Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 260 A Fatal Blow

Chapter 260 A Fatal Blowapter 260

Spencer’s POV:

Not long after, I left Charles’ company and went back to the bar.

Once there, a waiter ran towards me, catching his breath. “Mr. Patel, come with me please. Vivian is drunk inside her car. We thought it wouldn’t be appropriate for us to get close to her, so we decided to lock her in her car for the time being.”

I frowned at him and asked, “Why the **** did you lock her in there? Couldn’t you have just helped her out?”

The waiter appeared to be embarrassed. I didn’t have the patience to wait for his explanation, so I just strode downstairs.

Soon, I reached Vivian’s car and opened the back door. It was then that I found that parts of her body were naked. My immediate reaction was to close the door.

“Oh, Spencer, it’s you!” Vivian pushed the door open. She was leaning against the backseat, visibly drunk. Her coat and trousers had been casually thrown aside. One of the shoulders of her shirt was falling off, and her ******* were half exposed. I was only a man, so I must admit that they turned me on. The strap of her underwear could be seen faintly under the hem of her clothes. She lifted her long legs, stretching them towards me.

While intoxicated, she said to me, “Do something! If you’re not going to make a move, go find me someone else who will.”

I frowned, pressing her legs back. Then, I bent down to pick up her coat. “Put on your clothes!”

“****, no!” Vivian shrank into the car, leaning against the other door.

Angrily, I roared, “Vivian, come on! Sober up! You’re not in your bedroom. This is the parking lot!”

Vivian blushed, staring at me with her glistening eyes. “That’s just an excuse! Am I not **** enough for you? Aren’t you aroused by my body at all? Or perhaps you’re just impotent? Just say it, Spencer. I won’t laugh at you.”

She was so drunk that I couldn’t converse with her properly.

I sat in the backseat, gently pushing the coat towards her. “Be a good girl and put on some clothes first. Let’s talk about those other things later, okay?”

Vivian grabbed her coat and threw it at me. I instinctively dodged, causing the coat to brush past me and fall outside of the car.

In a stern voice, I said, “Vivian.”

At this time, Vivian leaned against the car door, crossed her legs and rested them on my lap. “I don’t want to talk about anything else. I just want to know if you’re capable of having an ******** like a normal man. Why don’t you prove it to me?”

She was looking at me as if she were challenging me.

I was so frustrated that my head ached.

As I rubbed my temples, I picked up her trousers and intended to put them on her.

However, Vivian kicked me away and withdrew her legs.

She scoffed at me while glaring at me with those dreamy eyes. “You can’t even prove yourself, Spencer. You’re such a coward! Just go to the bar and find me a real man!”

“Now that I’m here, nobody will dare touch you!”

I had lost my temper completely. I wanted to take off my coat and give it to her. But before I could even take my sleeves off, Vivian wrapped her arms around my waist. I lost my balance and fell on her.

My head began to spin. I was on top of Vivian’s body. She was like an octopus, shackling me with all of her limbs.

“You…” Before I could finish my sentence, Vivian began to kiss me.

She was practically sucking on my tongue, biti

ng my lips, and moaning with anticipation.

I tried to push her away, but Vivian suddenly got on top of me.

Her hand slid into my clothes, rubbing it against my skin. My breathing quickened as my chest heaved up and down.

Slowly, her hands moved down. She unbuckled my belt, reached in, and grabbed my thick, hard ****.

I moaned with pleasure, trying to grab her hand.

But Vivian seemed to have sensed my intention. She quickly began to ********** my **** as she French kissed me. Her supple ******* were rubbing against my body.

All of my rationality had faded at this moment.

I carried Vivian onto the seat, raring to remove all of her clothes. I pressed my body against her with every bit of strength I had, and indulged in the music of her pleasured moans as we kissed.

After having *** for a long time, we finally reached the climax. I held Vivian tight within my embrace, closing my eyes as I orgasmed.

Even in my dreams, a woman was still caressing me. I grabbed her hand and saw Vivian’s face.

All of a sudden, I heard a loud bang. In that moment, Vivian vanished into thin air.

It was then that I woke up and opened my eyes. It wasn’t until a moment later that I realized that the loud bang I heard was the car door slamming shut.

I sat upright and found that Vivian was no longer by my side. After putting on my clothes, I hurried out of the car to chase after her.

Vivian must’ve gone back to her room. I wanted to follow her, but I had no idea what to tell her. Thus, I had to go back to my room for now.

I wanted to change my clothes, but then, I found woman’s ******* inside my pocket. There was a print of Donald Duck on it.

‘Is this Vivian’s?’ I wondered.

My body felt hot all over, and I immediately threw the underwear into the trash can. But a moment later, I picked it up.

I wasn’t sure why, but the Donald Duck print was damned lovely at the moment!

Charles’ POV:

It was rare for me to have spare time at an afternoon like this one. I set up an appointment with Spencer and David to play tennis with them.

After changing into sportswear, we chatted as we walked into the indoor tennis court.

Meanwhile, a news was broadcasting on the TV screen on the wall.

“The Lively Group is in a terrible financial crisis. Their CEO, Rita Lively, is missing. Thousands of the company’s employees are demanding payments and are rallying at the company’s headquarters.”

A reporter was broadcasting the current situation of the Lively Group on live TV. It was crowded and the company was in shambles. All the tables, chairs, and computers had been destroyed.

Spencer appeared to be confused. “I remember that Rita has found a helper. And they actually met at our bar several times,”

I snorted.

Spencer raised an eyebrow while looking at me. “Charles, did you do this?”

I nodded in response, and said, “I won’t be able to rest easy until I destroy the Lively Group completely.”

“Well done! It’s time for Rita to suffer. She’s done so many bad things, and she deserves what’s coming for her.” David grinned from ear to ear.

I raised my racket towards him. “Don’t mention her again. It’ll just ruin my mood,” I said.

“Let’s play tennis!” Spencer ran into the court, seemingly in high spirits.

I looked at him in bewilderment. ‘Why does Spencer look so excited today?”

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 260 A Fatal Blow

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