Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 253 Not Enough

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 253 Not Enough

Scarlett’s POV:

He was such a fool!

I was so touched, I let go of my suitcase and dashed back to Charles, jumping into his arms. I wrapped my legs around Charles’s waist and put my hands around his neck, like a joyful and clingy koala.

Charles was taken aback by my unexpected reaction, but he hugged me tightly all the same.

“Scarlett… I thought you wouldn’t look back at me.”

Even if I didn’t look back, I could sense that Charles had yet to leave.

For some odd reason, I felt like he was holding his sincere heart in his hands for me to look at, for fear that I couldn’t see or touch it.

“I’ll be back soon. I promise! Don’t think too much, okay?”

I lowered my head, and gave Charles a soft, sweet peck on the lips.

Charles nodded silently, but it was obvious that he wasn’t satisfied with the kiss. His lips reached mine again, taking my breath away. It was full of passion and affection, and he was completely ignoring the gazes of the people around us.

“Charles…” I mumbled, patting him lightly on the chest to stop him. My cheeks were burning in shame and embarrassment.

Charles stopped kissing me, though very reluctantly. “Take care of yourself. I’ll be fine. Don’t you remember? I promised you, didn’t I? My life is yours.”

I nodded, and then separated myself from Charles.

“I didn’t expect Scarlett to have such a side…”

“Mr. and Mrs. Moore are truly a perfect match!”

My colleagues’ discussion reached my ears, further fueling my embarrassment. I couldn’t imagine how Charles could get used to showing off his love in public.

I could only pretend to be calm and put on a composed front, as if I wasn’t their topic of discussion.


Right after I got on the plane, I received a message from Vivian.

She had sent me a photo.

I clicked it open, and was greeted with the image a good-looking young lady. Her smile was sweet, and there was a hint of innocence in her pretty eyes.

“She’s the new blind date I arranged for Spencer. What do you think?”

How on earth was Vivian able to continue looking for a girlfriend for Spencer?

The woman she found this time was indeed very beautiful, but I didn’t think she would fit Spencer’s preferences.

In other words… Even if a goddess was to appear before Spencer, he still wouldn’t bat an eye.

All for the simple reason that he already had Vivian firmly in his heart.

I replied and typed, “I thought you already conquered Spencer.”

Vivian replied immediately without hesitation, “I was just teasing him.”

If I said the same thing to Spencer, he might give the same answer.

I let out a long, painful sigh. The two of them were a perfect match, especially when it came to their stubbornness.

Vivian’s POV:

A rhythmic knock on the door grabbed my attention.

“May I come in?”

I knew it was Spencer. But before I could answer, he pushed the door open without waiting for my reply and waltzed in.

“Why did you bother knocking on the door? You didn’t get my permission before you came in, did you?” I was displeased.

“Well, you didn’t get my permission before you looked for a girlfriend for me,” Spencer retorted confidently.

“What kind of girl is it this time?” Despite his question, there was no trace of curiosity on his face. He seemed to have accepted his fate, however much he resented it.

Come on, dating young women was a great thing! Why did he have to look as if he was facing a severe punishment?

“She’s a lovely young lady.” I took out my phone, wanting to show Spencer the photo of the new blind date.

“Lovely? A young lady?” Spencer whined, face scrunched with discontent. “Eugh! What kind of monster did you find for me? Those aren’t words that should be used together at all!”

His loud voice annoyed me. I just wanted to take back my phone so he would shut up.

Just then, a message came in, distracting me.

Spencer’s eyes lit up and he stared at the incoming message.

“Hey! What are you looking at? That’s my privacy!”

Immediately, I hid my phone behind me, away from his prying eyes.

Spencer chased me closely and went behind me. “You showed it to me yourself! I still haven’t seen the kind of monster you found for me!”

“Didn’t you say you wouldn’t look at her?”

“Well, I want to see her now!”

Despite my protests, Spencer tried to take my phone away, as if he was playing with me. I tried to avoid him, but failed to hold the phone properly. It slipped out of my hand and fell to the floor.

Fortunately, I was nimble enough to squat down before him and swiftly picked it up. Spencer was a tad slower, even as he reached out his hand towards me.

In a flash, I got my phone back.

And then, a strange feeling throbbed at my chest. I looked down, and saw that Spencer’s hand was groping my chest.

It was so embarrassing, time suddenly froze for both of us. The two of us were stunned silly, too shocked to react.

I tried to diffuse the awkwardness and said jokingly, “Hey, haven’t you had enough?”

Spencer loosened his grip immediately, looking as if he had just woken up from a dream.

“Do you also act this way to your blind dates?” I teased again.

“Stop blabbering rubbish, Vivian.” Unexpectedly, Spencer didn’t smile at all. “You’re different from them.”

What did he mean I was different? Was I actually special to him? My heart started racing.

But what followed were actually his cold words. “You are my doctor.”

My heart quickly sank at this.

“Well then, dear boss. May I ask for half a day’s leave?” I sat on the sofa and rubbed my chest, pretending to be uncomfortable. “Doctors can’t diagnose themselves. I think I need to see a doctor, myself.”

“Huh? Where do you feel uncomfortable?” Spencer asked, worry lacing his tone. He hurried to me and was by my side in seconds.

“Here.” I pointed at my heart. “It hurts because you’ve hit me.”

Spencer’s cheeks flushed red.

“What’s wrong with your face?” I pretended to act surprised and said, “You see, Spencer, I know someone who’s fallen in love. The thing is, he’s too shy and is unwilling to admit it.”

“It’s just because my leg hurts!” Spencer quickly turned his head away and refused to look at me.

His leg…?

“Does it hurt a lot? Let me have a look.” I knelt, intending to roll up Spencer’s trousers to inspect his leg.

However, Spencer stopped me.

I saw the mischievous smile on his face, and immediately realized that I was tricked.

But his smile soon vanished. He held my chin and asked in a low voice, “Why are you so worried about me? Why did you kneel down to check on my leg as soon as I told you it hurts? Have you forgiven me, Vivian…?”

At this, my face darkened.

I knew that Spencer was referring to that morning. However, I also understood that I had no right to blame him. It was true that I didn’t deserve him the slightest.

I walked up to Spencer with a sweet smile, and placed my arms around his neck.

“Spencer… A poor woman doesn’t deserve to be your wife, but I think it’s okay for her to sleep with you, isn’t it?”

Spencer frowned immediately. “Why are you talking like this again?!”

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 253 Not Enough

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