Bye My Irresistible Love by Gorgeous Killer Chapter 235

Bye, My Irresistible Love

Chapter 235

A Jealous Man Charles’s POV: I leveled an irritated glare at William and replied coldly, “Goodbye.” Right after that, I left with Scarlett in my arms. On the way back, Scarlett drowsily leaned against the seat. When we arrived at Garden Street, I unfastened my seat belt and leaned over towards her. Her beautiful eyelashes trembled slightly, and it was obvious that she wasn’t asleep. “We’re arrived, Scarlett.” I placed my tongue near her ear and deliberately licked her earlobe. Scarlett shivered at that, her eyes snapping open immediately. The moment she opened her eyes, our gazes crossed. She looked out of the window uneasily, and then asked in surprise, “Why aren’t we back at Moore mansion?” 1 | “Didn’t you always come here before? Why are you unhappy to be here now?” I gave her no opportunity to react, and instantly pulled her out of the car. Scarlett looked at me, her brows furrowed in confusion. Then, she asked tentatively, “Are you unhappy?” “You found out so quickly this time.” I narrowed my eyes at her. “Charles…” “So, did you have a good time at the celebration party?” I wrapped my hand around Scarlett’s waist possessively with one hand and caressed her hair with the other, staring at her quietly all the while. Scarlett flashed me a helpless look, and replied exasperatedly, “It was a celebration party with my colleagues, and we just had dinner together. Nothing special.” “Oh? Why was William also there?” My eyes narrowed further, showing my discontent. Scarlett glanced at me, blinking a few times in astonishment, before bursting into amused laughter. “Oh, Charles! You’re so cute when you re jealous.” I frowned at her reaction. “After the book signing session, William came to congratulate me. Abner invited him to the celebration party out of politeness, but unexpectedly, he agreed.” Scarlett spread out her hands, still amused, blinking innocently. “I don’t care!” I snorted in disbelief, but held her tightly all the same. “When can you spare some time for me?”

Recently, Scarlett was getting busier and busier. She was in charge of making new shows, held a signing session, and was involved in more and more social engagements. “Aren’t we together every day, though?” Scarletu asked, puzzled. “When you’re home, I’m already asleep. And when I’m about to go to work, you’re still

sleeping.” My tone grew fierce as I blurted out my discontent, and I bit her earlobe gently. “And you have the audacity to say we’re together every day?” Scarlett whimpered when I bit her ear. She hurriedly covered her ear and stared at me innocently, as if she had done nothing wrong. My heart softened immediately at her expression, but on the outside, my face was still calm. I raised my hand and placed it on her chest, feeling her heartbeat. “Scarlett, I feel that we’re gradually drifting apart. Deep in your heart, do you still care about me?” Scarlett was stunned once more, and took to staring at me in a daze. I took her by the arm, and opened the door. “Forget it. Drink with me.” Scarlett’s lips instantly made a displeased pout. Why don’t you look for Spencer if you want to drink?” I didn’t want to say anything more, and pushed her into the room wordlessly. Scarlett’s POV: Charles pushed me into the room, and darkness greeted me. As I was about to switch on the lights, he suddenly grabbed me by the waist, turned me around, and pressed me against the door.

He raised my chin with one hand, and crashed his lips on me.

His kiss caught me off guard, so I had no time to react. His soft tongue had already slid into my mouth before I could come to my senses. My heart beat faster as he deepened the kiss eagerly. Suddenly, all my strength was exhausted, and my body grew limp and numb. The overbearing power of a mature man filled his strong, passionate kiss. In an instant, waves of pleasure swept all over me. Unable to stop myself, I began indulging myself in his tender, insistent possessiveness. As our lips locked tightly together, he pressed me against the door. He breathed a mischievous chuckle and said, “Do you still want me to go to the bar now?” I gasped for breath, feeling suffocated. Before I could answer, my lips were covered again. He nibbled my lips softly, and the tip of his tongue swept past my lips, Then he sucked my tongue, biting and licking it gently in his mouth! My eyes closed involuntarily, and I could only hear his desire-filled pants. A strange heat slowly washed over me, making my heartbeat rise frantically. This strange feeling made me groan with pleasure. Charles’s kiss suddenly became more passionate I knew what it meant. My remaining sanity made me turn my face sideways.

lett…” His voice was full of desire. I knew he wanted me. I quickly gave him a soft peck on the cheek to calm him down. “Fine, you don’t have to go to the bar. You can drink at home if you want,” I said. “Will you drink with me?” His hot breath sprayed my face, and his low and hoarse voice was

full of temptation. “Fine, I’ll take a shower and then drink with you.” “Okay.” Charles released his grip on me and took a step back, satisfied. I switched on the lights, but I didn’t dare to look into his eyes. Then, I picked up my clothes in a hurry and rushed to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror, and my red face greeted me. Embarrassed, I cupped my blushing face. Why oh why couldn’t I resist his temptation? After I finished with my shower, I opened the door, and was greeted with the sight a familiar tall figure standing by the door. “Isn’t it gorgeous?” Charles stretched out his arms, showing off his pajamas proudly. They were the same style as mine, making us look like a couple wearing matching pajamas now.

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