Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 265 A Romantic Night

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 265 A Romantic Night

Spencer’s POV:

After Charles left me for dead, I turned to Nicole, feeling helpless. She didn’t look like she had any intention of leaving. And she was looking at me with the same hopeful gaze as she did this morning.

“Let’s go have dinner,” I said. She had been with me for an entire day. Out of politeness, I decided to invite her to dinner before sending her home.

“Sounds great!” Nicole nodded readily.

Not long after, I drove her to a pizza restaurant. We sat a table in the corner.

“Mr. Moore kind of seemed standoffish. Are all CEOs like him?” Nicole asked tentatively.

“What made you say that?” I was honestly curious of how people viewed Charles.

“When he was looking at me earlier, his eyes were so cold and intimidating. Honestly, I was scared!” Nicole said as she drew back her neck.

I nodded at her and said, “Well, he’s like that to everyone.”

“I heard that he’s very protective of his wife, so it made me think that he’s a passionate man.” Nicole took a sip of orange juice and continued, “I once saw his wife on TV. She’s so beautiful and elegant. She must be really good at hiding her true self.”

“What does that mean?” I paused from chewing my pizza as I looked at her.

She looked around before leaning close to me. “Don’t you know? Some people say that her father was a criminal and he committed suicide by jumping off a building. Her mother, on the other hand, had an affair with another man. A woman from such a complicated family must be conniving.”

As I looked at Nicole’s face, I kind of felt scared of her.

Even though she looked harmless, her words were sharper than knives.

At first, I thought that Nicole’s pure temperament was similar to that of Scarlett’s. But now, I realized that she was nothing like Scarlett. Scarlett would never speak ill of anyone behind their backs.

“Do you agree, Spencer?” Nicole flashed me a grin, appearing to be sweet and innocent.

But to her chagrin, I just felt disgusted of her fake kindness.

Abruptly, I put down my pizza. “You probably don’t know how I’m related to Charles and Scarlett.”

“How are you related to them?” asked Nicole.

“We all grew up together. So, don’t ever speak ill of them in front of me. You’re not just insulting them, you’re insulting me, too. And I don’t like it.”

Right after I said those words, Nicole was too dumbfounded to utter another word.

Soon, we finished eating and left the restaurant at once.

On our way to her house, Nicole kept silent. She just sat in the passenger seat, looking down.

When the car finally stopped, she whispered to me, “Sorry for what I did earlier, Spencer. I shouldn’t have spoken ill of your friends behind their backs.”

“I hope you keep in mind that gossips are worse than poison,” I said.

“I understand.” Nicole nodded before getting out of the car. Once she was gone, I drove away immediately.

Charles’ POV:

After picking up Scarlett, we went back to the Moore mansion.

“Why is there a baby’s crib in the master bedroom?” Scarlett asked in confusion.

“I prepared it for James,” I replied.

“But the bed in the master bedroom is big enough for the three of us. Is it even necessary to put in a baby’s crib? Besides, autumn is coming, so it’ll be colder at nights. I want to sleep with James in my arms.” Scarlett gazed at me intently.

Her pajamas were quite thin, and they accentuated her vivacious figure.

I put my arm around her shoulder. “Someone else will warm up your son’s bed in the future. That’s not your duty. You, however, can only be mine!”

Every time that I saw how much Scarlett cared about James, it made me feel jealous.

Scarlett glared at me.

I planted a kiss on her cheek and said, “I’m going to take a shower first. Do you mind preparing James’ crib?”

“No problem.” Even though Scarlett was initially against it, she decided to agree to my proposal.

By the time I got out of t

he bathroom, James was already asleep in his crib.

Scarlett was lying on her side of the bed. Her pajamas were slightly unveiled, revealing her smooth, fair shoulder. I couldn’t resist the urge to embrace her and kiss her neck.

Within an instant, her face was as red as an apple. In a charming voice, she said, “Let go of me.”

But I held her even tighter. “We should’ve let James sleep in the crib earlier.”

“Are you really so jealous of your own son?” Scarlett looked up at me, visibly annoyed.

“You’re the only one I can love with all my heart.” I stared at her exposed snow-white skin and began to kiss her again. Slowly, I went from her chest to her neck, going up to her cheeks, and finally stopping at her lips.

“James is here. Let’s do this in another room.” Scarlett pushed me away and ran to the door, panting slightly.

“No. This is our room, and I wanna do it here.” Without hesitation, I lifted her up and threw her back to the bed.

The soft mattress sank when she landed on it.

I removed my pajamas and went to bed with her.

“Since you don’t want to go to another room, you should at least turn off the lights,” suggested Scarlett.

After turning off the lights, I slid my hands into Scarlett’s clothes to fondle her round *******. I could see that she was trembling with pleasure, even though she was muttering “no”.

I didn’t want to stop what I was doing, and even left love bites on Scarlett’s collarbone and shoulder. Feeling that she was no longer resisting, I pressed her body against mine as I ****** her. I could feel how fast her heart was beating.

“Do you want more?” Gently, I blew into her ear, making her tremble once more.

Scarlett giggled at me. “Don’t do that! It tickles!” Even though it was a complaint, her voice sounded so bewitching.

“Allow me to satisfy you,” I said.

Just before I could get on top of her, I heard James crying in the crib next to the bed. Even though I didn’t want to, I knew I had to stop.

“Turn on the light. Our son is awake,” Scarlett muttered as she sat up on the bed.

Impatiently, I turned on the light, looking at James with resentment in my eyes. ‘Is he trying to cause trouble on purpose?’ I wondered.

Scarlett nestled the boy in her arms, lightly shaking him. Soon, James stopped crying.

“I think he did that on purpose!” Upon seeing how the boy reacted, I became angry and suspicious of him.

“Why are you getting mad at our child? Just shush, Charles.” Scarlett continued coaxing James. And just as she was about to put him back to his crib, he began to cry again. Thus, she had to cradle James again.

At this point, my desire was about to die down. “We should just ignore him next time,” I remarked with disdain.

Scarlett glared at me.

I got out of bed, still half-naked. Then, I hugged her from behind, gently rubbing my ***** against her.

“Don’t do that…” Scarlett groaned.

“Then, put James back on the crib,” I said through gritted teeth.

“But he’s not asleep yet,” she said.

“Hang on. I’m gonna grab something.” Having said that, I left the master bedroom and went to the baby’s room. There, I picked up a turtle plushie from James’ pile of toys and went back to the master bedroom. I showed Scarlett the turtle and said, “James will sleep with this turtle, and you’ll sleep with me.”

I put James in his crib, and placed the turtle into his arms.

I let out a deep sigh of relief when I saw him drift into sleep.

It was then that I held Scarlett’s hand and led her back to the bed at once. “I think it’s fine if we do it now.”

“I’m still kind of worried.” Scarlett wanted to get up, but I locked her in my embrace, making her sat on top of me. “You’ve been so used to lying below me. Does it feel good whenever you’re riding me?”

“Charles, you pervert!”

“Shush, honey. Just focus.” Afterwards, I helped her take her clothes off and began to kiss her again.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 265 A Romantic Night

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