita’s ward.

But before I could touch the doorknob, I stiffened in my spot. It suddenly

occurred to me what Scarlett had told me this morning. She said she would call a lawyer and wait for me no matter


I was at a loss. For a moment, I felt as though my body had a mind of its own. Before I knew it, I turned around and


Through the glass panel on the door of the wardI saw a familiar figure get up from bed and sprint towards the door.


She did not seem like a patient in critical condition at all.

Scarlett’s POV:

I stood at the entrance of the law office and watched people walk in and out of the building Unfortunately, the person I was waiting for was nowhere to be seen.

This morning, I excused myself from the TV station, so I could go through the divorce formalities. However, it seemed that I excused myself for nothing.

But then, I suddenly remembered that I

had told Charles I would not leave until he came. Because of this, I decided to wait for him nevertheless.

Finally in the afternoon, just as I was about to give up, a familiar black car camto halt in front of the building. It was Charles. As he got off the car, I noticed that he was wearing a nice, crisp suit. It seemed that he came here prepared.

“Here you are. Hurry up. They’ll be closing soon.” I urged.

To my surprise, the passenger door opened, and Rita, who was still in a blue and white hospital gown, got out of the car.

Charles brought that woman here before we could even get through the divorce formalities. She did not even change her clothes! It appeared that she could no longer wait to marry him.

I felt a sharp pain in my heart, but the smile on my face never faltered. I did not want to give Rita a sense of satisfaction. Not only that, but I also did not want Charles to think that I did not want to

leave him.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. I’m not in good health, so we took our time on the way,” Rita explained with an apologetic look on her face. In my eyes, it was disgusting.

“I don’t mind as long as he comes.” I walked away and entered the law office before they could respond.

Charles and Rita followed me.

The divorce formalities started a few moments later. The lawyer printed out a copy of the divorce agreement and looked at us across the table. Meanwhile, Rita stood outside the door, watching us.

“Have you two made up your mind?” the lawyer seriously asked.

“I have,” I replied calmly. I then looked at Charles and waited for him to answer.

For some reason, he did not. With his fingers crossed, he lowered his head and said nothing

“Mr. Moore? I asked if you two have made up your mind.” The lawyer called

Charles’s attention.

Charles still made no answer and just looked at me coldly.

The lawyer put his hand on the divorce agreement and smiled gently at me. “Mrs. Moore, your husband doesn’t seem willing to proceed with the divorce. Why don’t you two go home first and discuss


“Sir, we’ve already reached an agreement before coming here. Besides, someone here can’t wait any longer.” I beckoned the lawyer to look outside the window

He followed my gaze and saw Rita anxiously watching us.

The lawyer immediately understood what I meant, but he still persuaded me. “Divorce is a matter based on the will of both parties as husband and wife. Anyone else’s opinion doesn’t matter.”

“They’ve been in love with each other for so many years, and they still do. I don’t want to be the bad guy here. The third party. I believe it would be best if I fulfill

their wish.”

“You compromise because they love each other. What about you? Have you ever loved him?”

Without missing a beat, I answered, “No, ” I said I did not love him, but my heart said otherwise.

Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 35 Critical Condition Notice

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