Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 34 Applying Ointment

Chapter 34 Applying Ointment

Scarlett’s POV:

Charles forcibly took me to his house.

“Go remove your makeup, so I can apply ointment on your face.” He pushed me towards the bathroom and urged me to take off my makeup.

“No.” I stood still and turned to refuse him again.

“Do you really think the ointment is going to work if I apply it on top of your makeup?” Charles frowned and continued in a domineering tone, “Hurry up! I’m going to get the first aid kit.”

Without resisting again, I walked straight into the bathroom It was because I wanted him to finish applying the soon, so that I can leave the place.

I removed my makeup and walked out of

the bathroom. As soon as I wiped my face dryCharles pushed me down on the couch. He leaned close to me, and I was able to feel his warm breath against my ear. He smelled good, but the intimacy between us was making me feel uncomfortable.

“What is this all about?” Why did he have to be in such an intimate position with me just to apply ointment? I was really starting to doubt if he was doing it on purpose.

“I can see better this way.” Charles then dipped a cotton swab in the ointment and applied it on my face gently.

But it hurt, and I wanted to stop him as I gasped and trembled. Then, I realized that he was not going to let me go until he was done applying ointment for me, so I gave up the idea of protesting and endured the pain, biting my lip.

“Does it hurt?” Charles asked, looking into my eyes.

We were so close, and compared with the pain, his heartbeat made me feel more uneasy. so I shook my head and

tried to push him away. But he grabbed my hands like it was nothing I looked at him in confusion. Was he only applying ointment to my face? Or was he taking advantage of me? He put down the cotton swab in his hand and gently massaged my lips with his thumb.

“It’s not a good habit. If you continue to do that, then I can’t keep myself in control.”

“What?” I stared at Charles, not knowing what he was talking about.

When I was not expecting him to, he leaned over and kissed me. The moment his lips clung to mine, he tried to push his tongue into my mouth as he breathed on my face.

I stared at him blankly and completely forgot to struggle. I didn’t resist his kiss, and in the end, I couldn’t help but respond to him.

The sound of us sucking each other’s lips echoed in the living room, making it seem insanely ******.

I had no idea for how long we’d been kissing when we heard his phone ring.

He stood up with a frown and went to answer the phone while I sat up and tidied my clothes. “I have already told you not to call me again,” Charles said in a serious tone over the phone.

I looked up at him and saw him toss the phone on the tea table irritably before he turned to me.

The phone screen was still on, and I noticed that it was Rita who had called him.

It was the second time I was seeing him react so strongly to Rita’s call. The first time, he had put his phone on mute, but now, he told her not to call him again.

What was Charles doing?

When I looked at him, a bold thought

flashed through my mind. It was because of his reaction that Rita had felt like she was in a crisis and that was why she was trying to force him to marry her soon.

“What should I do? Scarlett, tell me what I should do.” Charles lowered his head. He looked like he was going crazy as he hugged me, asking for help.

My heart ached to see him in such a miserable condition, so I patted his back to comfort him.

“She is the one you love, and she has beethe one you have loved for so many years. You two are finally going to get married, and you can’t back down now. It is her last wish. It’s also your wish. You made a deal with me just for today, didn’t you? You should be happy at now, not sad. Listen to me, we will get a divorce tomorrow. It’ll be good for all of us.”

“Do you really want to get a divorce?” Charles asked reluctantly. “Yes.”

As soon as I said those words, a sense of

emptiness conquered my heart.

However, I had a clear mind.

We had expected Charles and Rita to get married from the start, and we had agreed our marriage was just to prevent our families from urging us to get married to other people. So we married each other so that I could live my life and he could continue to be with Rita.

We had not gotten married for the sake of love, so our motive was not pure. Now Rita was dying, and she wanted to get married soon. It was the perfect time to put an end to our phony relationship.

“But I…” Charles looked at me affectionately, which made my heart sink.

“No buts. You should be more determined. Rita doesn’t have much time left. You have to marry her before it’s too late, or you will end up regretting it for the rest of your life. Cheer up! We’ll get divorced tomorrow!” As I said those words calmly, I forced myself not to look into his eyes.

“Okay.” Seeing that I had made up my mind, Charles gave me a bitter smile and closed his eyes.

I let him lean in my arms while I waited for him to turn into the strong and decisive Charles again.

“What are you going to do after we divorce?” he asked after a long time.

“Work, eat, sleep, and hang out with my friends.”

“Will you start dating other people?”

“Nope.” I did not think that I should even be dreaming of a luxury like love. But if I met someone I liked, then I would probably let nature take its course.

I couldntell Charles that, because I was afraid that he was going to cause trouble again.

I glanced at the living room clock and noticed that the time was around 12 in the night. I looked at Charles, who was holding me tightly in his arms. Gently, I tried to move away from his embrace.

He was now like an insecure child. If I moved even a little, he would hold me more tightly. I would not be able to get rid of him at all.

The next day.

I was sleeping soundly when I heard the sound of high heels tapping on the floor, waking me up. When I came to my senses, I remembered that I had been sleeping on the sofa with Charles. All of a sudden, I noticed someone pushing the door open from the outside.

I was stunned when I looked up.

‘Why did Alice come here?’

She seemed to be really excited and had forgotten to close the door when she walked in. She was staring at us in shock. After a long while, she finally said, “You two can continue to sleep. I’m leaving now.”

I quickly straightened myself up, but I was so nervous that I was unable to button up my shirt.

“Mom, it’s not like you think. You

misunderstood us!”

But she did not listen to me at all. She even took out her phone and started taking pictures of us.

“Charles! Charles! Mom is here!” I shook him, trying to wake him up.

He slowly got up, and his beautiful sleepy eyes gradually brightened.

“What’s the matter?”

Alice could not hide her smile when she saw him.

“I have already selected a fine young man to introduce to Scarlett. When can they meet?” She asked deliberately.

Charles looked at her and answered briefly, “She is busy.”

“Then, are you two still planning to divorce? Scarlett will always be my daughter-in-law, won’t she?” Alice’s eyes lit up as she hoped to get a positive answer from her son.

Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter, 34 Applying Ointment

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